Unmute Presents ACB Community Replay for 31 OCT

# In this episode, we make announcements for the Unmute Presents Community Call and discuss favorite kitchen gadgets. We provide updates on recent episodes and answer questions about software updates, phone contacts, and various tech issues. We also discuss Windows 11 compatibility, printing from iPhones, and recommend resources for gadgets and replacements. We conclude with tips for navigating iPhones without a home button.

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Fuck took back to pocket.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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Today’S. Unmute present. Community Call was hosted on Tuesday, 31 October 2023.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Unmute. We have a couple announcements here right at the top. First, we want to let everyone know we’re going to get through all the first questions first time through. And if we get through all the first questions, then we’ll have time. We’ll take second questions. Also, please be respectful to everyone the same way you would want your question to be answered. And there are no dumb questions, so you can ask any tech question that you feel you need to ask. What else we got today? The question of the day is, what is your favorite kitchen gadget? So if you have a favorite kitchen gadget, you can let us know what that is. And as always, I got Michael Babcock with me. What’s up, Michael? How is it going?

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It’s going well, Marty. And yourself?

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Going good, thank you. Perfect.

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So we have some content that I like to go over in the beginning, and then we will jump into those questions again. What is your favorite kitchen gadget? Make it techie. Make it not. Just share with us your favorite kitchen gadget. The ICAST Seven scary fast event where the predictions of the scary fast event that happened yesterday were shared. That published yesterday with Technically Working TW 32 audio and more. I share my adventures, challenges, different problems that I faced while facilitating the Hybrid Audio Convention for ACB of Oregon’s conference. So if you’re interested in that and some more nerdy talk about WordPress and other tools, check out Technically Working 32 on Sunday, Visibility, published where Michael and Alicia chatted about the right tool for the right job. Friday finds is back. Lynn has published a new episode called Self Driving Cars acoustic Touch and Automatically Updating iPhones. Pretty interesting content. So check that out. On Friday. Unmute presents, published multifactor authentication. You’ve heard of this thing called two FA or second factor authentication? Demasi and I sat down on Thursday and broke that down and told you, what does this mean and what tools should you use to be able to facilitate that? And then of course, there was the Shellphone show on Wednesday and a replay of Tuesday’s call from Unmute Present. So that’s my quick blurb. Sheila, who do we got first?

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Hey, Abraham.

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So my low tech kitchen gadget is just a can opener. Opens again without the sharp edges, which I like anyway. So my question is, with regards to updates, jaws 2024, should I update?

03:29.890 –> 03:30.960
Should I not?

03:31.970 –> 03:47.650
So I just talked about Jaws 2024 update on Kelly and Romeo yesterday on AMI. From my observations, have seen that it is a very stable update. Ibrahim, do you use braille?

03:48.150 –> 03:48.898

03:49.064 –> 03:49.634

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Not my computer at least.

03:51.560 –> 03:52.334
Got you.

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So maybe you’ll start using Braille on your computer. Possibly there is some new features related to braille and split braille features. And then the Face in View feature has me really intrigued because that’ll give you information not only about if your face is centered in the camera, but if you’re looking towards the camera, and more importantly, what the lighting is like in your environment, and if that’s a decent lighting for you. And then, of course, it’ll give you some information about items in the background from a stability point of view. Granted. Take this with a grain of salt that I’m using it on Parallels on the Mac. It’s been pretty stable, and I haven’t encountered any issues. There are some things that aren’t available if you’re running on an Arm processor with Jaws.

04:39.218 –> 04:47.080
Okay. And with regards to Windows, is 23 h still? Any updates on that?

04:48.170 –> 05:27.910
Again, I haven’t had many issues with it. You realize that the interface of Windows will look a little bit different with this update because you’re now getting access to the Copilot feature. There was a demonstration of that done on Tech Talk a couple of weeks ago. So you can find that in the podcast feed where Jeff kind of showed how the Copilot feature works and how to interact with it while using Jaws. He also demonstrated several of the new narrator voices. And if people are interested in getting those narrator voices so you can use them with your screen reader, which I highly am, I recommend using the Feedback Assistant so you can provide that as feedback to Microsoft.

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Okay, awesome. Thank you.

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Thank you, Abraham. Thanks for coming. Who do we got next?

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Hey, Beth.

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Beth, you’re muted.

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There you go. Now we can hear you.

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Yeah. First of all, the kitchen gadget I use, I like my can opener. It’s one of those you put the opener right on the can. It’s magnetic, and then it’s battery operated, and it turns to open the can, and it avoids that. You don’t have the sharp edges.

06:01.018 –> 06:01.950
Oh, that’s awesome.

06:02.020 –> 06:07.870
And when it stops, then, of course, then you know the can has been opened.

06:08.030 –> 06:11.060
That sounds like a good gadget. It sounds like you use it all the time.

06:11.590 –> 06:36.106
Yeah, I do. My question is, I don’t know if any of you use Newsline, but when I get on and I look for TV listings, when I try to search for a program, the results don’t come up, and I don’t know if any of you use that or not.

06:36.288 –> 06:39.834
Is this Newsline on the phone itself, or are you using an app there?

06:39.872 –> 06:42.640
Beth I’m using an app on the.

06:44.690 –> 07:02.770
If you I will download Newsline. I’m making a note to myself. And first of all, if anyone else has any suggestions, go ahead and raise your hand. But I have been meaning to install Newsline on my iPhone, so I will install and see if I can find TV listings because I have not tried that. Marty, do you use Newsline I don’t, actually.

07:02.840 –> 07:03.314

07:03.432 –> 07:13.526
So if anyone else has a suggestion, they’ll go ahead and raise their hand. And, Beth, come on back next week, and I’ll follow up with you. As long as I don’t forget. I’ll try to remember. And I did make a note, and.

07:13.548 –> 07:15.430
I’ll help them remember, Beth, so don’t.

07:16.170 –> 07:17.830
Okay, thanks.

07:17.900 –> 07:21.590
Thanks a lot, Beth. Okay, who’s next? Sheila.

07:21.670 –> 07:22.502

07:22.646 –> 07:23.510
Hey, Nolan.

07:23.590 –> 07:25.018
Hey, Nolan. How you doing?

07:25.184 –> 07:28.214
Hey. How are you guys doing on this fine Tuesday?

