Unmute Presents Digital Bytes – parcel, IOS signatures, and the zoom essentials Line

In this episode, we explored the Parcel app for tracking deliveries and discussed customizing email signatures on iPhones. We highlighted the Zoom H1e recorder’s accessible features and 32-bit float capability for high-quality recordings. Stay tuned for more on Zoom products.


00:05.610 –> 00:12.554
Hi everyone. I wanted to give you a demo of a really cool app that has really helped me a lot in keeping.

00:12.602 –> 00:15.786
Track of my deliveries.

00:15.978 –> 00:18.654
All those Amazon boxes and other things.

00:18.692 –> 00:23.520
That I order from other places, including audio gear. Yes.

00:23.890 –> 00:26.438
So part parcel is an app that.

00:26.444 –> 00:30.530
I was introduced to by Micah Sargent.

00:30.610 –> 00:33.378
Who is one of the main hosts.

00:33.474 –> 00:36.626
On the twit network with Leo Laporte.

00:36.738 –> 00:38.714
And I was really excited to hear.

00:38.752 –> 00:41.322
About this app because you can track.

00:41.376 –> 00:45.626
Deliveries from multiple carriers and multiple companies.

00:45.808 –> 00:47.114
And so I wanted to show you.

00:47.152 –> 00:49.850
How easy it is to track your deliveries.

00:50.850 –> 00:55.054
So strangely enough, I have an h.

00:55.172 –> 01:06.660
One zoom recorder coming probably later this week and I just got notification that it is shipping. So I wanted to show you how this works with the parcel app.

01:07.590 –> 01:11.026
So as I’ve opened parcel here I.

01:11.048 –> 01:14.046
Have deliveries head settings button a settings.

01:14.078 –> 01:19.634
Button in the top left hand corner. So when we go in there, settings.

01:19.682 –> 01:22.454
Heading done button code 228 at team.

01:22.492 –> 01:25.046
Update account details okay, so obviously you.

01:25.068 –> 01:27.106
Can update your account details.

01:27.218 –> 01:29.410
Sign out premium options.

01:29.580 –> 01:31.754
Premium options. I wonder what those are.

01:31.872 –> 01:33.270
Push notifications.

01:33.430 –> 01:36.294
Okay, so I can have those notifications.

01:36.342 –> 01:41.306
Pushed out to me so I don’t ever have to wonder what’s happening with my delivery status.

01:41.418 –> 01:43.358
Push notifications switch button on.

01:43.444 –> 01:45.086
Okay and I want those on.

01:45.188 –> 01:46.702
Notification settings button.

01:46.836 –> 01:48.446
And there are settings about those.

01:48.548 –> 01:54.242
Premium subscription button and there’s the premium subscription web access button.

01:54.376 –> 01:55.554
Extra options.

01:55.752 –> 01:58.674
Clipboard detection oh this is great.

01:58.792 –> 02:03.198
Clipboard detection. So if you do indeed copy something to your clipboard.

02:03.294 –> 02:05.170
Clipboard detection switch button on.

02:05.240 –> 02:06.226
I have it on.

02:06.328 –> 02:11.874
That way voiceover will ask me if I want to paste what I have on my clipboard.

02:12.002 –> 02:16.086
Carrier color coding okay we don’t need to worry about that one because I.

02:16.108 –> 02:17.742
Can’T see the color coding.

02:17.826 –> 02:19.818
Carrier color coding switch button off.

02:19.904 –> 02:20.842
Okay, it’s off.

02:20.896 –> 02:24.122
App icon button Amazon integration button okay.

02:24.176 –> 02:25.594
This is really cool.

02:25.792 –> 02:33.166
When you click on the Amazon integration button you can link your Amazon account so that you can find out when.

02:33.188 –> 02:35.534
All those Amazon packages are coming day.

02:35.572 –> 02:37.534
Counter calendar and sorting button.

02:37.732 –> 02:39.454
I don’t really quite know what that is.

02:39.492 –> 02:54.338
It doesn’t really concern me about the calendar support heading. And there’s the support faq joint test fly theta. Okay, we don’t mastodon need to worry about that, but we could post it to mastodon and such.

02:54.504 –> 02:57.986
So what we’re going to do is go back up to that top left hand corner.

02:58.098 –> 03:00.642
Note it settings heading settings.

03:00.706 –> 03:03.318
Let’s figure out the done button.

03:03.404 –> 03:05.814
Top right hand settings button.

