Spanish With Karla: SWK012 Foods and articles

On today’s episode, we cover a wide range of topics related to the Spanish language. We start by discussing the use of definite and indefinite articles in Spanish, explaining how they are used to specify or generalize nouns. We provide examples of how to use articles with various nouns, such as “casa” (house) and “manzana” (apple). We also touch on the plural form and how it can be understood as “some” in English.

Moving on, we delve into the difference between “yo soy” and “yo estoy” in Spanish. While in English both phrases are represented by “I am,” in Spanish there are distinctions. We explain that “yo soy” is used to describe more permanent aspects like names or professions, while “yo estoy” is used for temporary situations and emotions. We give examples of how to use each phrase in different contexts, such as expressing emotions or describing actions.

In addition, we explore vocabulary related to food, specifically focusing on desserts and different types of tortillas. We discuss the proper pronunciation of “tortillas” and explain the difference between corn and flour options. We also provide vocabulary for various fruits and vegetables, including their Spanish names and how they can be used in different dishes.

Throughout the episode, we encourage listeners to take notes and actively engage with the content. We emphasize the importance of practice and offer resources, such as our Facebook group, where listeners can ask questions and seek clarification. We conclude by wishing everyone a fantastic week filled with success and the achievement of their goals and dreams. Stay tuned for future episodes where we will continue to expand on these language topics.