07:28.342 –> 07:29.740
We are doing good.

07:30.050 –> 07:39.626
Good. Thank you. So you’re asking about which is my favorite kitchen gadget.

07:39.738 –> 07:40.446

07:40.628 –> 08:50.198
I want to say the toaster, because I like using the toaster to not only toast bread, but I just recently, this past Saturday, warmed up myself. Two Pop Tarts for breakfast. Oh, man, that was really good. So I actually have a concern regarding Zoom because I was testing Screen Share on my imac this morning, and I’m having a little bit of an issue where voiceover is piping through the screen Share. When I have the checkbox checked for the Share sound, how can I get that to not bleed through? Because I tried looking in the audio settings, and there’s not an option to stop that.

08:50.364 –> 08:59.414
So, Nolan, if I’m understanding correctly, you want to be able to share sound while sharing video on Zoom, but you don’t want voiceover to come through the mix.

08:59.462 –> 09:05.882
Is that correct in screen sharing? Yes. Sharing the entire screen?

09:06.016 –> 09:44.166
Yes. So when you share the screen and you check that box to share your audio because voiceover is audio by default, that’s what it’s going to do. Is it’s going to share that? Now, there are some ways that you can share your screen using tools like Loopback or Audio hijack to be able to grab just the audio from your computer and exclude loopback. I’m sorry, exclude voiceover. That is going to be a little bit more in depth, but I recommend taking a look at the rogue Amoeba documentation to be able to figure out how to use Loopback and Audio hijack to make that happen. So Zoom is doing what it’s supposed to do because voiceover is part of the sound on your computer.

09:44.348 –> 09:46.166
You are on a Mac, right?

09:46.348 –> 09:56.810
Yes, I’m running macOS 11.7 point ten Big Sir on the mid 20, 14, 21.5 inch Apple imac.

09:57.150 –> 09:59.580
That is correct, yes.

09:59.950 –> 10:07.230
So I would look into rogue Amoeba software to be able to customize what audio is captured in that mix.

10:07.570 –> 10:08.270

10:08.420 –> 10:11.854
What interface are you using again? One more time.

10:12.052 –> 10:26.710
It is macOS 11.7 point ten Big Sir, which is also macOS Eleven, which is on the mid 20, 14, 21.5 inch Apple imac.

10:27.050 –> 10:30.802
Are you running interface? Like an audio interface for your microphone.

10:30.866 –> 10:58.510
Or no, no, just a built in. Because right now, the last time when I unmuted myself on the mixer, I was afraid that voiceover would bleed through the audio mixer. When I was on the call with you, guys via Zoom on the Mac.

10:59.890 –> 11:28.166
Well, another option, and again, it would be depending on what you decide to get, there are audio interfaces that you can get that you can run your microphone through, and it will remove the voiceover out of Zoom when you’re talking, but you would have to make sure that you got the correct set up. So once you do that, that’s easier. You’re doing hardware opposed to software, so it just really depends on what direction you want to go.

11:28.348 –> 11:29.080

11:29.610 –> 11:40.630
So if you decide that you want to do the hardware option, let us know or let me know, and I can guide you to what would be the best option for what you’re trying to do.

11:40.800 –> 12:21.930
Okay. Yeah, because I’m going to be running through here’s. What I want to do today is I want to try to test I want to test everything out tonight because I’m going to be doing virtual Bible studying with a friend via Zoom. And I want to make sure that I test everything to make sure that Spotify is working properly when I’m screen sharing and playing audio directly from my computer and directly into Zoom. And I’m going to make sure that voiceover is turned off so she doesn’t hear that speech.

12:24.510 –> 12:54.018
I want you to be careful while using Spotify when in a Zoom session, because that is typically copywritten music, and that does violate Zoom’s terms of service. However, using a tool like Loopback or Audio Hijack would help you with this, but I don’t know that you’re going to get that configured before the end of today. So I just want to leave it at that and reach out to us, and we can try to help you with getting more in depth into what you need to do.

12:54.184 –> 12:59.794
Yeah, I’ll reach out to you probably sometime this week. Thanks, Michael.

12:59.922 –> 13:01.782
No worries. Who do we got next?

13:01.916 –> 13:03.094
Have a good one.

13:03.292 –> 13:04.802
All right. Thanks, Marty.

13:04.946 –> 13:05.682

13:05.826 –> 13:06.930
Lyn Moore.

13:07.090 –> 13:08.538
Hey, Lyn, how’s it going?

13:08.704 –> 13:10.266
Hey, guys. How are you?

13:10.368 –> 13:12.122
Good, good. What can we do for you?

13:12.256 –> 13:20.380
So my favorite kitchen device is my Vortex Air fryer. Make wicked hot dogs in there.

13:20.930 –> 13:22.400
Yeah, that sounds good.

13:23.010 –> 13:44.622
So my question, I think, is pretty basic, but I’ve never been able to figure out how to do it. I’m trying to save I have a phone number from a text message, and I want to save it to my contacts. How do I do it? On my Se 2020 iPhone running iOS.

13:44.686 –> 13:47.138
17 point are you using Voiceover?

13:47.314 –> 13:48.086

13:48.268 –> 14:32.126
So if you go and you open up the body of the message that it’s in and you put your finger on there, the Voiceover cursor will be wrapped around the phone number, and you then flick up, and sometimes, depending on what you have in your rotor, you could flick up until you hear copy. And then you just do a single finger double tap, and it will be saved to your clipboard. If you don’t have that, then you would go to do the same thing, and then you would go to Edit. And then once you’re into Edit, then you would flick up until you hear copy. Either way, once you have it copied and it’s on your clipboard, you go to whatever contact and then you can do Edit.

14:32.158 –> 14:35.362
But I have to create a new one. How do I do that?

14:35.496 –> 14:52.842
You go to contact. When you open up the actual Contacts app on the top right corner, there’ll be ad. You do a single finger double tap on that and you’ll have a blank contact. And you can put the first name, last name, company phone number, whatever information you want in there.

14:52.976 –> 14:53.370

14:53.440 –> 15:00.154
And then once you have the information in there, then you would just save it and it would create that new contact for you.

15:00.352 –> 15:01.594
Thank you so much.