03:05.932 –> 03:07.878
Now we’re going to go to information.

03:07.964 –> 03:11.946
About deliveries, deliveries filter current mode all deliveries button.

03:12.048 –> 03:22.670
You can filter your deliveries to be just the active ones or all the deliveries and it seems like it will go for a specific length of time back in time.

03:22.820 –> 03:24.158
Add new delivery button.

03:24.244 –> 03:25.854
That’s what I’m interested in.

03:25.972 –> 03:32.846
Going to double tap on that. Okay. So now do you want to allow this?

03:32.948 –> 03:33.262

03:33.316 –> 03:35.330
Parcel would like to paste from voiceover touch.

03:35.480 –> 03:36.658
That is really cool.

03:36.744 –> 03:38.130
I want allow paste button.

03:38.200 –> 03:44.782
Allow the paste. So before I started this recording, I copied the shipping the link that Sweetwater.

03:44.846 –> 03:53.858
Sent me to track my order. I copied it to the clipboard by doing a three finger quadruple tap.

03:53.954 –> 03:57.446
So since there is something on my clipboard, I’m going to double tap here.

03:57.468 –> 03:58.790
And allow the paste.

03:59.690 –> 04:03.594
Parcel text field is editing optional board mode insertion point at start.

04:03.712 –> 04:05.386
So here is a field where I.

04:05.408 –> 04:09.594
Can name this delivery so that I.

04:09.632 –> 04:12.394
Know what I’m expecting and it has.

04:12.432 –> 04:17.114
A name connected with it inserted h one zoom recorder.

04:17.242 –> 04:19.226
Okay, so then I’m going to swipe.

04:19.258 –> 04:20.622
Right clear text button.

04:20.676 –> 04:21.422
Don’t want to do that.

04:21.476 –> 04:22.062
Done button.

04:22.116 –> 04:23.220
The done button.

04:24.230 –> 04:27.860
Deliveries heading h one zoom recorder, no data available.

04:28.470 –> 04:32.340
Okay, so h one zoom recorder no data available.

04:33.270 –> 04:37.046
That’s because they just recently created the.

04:37.068 –> 04:44.760
Shipping label and just very recently this evening sent me the message. But just to show you what happens, I’m going to double tap on that.

04:45.290 –> 04:53.082
Ups so I know it’s being shipped via ups in case I forgot. And I’m going to swipe right one.

04:53.136 –> 04:59.494
Camp c four four delivery not found. Delivery information is not yet available from the carrier. Alternatively, the delivery details provided are incorrect.

04:59.622 –> 05:04.494
Okay, so it’s not that they’re incorrect, it’s just that it’s so soon and I’m so excited to know when this.

05:04.532 –> 05:16.754
Thing is coming that I really want to know when it is going to be arriving. So after I get some more shipping information, I’ll be sure and add this.

05:16.952 –> 05:19.234
I have the app open now and.

05:19.272 –> 05:23.886
I have h one Zoom recorder departed from facility. Delivery by Tuesday.

05:24.078 –> 05:24.890

05:24.990 –> 05:26.214
So if I want to know more.

05:26.252 –> 05:31.986
Information about this package’s tracking history, I’m.

05:32.018 –> 05:34.722
Going to double tap ups.

05:34.866 –> 05:36.918
And I find it’s obviously going to.

05:36.924 –> 05:38.194
Be shipping by upS.

05:38.242 –> 05:44.570
And I swipe right one camp C 447203. Today 07:28 p.m. Fort Wayne, Indiana United.

05:44.640 –> 05:47.226
States departed from facility okay, so I.

05:47.248 –> 05:52.774
Swiped past the long tracking number and I discovered that it departed from Fort.

05:52.822 –> 05:54.682
Wayne, Indiana this evening.

05:54.826 –> 05:56.766
If I swipe right again, I’m going.

05:56.788 –> 05:59.790
To hear the time that they received the package today.

05:59.860 –> 06:04.318
Three minutes and 34 seconds p. M. Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States we have your package.

06:04.494 –> 06:11.438
So for some strange reason, this particular voice, it’s the Ava voice with voiceover.

06:11.534 –> 06:22.022
Feels the need to tell me that this package was received at three minutes and 34 seconds. It doesn’t do this across all the times obviously because it said 07:28 p.m..

06:22.076 –> 06:22.882

06:23.026 –> 06:26.786
I have yet to understand that. However, I do know that they received.

