Technically Working TW51 – Can You Hear My H6E?

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In this episode of “Technically Working,” Michael and Damashe discuss various topics, starting with a detailed process of setting up audio equipment and troubleshooting technical issues. They explore the functionality and setup of a Zoom H6 recorder, emphasizing the importance of proper equipment setup for podcasting. The discussion covers the nuances of using different microphones, including the Shure Beta 87A, and the importance of phantom power for quality audio recording. They also touch upon the advantages of using a Zoom recorder as both an audio interface and a standalone recorder.

Damashe introduces the Quiet Comfort Plus headphones, sharing his experience with their noise cancellation feature and comparing them to other headphones. The conversation shifts to web work and the focus on managing customer experiences and online orders, highlighting the challenges of handling in-person orders and exploring potential solutions.

The episode transitions into discussing podcast listener statistics, emphasizing the importance of listener engagement and feedback. Michael shares insights from a Reaper class he’s teaching, aiming to make the audio editing software accessible for more users. They explore the potential of Memberful for managing memberships and subscriptions, discussing recent pricing changes and the impact on users.

Damashe and Michael brainstorm about alternative solutions for subscription management, contemplating the use of Gravity Forms and Members plugin for WordPress. They conclude with a conversation about the benefits of using TextExpander and mention a bundle offer that includes it, underscoring the value of such tools for productivity.

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