15:01.712 –> 15:15.522
If someone sends you a text message with the phone number in it, too, I think Marty might have said this. If you double tap on the message, it’ll pop up a menu and you choose Add New Contact. And then that will add the phone number that’s in the message itself, right?

15:15.576 –> 15:17.378
No, this is like what I’m trying.

15:17.384 –> 15:18.740
To type it out, basically.

15:19.110 –> 15:26.834
Well, no, how do I say it’s a message. It’s the person’s phone number that sent the message.

15:26.952 –> 15:27.890

15:28.470 –> 15:29.506
Way to do that. Go ahead.

15:29.528 –> 15:30.790
Yeah, go ahead, Marty.

15:31.770 –> 15:53.902
What I was going to say, if that’s the case, you go all the way to the top, actually, of that message when you have it opened. And then when you double click on the number at the top, it’s going to open up another little box and you swipe right until you get to Info, I believe. And when you click on that, you go down to the bottom and you’ll see a thing that says Create New Contact. You click that.

15:53.956 –> 15:59.680
That’s what my friend said. And I can’t get it to do that? That’s what I can’t figure out.

16:00.050 –> 16:00.800

16:02.450 –> 16:04.062
I will keep trying. Okay.

16:04.116 –> 16:07.550
If you’re having issues, then email us and I can get back to you.

16:07.620 –> 16:11.954
And help because you got other calls, other questions, but we’ll figure it out for you.

16:11.992 –> 16:22.246
But you get a message like that, you just click on the top where the number is, and there should be a little thing that opens up that says Info and it’s like all the way to the far right on.

16:22.348 –> 16:23.766
Okay, maybe I’m not you have to.

16:23.788 –> 16:26.680
Hit Info first before you see Create New Contact.

16:27.210 –> 16:29.754
Okay. Thank you so much.

16:29.872 –> 16:31.114
Yeah, no problem.

16:31.312 –> 16:33.046
All right. Janet.

16:33.238 –> 16:34.022
Hey, Janet.

16:34.086 –> 16:42.090
Good morning. Mine is my keurig, of course, for my kitchen appliance.

16:42.430 –> 16:43.942
Did you say your keurig?

16:44.086 –> 17:03.090
Yep, my keurig, my coffee maker. I was going to say that Nikki Keck did a demo of the frill thing with Jaws 2024 and doing frail digitally on ACB.

17:03.430 –> 17:07.940
Yes, ma’am. And that’s where I heard it for the first time. So thank you.

17:09.850 –> 17:17.880
I don’t know if it’s podcast or not, but I was just letting Abraham know in case he wanted to know anybody else?

17:18.250 –> 17:19.458
Cool. Thanks, Janet.

17:19.554 –> 17:19.906

17:19.938 –> 17:21.320
Y’all have a blessed day.

17:21.630 –> 17:22.938
Enjoying your app.

17:23.104 –> 17:24.906
You, too. Thank you very much.

17:25.088 –> 17:27.050
Restoria hello.

17:27.120 –> 17:28.682
Hey, Restoria. How are you?

17:28.816 –> 17:38.798
I’m fine. I have an iPad Mini, and I can make telephone calls to people who.

17:38.964 –> 17:43.450
Are, I guess, iPhone users.

17:43.610 –> 17:45.146
Any apple device.

17:45.338 –> 17:46.880
Any Apple. Okay.

17:47.490 –> 18:16.310
But you can’t exactly. A phone call. You would have to use FaceTime Audio, and then that calls their device. So FaceTime Audio will work within from one Apple device making the call to any other Apple device. So that could be a phone or an iPad or a computer, a Mac computer. And it goes through FaceTime Audio, which uses that protocol, and you can call anyone who has an Apple device.

18:16.470 –> 18:18.822
So that’s the reason why I can’t.

18:18.886 –> 18:23.162
Use one tap mobile to get into.

18:23.216 –> 18:26.880
Zoom, and they can because it doesn’t dial a phone number.

18:27.250 –> 18:27.950

18:28.100 –> 18:29.630
All right, thank you.

18:29.780 –> 18:30.480

18:30.850 –> 18:35.986
All right. Nine five one ending in two eight eight. Please tell us who you are.

18:36.168 –> 18:36.514

18:36.552 –> 18:37.758
Hi. This is Evelyn.

18:37.854 –> 18:39.380
Hey, Evelyn, how are you doing?

18:39.750 –> 19:16.122
All right. I got a blind shell phone question. I did do the update this morning, and it’s about the Internet radio. I listened to KNX, and I noticed last week it’s not there. It’ll say, Stream is out of order for now, try again later. And it’s still doing that after the update. And I tried another station, KCBS, and that’s doing the same thing. And I’m thinking maybe it’s an Odyssey thing because I think they’re owned by Odyssey.

19:16.266 –> 19:26.574
It could be. What I would try in that instance is searching Evelyn for ACB Media or ACB Media Five and seeing if that plays. If that does, then you know that.

19:26.612 –> 19:30.914
The radio yes, that is playing because that’s what I was listening to you on.

19:31.032 –> 19:37.298
Yeah. Then it sounds like that could be an issue with those specific stations and the stream that they’re sending to the blind shell.

19:37.474 –> 19:47.382
Okay, so should I contact the blindshell.com or whatever it’s called?

19:47.436 –> 19:57.580
You could send an email to Info@blindshell.com and let them know the stations that aren’t working as you expect them to, and then they can investigate what could be going on with.

19:59.550 –> 20:24.466
Okay. And one more question. On the YouTube app, when I go to the says there’s two items, and then one says Video Mode, and the other one says YouTube Plugin. And then it gives a five digit number. By any chance, do you know what that’s for?

20:24.648 –> 20:26.690
So it says YouTube plugin.

20:27.030 –> 20:30.214
Yeah, it says YouTube Plugin, then the five digit number.

20:30.412 –> 20:38.126
I think that’s just what the YouTube application itself is using to be able to pull in the YouTube content to the blind shell.

20:38.258 –> 20:42.460
Oh, okay. All right, thanks a lot.

