Technically Working TW46 – Streamlined Success: Mastering Projects with Patience and Planning

In this episode of Technically Working, Michael and Damashe dive into the nuances of project management, emphasizing the importance of preparation and communication. Michael kicks off the conversation with a reflection on how taking a measured approach to projects, rather than rushing through them, often leads to better outcomes. This episode unpacks the benefits of having all necessary information upfront from clients, a practice that streamlines tasks and enhances efficiency.

Damashe echoes Michael’s sentiments, stressing the value of clear and concise communication in avoiding unnecessary back-and-forth with clients. The duo shares personal anecdotes and lessons learned from their professional experiences, particularly highlighting a recent project Michael undertook involving Gravity Forms. This example serves as a testament to the smoother process enabled by comprehensive upfront information from clients.

Throughout the episode, Michael and Damashe provide listeners with practical advice on navigating client interactions, project management, and the importance of patience and precision in work. Join us for an insightful discussion that sheds light on the subtleties of achieving efficiency and satisfaction in technical projects.

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