Spanish With Karla: Valentine’s Day

In this episode, we begin by engaging with our audience on our website,, and encouraging participation on our Facebook group and page, Spanish with Carla, spelled with a K. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we take the opportunity to incorporate romantic vocabulary and phrases in Spanish to prepare listeners for the occasion. We delve into translations for terms like “Valentine’s Day,” “love,” and expressions of affection such as “I love you” in different contexts, shedding light on the nuances of deep and casual affection.

Continuing the conversation, we explore ways to express interest and affection after a first date, including phrases like “Me gustas” and “Te gusto.” We also touch upon conveying emotions like missing someone with the heartfelt phrase “Te extraño.” Delving into gifts and romantic gestures, we discuss vocabulary related to Valentine’s cards, flowers, chocolates, and setting the tone for a romantic dinner in Spanish, emphasizing the importance of adjectival agreement and gender specificity in language.

Transitioning to more intricate relationship dynamics, we navigate terminology for various relationship statuses from friends to spouses, highlighting gender agreement nuances in Spanish. Exploring words for engagements, proposals, marriages, as well as single, married, divorced, and widowed individuals, we showcase the linguistic richness in expressing diverse relationship statuses accurately. Practical phrases for inviting someone out, navigating breakups, and expressing emotions like love and hate are also covered to equip listeners with tools for interpersonal communication in Spanish.

As we conclude, we reflect on the shared language learning journey with our audience, expressing gratitude for their support and encouraging continued learning and practice. We emphasize the significance of mastering gender agreement, verb conjugation, and vocabulary intricacies in Spanish to effectively convey relationships and emotions. Join us in future episodes for more language insights and cultural exploration, and remember to follow our podcast for engaging and educational content on Spanish language and beyond. Keep learning and embracing the beauty of language acquisition!