20:43.630 –> 21:36.780
And I want to follow up on a question. Chanel sent in an email that says if you set voiceover to a headset or the output device rather than system default, then voiceover is not heard during a system share when you’re sharing your audio on Zoom. So if you go to the voiceover utility, select the sound category, and then change the output device to something different than the system output, then you should have better luck. And then just as a quick caveat, if you need to quickly get to the Sounds category in the voiceover utility, press Command Plus number six, and this will say Sound, and then press Vo right arrow about four times and it’s going to say output device, system default. Drop that down and change that to a different output device. So thank you, Chanel for sending that in. Really appreciate that.

21:37.710 –> 21:48.366
It can be the same sound device, just anything other than system default for whatever reason. So as long as your voiceover is not saying system default, it can still be the same.

21:48.468 –> 21:51.710
And you can do that with any headset or mic or whatever, right?

21:51.780 –> 21:52.394

21:52.522 –> 21:55.086
Awesome. Thanks, Danelle, for sending that in. We appreciate it.

21:55.188 –> 21:58.254
And unfortunately, Nolan’s not here.

21:58.372 –> 22:04.526
Okay, well, hopefully Nolan will hear the podcast. That’s why we and it looks like.

22:04.548 –> 22:06.440
We don’t have don’t have any other hands.

22:07.530 –> 22:08.150
All right.

22:08.220 –> 22:11.526
Yes, you do. Lauren, go ahead.

22:11.628 –> 22:12.758
Hey, Lauren, how are you doing?

22:12.844 –> 22:38.334
Hi, guys. How are you doing? You mentioned before this is something I was concerned with. One of it is this new Windows Eleven. I’m trying and I tried going on to that podcast you mentioned with Jeff Bishop. I always like those podcasts. I cannot play it for some reason. I do not know why. I went on the Tech Talk where he was on. I could not get on it for some reason. I could not hear it.

22:38.452 –> 22:39.838
What app are you using?

22:40.004 –> 22:49.230
This is is this is from the podcast website using Windows with Josh and Ibizier.

22:49.590 –> 22:56.274
Gotcha. So you’re just going to the web page of the Tech Talk from the Pat Price training room and you couldn’t play it there?

22:56.392 –> 22:57.058

22:57.224 –> 23:27.280
Well, let me play with that a little bit and see if I can get that to work because I have not done it that way. I usually listen to it in a podcast app, but we can follow up with you and let you know what the process is because you should be able to hear it just fine. Related? Yeah, we’ll see what exactly is going on related to Windows Eleven. I think it’s worth the update myself, but I am often the person who upgrades things right away.

23:27.730 –> 23:28.640
You too?

23:29.090 –> 23:33.326
Good. Well, then I would recommend trying it out and seeing how it works for you.

23:33.508 –> 23:42.498
I like it. I want to learn how to use the File Explorer. It’s really different. I don’t know what add a new tip. I’m going to have to figure out.

23:42.504 –> 23:44.290
How to do that right.

23:44.440 –> 24:41.938
And I will give a little bit of advice when it comes to updating your operating system, no matter what system you’re doing, whether it’s Mac or Windows or anything, if you’re using software that does a particular thing and you need it to make sure that it’s running, check to make sure that everything is going to be compatible with the update. Because sometimes, like myself get really excited, oh, there’s new features. Or maybe we’re going to get a bug fix or something like that. And I hurry up and I run and I go and update thinking, oh boy, I’m going to get some bug fixes and maybe whatever thing that’s irritating that’s not working in the moment will be fixed with this update. But then I break software that I use for everything I do and then I have a giant disaster. So if you’re using any software that you need for doing whatever it is you’re doing on a daily basis before you update, make sure that all of your software is going to be compatible with the new update.

24:42.114 –> 24:44.440
How do you do that? That’s very important.

24:46.890 –> 25:12.240
For example, you would go to the software’s manufacturer page and you would look and you see if they have any notes or anything about not being compatible with our current update, or they’re working on getting it compatible and it’s not yet, or they’re going to push out an update or any of those things. And if they don’t have anything, then maybe drop them an email and say, hey, does this work on whatever new update, on whatever operating system you’re trying to update to?

25:12.770 –> 25:13.374

25:13.492 –> 25:41.030
I had a bad experience. It was basically update and don’t think about anything else because I was having a one track mind about hopefully it’ll fix some of these bugs, which it sort of did. But then I got myself in trouble because software I use for just about everything I do broke and then I had a big giant disaster. So I had a big headache I would have rather not dealt with, which I could have avoided really easily.

25:41.770 –> 25:52.054
And then he called me and we had to fractally fix it this morning. I do think I know what’s going on with the tech talk. So when you find the play button just fine, right?

25:52.192 –> 25:52.734

25:52.852 –> 26:00.618
And then you hit play and you don’t hear anything by chance are you using one using well, the headphones don’t.

26:00.634 –> 26:08.642
Even work in the computer. For some reason I’m using just as straightforward. This was the computer without headphones even.

26:08.776 –> 26:42.394
Okay, so it looks like and I’m going to send Larry an email to let him know. It looks like for some reason that specific episode is mixed down to mono on the left, so it’s not playing out of both speakers and I wonder if that’s influencing your ability to play that. So I will drop Larry an email and let him know what’s going on and they may be able to get that fixed. You can play other content correct, like the Clinton Christiansen episode and yes. Yeah, so I think that’s influenced it. So let me drop Larry a quick email and hopefully he’ll be able to get it fixed here shortly.

26:42.522 –> 26:43.534
Thank you so much.

26:43.652 –> 26:44.330
No worries.

26:44.410 –> 26:50.880
Thanks guys. It’s very informative. Thank you. All right. You don’t have any other hands right now.

26:51.650 –> 27:11.622
All right, well, if you have a favorite tech gadget that’s a question of the day, you can let us know. Or if you have any other tech questions, feel free to raise your hand and we’ll try and get those answered. And in the meantime, the biggest, hottest tech news right now is the Apple event that happened yesterday. It was 05:00 in the evening. Up, we have a question. So I will.

27:11.676 –> 27:11.942

27:11.996 –> 27:12.870
It’s Beth.

27:13.370 –> 27:18.790
Beth, go ahead. You’re still muted, dear.

27:19.450 –> 27:54.420
Okay. Yeah. I was going to ask like if I write something on the phone on the iPhone, like my files or I mean pages if I install Microsoft Word or like if I write a list, just say grocery list and print it know, for somebody cited to help me with like what kind of printer will I need for that? Because I noticed it did say print. So I need like a special kind of printer for something like that.