06:26.818 –> 06:35.178
The package this afternoon. So that is the very short tracking history of my little Zoom recorder and.

06:35.264 –> 06:40.794
It says I will receive it by Tuesday. I’m hoping it is sooner, obviously, because I really want to get my hands.

06:40.832 –> 06:43.854
On this thing and so I am.

06:43.892 –> 06:53.626
Very thankful for the parcel app to let me know the tracking history and I can check it early and often and find out where my package is.

06:53.668 –> 06:57.106
It will also send me notifications so.

06:57.128 –> 07:03.874
I hope this has been helpful. This is a great app to keep track of all your packages and also.

07:04.072 –> 07:11.670
Includes your Amazon boxes as well. There seems to be no exact equivalent.

07:12.010 –> 07:22.810
Made by this developer on Android, but I did see various Android apps that do similar things and so I will have to go invest getting those and.

07:22.880 –> 07:25.898
I can present that in a later show.

07:26.064 –> 07:31.630
So enjoy the parcel app. It’s well worth the $5 a year.

07:31.780 –> 07:33.550
Thanks so much for listening.

07:33.970 –> 08:08.050
We received a question asking every time you send an email from your iPhone. At the end of the email it says sent from my iPhone. Is there a way to get rid of that? The answer is yes, there is. What you would do is you would open up settings, you would scroll down to mail. You would go into mail, scroll down to signature, enter signature and there’s a box there. You would enter that box and in that box it will say sent from my iPhone.

08:08.130 –> 08:18.106
You can change this, edit it, you can take that away and have nothing there. If you don’t want it to have any signature or say anything at all, you would delete what’s in that box.

08:18.208 –> 08:19.942
And leave it empty.

08:20.086 –> 08:30.606
If you do want to have a signature in there, you can type out anything you want. You could put your name, you can put info, website, whatever you like, and then you save it.

08:30.628 –> 08:39.086
And it’s just that easy. So there you go. Adding or removing a signature from mail.

08:39.118 –> 10:55.210
On an iPhone the zoom H essentials voice recording line of products is taking the blind community by storm. We’ll talk about why that is here in a moment, but Chris is awaiting her zoom h one e. Actually, here’s a secret. She received it and is loving it. More content to come about the zoom line of products on Thursday make sure you’re subscribed to unmute presents the Zoom H one E is a rectangular device that fits in the palm of my hand, slightly taller than the width of my hand, but it is nice to hold and has two stereo microphones at the top, one pointing to the left, one pointing to the right. My wife asked me, can you adjust those? Unfortunately not, but that gives you a good recording quality. On the left hand side is a headphone jack, a volume knob, and the power slider that you use to turn the device on. On the front face of the device is nine buttons. Each of these buttons are easy to feel and they are pretty well defined. What I really like about them is they’re a little clicky, but the record button is not clicky. On the right edge of the device is a 8th inch line in connector followed by a USB C port, a menu button, and the micro SD card slot. Now the H one E will support up to 1 sd cards and the H one E runs on two aaa batteries. One fun fact about the H one E is that it can be powered via that USBC port on the right edge if you have a power bank and you run out of aa batteries. Now why is this device taking the blind world by storm? Well, when you turn it on, the first thing you hear is the voice come on and speak to you. You don’t have to opt into accessibility, but you’re able to access the H one e, H four e, and h six e independently from the voice prompts that are provided by zoom on the devices.

10:55.370 –> 11:23.606
Now I’ve gone ahead and recorded this segment to the H one E’s internal storage using the built in microphones. My arm is about an arm’s length away from my face and the microphones are pointing at my mouth. This is stereo, which means when I come off access to the left side or if I go over here to the right side, you’re able to hear the difference in me moving my head.

11:23.788 –> 11:25.286
Another cool thing that I forgot to.

11:25.308 –> 11:29.958
Mention about the Zoom H one e is it has what’s called 32 bit float.

11:30.054 –> 11:30.938
What’s that mean?

11:31.024 –> 11:43.130
That means I could yell into this device and you don’t have to worry. Well, I don’t have to worry about the device peaking, which means my audio stays pristine.

11:43.290 –> 12:05.650
If this is something you might be interested in, you can check out your favorite audio store or at dies now offers them as well the zoom H one e, H four e, and H six e. All three have different features and capabilities that you’ll want to check out or listen to Thursday’s episode. That is the Zoom H one E digital voice recorder.