SafetyCast 11 It’s the Most Taxable Time of the Year

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This month, George, Meaghan, and Leslie welcome Brad Martin, a tax preparer for United Way, to the show to discuss the best tips for finding a reputable tax preparer, what can happen if you don’t, and the pros and cons of doing your own taxes.

Don’t feel comfortable doing your own taxes? Here are some resources for finding someone to help you for free. Check out VITA, a free tax prep program through the IRS, call 2-1-1 locally to get in touch with the United Way’s call center to find local tax preparers, or check out the My Free Taxes website to either find a preparer or get assistance while doing your own.

If you do want to do your own taxes, the following resources are useful tools that also work with screen readers for blind users.
Tax Slayer
Turbo Tax
IRS Free File

And finally, if you want to go with a paid preparer, here are some things to keep in mind to make sure you have a reputable person.

A good preparer will…
Ask you a lot of questions about your finances
Will explain your return and make sure you understand it
Give you a copy of your return
Charge based on the form used, not a percentage of your return
Many other tips can be found on the web. Here is a good place to start.
And because we can’t forget our Canadian friends… contact the CRA in Canada to see if there are similar programs in your area.

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