27:55.430 –> 27:56.338
Go ahead.

27:56.504 –> 28:12.570
Okay, I’ll just take it real quick. So you would need a printer that has WiFi support. And for the best support you want something with what’s called air print support. You don’t necessarily need it because the printer air print.

28:12.910 –> 28:13.974
Air printer.

28:14.022 –> 28:19.398
You will be able to print wirelessly with your devices on the same network.

28:19.574 –> 28:21.034
Oh, okay.

28:21.232 –> 28:50.418
And the printer we have is just a Canon printer that has WiFi and it just shows up on the network. And I never thought these words would come out of my mouth in the early two thousand s. The printer just works. And so all you have to do is go and choose the printer from the nearby printers and then hit the print button and it will print. I heard you laugh there, Sheila. Hopefully that helps you there, Beth.

28:50.594 –> 28:51.910
Okay, thank you.

28:52.060 –> 28:53.030
No worries.

28:54.250 –> 28:55.346

28:55.538 –> 28:56.790
Hey, Malcolm.

28:57.870 –> 28:58.426

28:58.528 –> 29:01.658
Everybody. Good and you?

29:01.664 –> 29:03.290
All good. Thank you.

29:03.440 –> 29:09.850
My favorite kitchen gadget is my Toa 70 toaster oven air fryer grill. Wow.

29:09.920 –> 29:18.910
You just basically took one answer that three earlier people all gave different answers, but the same answer to. So you have all in one device? Yes.

29:19.060 –> 29:20.510
It’s fantastic.

29:20.930 –> 29:43.350
My problem, what is it like when it cooks something we would normally eat that’s fried. That’s really terrible for us. How much the same does it taste? For example, let’s say fried chicken. Right. That’s pretty bad for us, but at the same time, everybody loves it. So when you use an air fryer, how close or different is it from actual fried chicken?

29:43.930 –> 29:55.786
It’s very close. It’s better than fried chicken in the grease. Yeah, because it’s crispy and not soggy awesome.

29:55.888 –> 29:57.100
Okay, cool. Yeah.

29:57.790 –> 30:55.614
So I recently received a laptop computer, and on it I am using Jaws and Zoom text Fusion, and I have Outlook. And at the time I asked my instructor, well, how do I use contacts for Outlook? Can I use the contacts that I’ve already created on my phone? And he went and downloaded the icloud app onto the computer, then downloaded the contacts from icloud onto the computer. And now I presume that I have all my contacts set up there on my computer, so I can just type in a letter and it’ll bring up that row of ours or whatever, and then email them from there. However, the other day I noticed on my phone I now have two sets of contacts instead of one. So when I go into what you’re.

30:55.652 –> 30:58.560
Saying so you have two of the same? Yeah.

31:00.770 –> 31:22.518
And if I delete one out of one, it deletes it out of the other. And I think the second contact list isn’t complete, doesn’t have everything that the first original one on my phone has, but what I want to know is how would I get rid of that second contact list and still maintain the integrity of my original contact list?

31:22.604 –> 32:42.954
So I just want to say one thing, and this is really important. Your Outlook may have created a separate list in your phone contacts. So it may actually look like you have two contacts, but you don’t actually have two contacts. What you will have is your contact in the main database on your phone. If you look, you’ll see a list in there that says All Contacts, and then you’ll have maybe another list that says Outlook contacts or maybe something else. So what you really want to do on your phone is go to All Contacts, because that’s going to be where all of the contacts, no matter what list you’re in, is going to be. So you want to make sure that you actually only have one contact in the main list and that it’s just not showing you that you have a contact in your main list, and then you also have that same contact in another list, like an Outlook list or something like that. So before you delete anything, you definitely want to go on your phone and then go to the All Contacts and then look there, and that’s going to tell you if you actually have any duplicates or not.

32:43.092 –> 32:59.270
Okay, because I go into lists and it has All Contacts, then it has Yahoo. All Yahoo. And then it has Outlook, all Outlook, and then it has icloud, all Icloud, right?

32:59.340 –> 33:23.770
So if you go to All Contacts, it’s going to take everything that’s on your phone, including all of the contacts that are in those lists that you just mentioned, and those are all going to be in the all contacts that’s. The most important thing, because that’s where the base of every single thing is. You’ll have a copy of those in those other lists.

33:24.830 –> 33:25.580

33:26.450 –> 33:48.760
There’s no way duplicates. It’s just that you have them in the main contact list on your phone, which is all contacts. And those contacts are also maybe in the Yahoo list and maybe a different contact in your Outlook list. So you don’t really want to delete those because they’re not two. It’s just showing that you have a particular contact in more than one place.

33:49.450 –> 33:52.534
Okay, all right, so it’s no big deal then.

33:52.652 –> 33:53.320

33:53.690 –> 33:58.386
Okay, all right. Then I would just make sure I use all contacts.

33:58.578 –> 34:30.050
If you do all contacts, that’s going to be always your best option. Because if you’re in another list like Outlook or Yahoo or any of those other lists, it’s only going to show you the contact that’s in those lists. So you may have a contact that’s in your all contact, but it may not be in the Outlook or the Yahoo list. If you always are in the all contacts, it’s going to show you every contact on your phone no matter what list you’re in. So it’ll show you all of your contacts plus what’s in those lists.

34:30.390 –> 34:37.938
Okay, all right, then. I thought there was something going crazy, but I’ll just not worry about it and stay in all contacts.

34:38.034 –> 34:40.534
Yeah, that’s going to be your best bet. Great.

34:40.652 –> 34:41.590
Thank you so much.

34:41.660 –> 34:42.760
Yeah, no problem.

34:43.530 –> 34:45.202
All right. Joanne.

34:45.346 –> 34:46.758
Hey, Joanne. How are you?

34:46.844 –> 34:47.442
Hi, guys.

34:47.516 –> 34:48.218
How are you doing?

34:48.304 –> 34:49.866
We’re doing good, thank you.

34:50.048 –> 34:57.286
Good. My favorite kitchen gadget is my Kasori air fryer.

34:57.478 –> 34:59.430
Sounds like the air fryers are popular.

