Technically Working TW49 – “Navigating the Waves: Audio Mastery and Self-Care Insights”

In this episode, we delved into Michael’s experience teaching a Reaper class, discussing simplifying audio editing concepts for beginners. We explored different audio tools, productivity with voice commands, and the nuances of working with Google Docs. Damashe shared personal struggles within the BEP program, highlighting the importance of self-care. Delving into his journey, Damashe discussed sensory overload, societal misconceptions, and the challenges of specialized training facilities. We reflected on resilience, mindset shifts, and holistic well-being. The conversation also touched on equipment procurement challenges, the Zoom H1-E recorder’s functionalities, and Sweetwater’s role in facilitating seamless purchasing experiences. Lastly, we unraveled the Zoom H1-E recorder’s accessibility features and the evolving landscape of audio interfaces, expressing gratitude to supporters and looking forward to the upcoming 50th episode.