34:59.590 –> 35:13.330
Yes, well, I agree with what your other caller said. Everything is really crispy in them and you don’t have any of the oil. Mine actually works with my Alexa.

35:13.830 –> 35:19.940
What’s the best thing you’ve made in your air fryer that has just made it a total change for you?

35:21.270 –> 35:31.910
I like chicken wings because I love chicken wings, so I like them in there all kinds of stuff like that. Fried fish.

35:33.210 –> 35:34.422
That’d be a good one.

35:34.556 –> 36:14.660
Yeah, but the question I have is weird. I have a really old Lenovo laptop, and I haven’t called Freedom Scientific or Visparo about this yet. I was kind of thinking maybe somebody would have an idea when I go through my emails, because I use Windows Mail, and I use, of course, the Apple Mail app on my iPhone, too. But when I’m on the computer and I go through my Windows Mail and I’ll open some of the ACB community calls or Top Tech Tidbits, I can’t say that three times.

36:15.030 –> 36:16.470
Yeah, that’s a tongue twister.

36:17.050 –> 36:32.970
But I can start to navigate through headings, and it’ll only take me partway through. And even if I go line by line, it won’t read through the whole email. But if I go through the same email on my phone, it’ll read the whole thing.

36:33.120 –> 36:35.990
So you’re having trouble reading email on your laptop?

36:36.150 –> 36:46.622
Yeah, and I don’t know if I need to maximize something or change something in some kind of view or I don’t know what, but I’ve been using Jaw since 2002.

36:46.676 –> 36:49.760
But what version are you running?

36:50.130 –> 36:56.418
The latest one 2024 in Windows Ten or eleven. Windows Ten.

36:56.584 –> 37:00.606
Michael, what do you think? Anything you want to chime in here offhand?

37:00.638 –> 37:38.990
I don’t immediately. That would potentially be a Jaws visparo question. I would try, if you haven’t yet, to press alt space and see if maximize is an option, because I’ve seen having a minimized or smaller window can have an impact on your navigation abilities. It also could be that the entire email isn’t loading. So it would be interesting to see if you wait maybe 20 seconds after you open the email and then see if the headings all work for you as well, because those may not have rendered if it’s an older computer that takes a little while to do things.

37:39.140 –> 37:40.960
Yeah, it’s, like, eight years old.

37:41.410 –> 37:46.946
Those would be the two things I would try. First try maximizing, then try waiting a couple of seconds after you open the message.

37:47.128 –> 37:48.562
Okay, thank you.

37:48.696 –> 37:49.810
Yeah, no worries.

37:50.550 –> 37:52.820
All right, we’re out of hands for now.

37:53.190 –> 37:53.922
All right.

37:54.056 –> 37:55.262
You want to go ahead and remind.

37:55.326 –> 38:00.360
People what they let us know, and if you have any tech questions, let us know.

38:02.170 –> 38:03.320
You have a hand.

38:04.090 –> 38:06.246
We can always depend on Pam to come up with something.

38:06.348 –> 39:16.000
Exactly. Pam, go ahead. Oh, yes. Okay. I’m actually asking this on behalf of a friend who has just gotten a blind shell and is struggling to learn to use a computer, and she’s not too far along yet. And the question is because I don’t have a blind shell, I have an iPhone. I understand that there is some kind of an app on a blind shell that you can go to and have it scan a text for you. Like, you get a piece of mail and you want to know what it is. And I’m not talking about IRA. I’m talking about something where you scan it yourself. My question is, what app would that be and how does she get it if it’s something she needs to install?

39:16.370 –> 39:25.760
So it is something she needs to install. When she installs it, it’ll go under the vision AIDS category inside of the applications list.

39:26.930 –> 39:29.690
Vision AIDS under applications?

39:29.770 –> 40:06.074
Yeah, because when you go into applications, it’s broken up into different categories, such as tools, games, shopping, et cetera. So you’ll look for the vision AIDS, and then it’s going to be called Google Lookout, and she’ll need to install that from the app catalog. After you go to applications, press up once. That’ll take you to the app catalog, and then either search or navigate the categories to locate Google Lookout, which, again is in the vision AIDS category. And then when you install that, the first thing that you’re put on is the Quick text mode, which is similar to the Quick text mode on seeing AI.

40:06.202 –> 40:06.986

40:07.098 –> 40:20.706
Read the text that it runs into. The second mode is document scanning, and that is to scan a document. And then there’s also a currency Identifier channel and a product Identifier channel.

40:20.888 –> 40:24.590
I think. Also they make a version of that app for the iPhone. Is that right, Michael?

40:24.670 –> 40:29.750
They do not make Google Lookout for the iPhone. The closest would be seeing AI or Envision.

40:30.090 –> 40:43.466
Yeah. Got you. Well, I will call her and let her know that. I don’t know how much I mean, since I don’t have a blind shelf, but I will call her and relay that information.

40:43.648 –> 41:04.522
So, Pam, if you Google search Unmute Present and then plus sign Google Lookout, you’ll find a video that I walk people through using the blind shell to identify. It’s not the same exact, but it’ll give you a good representation of what the app sounds like. I use it for product identification while I’m cooking spaghetti in the kitchen.

41:04.586 –> 41:05.726
Oh, I bet you do.

41:05.828 –> 41:13.490
Yeah. So I used it in there, and I recorded that process, and that might help you understand better about how the app is laid out.

41:13.640 –> 41:14.778

41:14.974 –> 41:16.070
Okay, perfect.

41:16.140 –> 41:16.898
Thanks, Pam.

41:16.994 –> 41:34.762
Thank you. And I don’t actually have a favorite kitchen gadget unless it is my well, two, because my coffee maker, if my coffee maker goes out, I am not a happy camper, and I’m not a happy camper when my microwave goes out.

41:34.816 –> 41:40.498
So those two all right. Well, someone did come up earlier with their keurig was their favorite kitchen gadget.

41:40.534 –> 41:42.094
They sure did. I heard that.

41:42.212 –> 41:42.638

41:42.724 –> 41:50.634
Mine’s not a keurig. Mine is a bargain basement, just ordinary old automatic drip coffee maker.

41:50.762 –> 41:51.326
There you go.

41:51.348 –> 41:52.590
A Mr. Coffee.

41:53.490 –> 41:57.090
No, I don’t even remember what brand it is. I’ve had it forever.

41:57.910 –> 42:20.490
Pam, I’m amazed it still works. Just to make this a little easier on you, back on January 22, we published on the democast, which was our Sunday shows. It’s called unmute presents. Democast, google Lookout on the blind shell. Classic two. So if you go to Unmute Show and use the search and just type in Google Lookout, it’ll bring the episode right up for you.

42:20.640 –> 42:22.330
Okay. Thanks.

42:22.480 –> 42:23.142
No worries.

42:23.206 –> 42:24.378
Thanks, Pam. Thanks.

42:24.464 –> 42:27.130
You’re welcome. All right. Anne.

42:27.550 –> 42:29.100
Hey, Anne. How’s it going?

42:29.470 –> 42:30.458
Can you hear me?

42:30.544 –> 42:31.514
We can hear you.

42:31.632 –> 42:32.300

42:33.390 –> 42:42.846
You said something while ago about the Apple event that happened yesterday, and then somebody came in. So what was the Apple event?

42:43.028 –> 43:14.220
So yesterday, Apple did a couple of things. They had an Apple event, and it was in the evening at 05:00 p.m.. 08:00 p.m., East Coast time. And that’s the first time they’ve ever done that. And they did it on a Monday, which is also a little bit different. But basically, in a nutshell, they talked about their new processors, M Three. And they talked about the new Imac that came out, and they talked about new MacBook Pros that came out, and if we have time, we can go a little bit more into detail on that. But we want to get through the questions.

43:14.990 –> 43:15.642

43:15.776 –> 43:20.990
If we get all the questions answered, we have a few minutes. I’ll run through everything at the end here.

43:21.140 –> 44:09.910
All right, Lynn. Hey, guys. I did have a second question. I appreciate you taking my so I have a PC that I use secondarily, I mostly use a Mac, but there’s a couple of holdouts that don’t work on the Mac, and so I kept my PC for them. So I’m still using Windows Ten, and I’m reluctant to upgrade right now because I don’t understand Windows Eleven at all. I barely Windows Ten for the most part, but what I want to know is right now, it’ll show me you can upgrade to free Windows Eleven. Upgrade? Will that do? I have a time limit on how long that remains free.

44:10.080 –> 44:13.760
That depends on Microsoft and how long they want to give you a free upgrade for.

44:15.490 –> 44:25.166
Okay, so that’s dependent on that. I can’t really say, oh, I’ll upgrade next year, in two years, or whatever.

44:25.268 –> 44:39.194
There’s one other caveat to it, is that you need to have a certain spec to upgrade to Windows Eleven. So if you have a machine that’s not powerful enough for something that’s like an older machine, you may not be able to update to Windows Eleven.

44:39.342 –> 44:46.294
I think that it can. I mean, it keeps telling me that it wants to, but I just wondered if it will always.

44:46.332 –> 45:10.094
I would just do your due diligence and check all the specs on a machine. What kind of processor, hard drive and Ram that you have. And then check the Microsoft website and make sure that your computer is capable of being updated to Windows Eleven. Because even though the software says that you could, there could be some other issues. But I’m going to let Jeff Bishop chime in here because he’s a Windows guy, so jeff chime in here.

45:10.132 –> 45:11.770
Oh, Jeff. My friend Jeff.

45:11.930 –> 45:13.954
Hey there, can you hear me?

45:14.152 –> 45:17.140
Hi, everybody. Hey, Jeff, how are you doing? Good.

45:17.750 –> 45:20.754
So is this a Windows Ten machine? Is that what’s going on here?

45:20.792 –> 45:21.380

45:23.110 –> 45:31.858
I know. Microsoft has disabled the ability for Windows Seven and Windows Eight users to use their keys to upgrade to Windows Eleven.

45:32.034 –> 45:32.760

45:34.250 –> 45:47.418
To be fair, I do not work for the company anymore, so I don’t know what the official position is, but I think as long as your hardware supports it, I don’t know that you’re going to have a problem in the next few months, at least.

45:47.584 –> 45:48.666
Okay. All right.

45:48.688 –> 45:50.140
Yeah, I think you’ll be fine.

45:50.770 –> 45:54.830
Well, one of the programs I’m not sure works with Windows Eleven.

45:55.250 –> 45:56.560
Which one is out?

45:57.090 –> 46:01.630
I’m trying to see if Kurzwell I think it’s 14 works with Eleven.

46:05.010 –> 46:12.898
I suspect that it will, but you can call them and find out. I believe they still support it, so you can call them and find out for sure.

46:12.984 –> 46:14.882
Okay, thank you guys so much.

46:15.016 –> 46:15.410

46:15.480 –> 46:21.718
Hey, Marty, real quick, I just wanted to go back to that question about Outlook and icloud real quick, if that’s okay.

46:21.804 –> 46:23.080
Yeah, go for it.

46:23.610 –> 46:56.266
So in Outlook, the Windows Outlook client, there is not an all contacts folder. What happens when you install icloud for Windows and you synchronize your calendar and Contacts? Not to get too geeky here, but basically icloud is seen as an IMAP client, and so they sort of hack this around a little bit. But basically what’s going to happen is he’s going to get a folder with his name or a folder with icloud.

46:56.298 –> 46:59.490
In the name that will on the Windows side, right?

46:59.560 –> 48:15.098
Yes, exactly. On the Windows side, there will be a Calendars and a Contacts and a Tasks folder inside of that, and that is where the calendar and contacts exist that are in icloud. So if he changes the content there, then it should in theory, and I have seen it not work. So your mileage may vary. But in theory, if he adds a contact or he updates a contact from that list that’s under the Icloud folder, the best way to find it is to do a control. Y when you’re in Outlook. And then you can use your arrow keys to move to the Icloud folder and expand it with a right arrow. And then look for the Contacts folder. That’s going to be the easiest way to do that. Then if you make a change to that contact there, then it should if everything is working and it sort of works and sometimes doesn’t work, and that’s the problem using Outlook with icloud, it’s kind of finicky. The actual icloud drive portion of that service works really well, but Outlook is very finicky. But it should. So that’s that’s what he should do.

48:15.264 –> 48:39.314
Right. And what Jeff was talking about is actually in the Windows side in Outlook, and when I was saying All Contacts earlier, I was meaning from your Apple device. So your iPhone, correct. Whatever. Yeah. Just to make sure that’s clear, there’s one other workaround. If you’re on your computer Windows, you can always open up a browser and go to icloud.com and log in there, and you’ll have your full contacts in there. If you need to do that, you can.

48:39.352 –> 48:48.742
And supposedly they’ve improved that from an accessibility perspective. I have not tried it in the last six months, so I don’t know, but anyway cool.

48:48.796 –> 48:51.158
Thanks, Jeff. Thanks, everybody. Sure.

48:51.324 –> 49:03.126
All right, you guys have ten minutes and you have iPhone. We don’t know who you are, so please unmute and tell us who you are. Hello. What’s your name? I’m Debbie.

49:03.238 –> 49:04.714
Hey, Debbie. How you doing?

49:04.912 –> 49:12.598
I’m good. I’m going to talk just a second about your thing was about kitchen gadgets.

49:12.694 –> 49:14.698
Yep. What’s your favorite kitchen gadget.

49:14.874 –> 49:54.778
So I’m extremely low tech. My gadgets got lost, and I can’t find this gadget anymore. So here we go. I like tea. I drink tea from a tea bag. And this little thing gadget that I had for years upon years, I think it came from Tupperware. It’s a little plastic piece that you set your wet tea bag in and you squeeze the top and bottom part together with the tea bag in it, and out comes all of the water, the leftover water in the tea bag and stuff.

49:54.944 –> 49:55.660

49:56.430 –> 50:06.718
Anyways, I’ve lost it and can’t find it. And that’s what I hate sometimes about gadgets. You get something great, you lose it, and can you find it again?

50:06.884 –> 50:28.626
There’s some good websites, like catalog websites that have stuff like that, that you can try and find them through. There there’s independent living AIDS and Maxi AIDS are two really good ones. You can call them up or go on their website and see if they may have something similar to what you’re talking about. And maybe you can get a replacement or something close to a replacement.

50:28.818 –> 50:45.990
I think I’ll have to do that because we’ve looked at all of the stores and you come up with every gadget under the planet except for that one thing, that little plastic piece thing. That is for your tea bags.

50:46.150 –> 50:56.480
Yes. And we can always also put out to the community if anyone is tea drinkers and you have something that you use in the kitchen, let us know what it is, and maybe we can get you a new something.

50:56.930 –> 51:01.246
Thank you so much. You have a wonderful Halloween, guys.

51:01.348 –> 51:03.134
Yep, you too. Thanks. Have a great day.

51:03.172 –> 51:03.566

51:03.668 –> 51:03.946

51:03.978 –> 51:04.378

51:04.474 –> 51:05.130

51:05.290 –> 51:07.230
We have no other hand.

51:07.380 –> 51:20.326
All right, well, so for the people who are interested here in this last few minutes, I’m going to run through the Apple event really quick just to give people an idea of what happened yesterday. So apple phone. What was that?

51:20.508 –> 52:00.260
Yes. This is Don. Can I ask a question about the Apple phone? The Apple phone that does not have a home button. I think I haven’t set the face recognition up correctly because when I eventually do get to a home screen, swipe up to make it beep so I could go to the home screen. It’s not doing it. But can you shed some light on facial recognition set up and moving back and forth to the home screen after that set up?

52:00.710 –> 53:37.074
Sure. So, first of all, not every single phone has the Face ID built into it, so you have to make sure your phone is capable of doing that. So if your phone does that have that or does not have that every single phone does have, or I should say every single phone without a home button does have a it looks like a line at the bottom center of the phone. If you put your finger on that and you slide up about a little less than a quarter of the way and let go, it’s going to bring you back to your home screen. If you put your finger on that and you continue to slide up and you keep on holding it, it’ll take you to the app switcher, which is going to be the all of the apps that you actually have running on your phone. If you were to do a single finger swipe either to the right or left, it will take you through those apps and you can do a three finger swipe up on that app if you want to close it. And then the last thing there is, it will give you haptic feedback, which is a vibration, and it should also give you like a small beep chime if you have those things turned on. When you slide your finger up part of the way or up all the way kind of to either activate either of those two, which is either go back to the home screen or if you keep going past that and hold your finger on there for another second and keep it sliding up to the second option. Then that’s going to take you to the app switcher. That’s basically how that works. Okay, a little bit of practice, but that’s what I would do real quick.

53:37.192 –> 54:22.160
I kind of understood that I have a Mini 14 new phone I got from someone, and I’ve been a user of the eight with the button for quite a while. But for some reason or not, the last two things you mentioned, sliding up and going to the home screen and sliding up twice and going to the app switcher. I haven’t got it to work now. I’m going to play with it again a little bit later. It might be something I haven’t done correctly. I think the phone does have Face recognition on it and I’m not sure I’ve got that right.

54:22.930 –> 54:29.794
You might need someone cited to help you set that up. It’s a little bit of a process. Okay, yeah, I would try those two.

54:29.832 –> 55:24.020
Things and I’ll wrap it up here real quick just to give you a quick tip because I know we’re coming up on the top of the hour. If you get into your phone and you go to Settings, you can go to Face ID and passcode and unlock that section and then go and retrain the phone to your face and see if that improves the experience. So just redo your Face ID set up if you think you didn’t do it right in the past, it was brought to my attention. I keep this in mind. I think it was on a Mosa at Large podcast. If you envision your nose as a hand on a clock, and you start by looking up and putting your nose at noon and then rotating your head around that clock, that tends to make it a lot easier to make sure that your face is completely in focus when you’re doing the face. ID set up. So I would give that a try and see if that improves your experience.

55:24.630 –> 55:25.186

55:25.288 –> 55:26.882
Good points. Thank you all.

55:27.016 –> 55:28.350
All right, good luck.

55:28.510 –> 55:33.800
All right, you have about two minutes, and you have a couple of hands, but I don’t think you have time for them.

55:34.410 –> 55:53.118
No, I think if you have a comment or a question, you can go ahead and send that into feedback at unmute show. We appreciate everyone joining us, the assistance of all individuals who have been working together to make Unmute be live in ACB community. And, Marty, you want to close it up?

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55:54.068 –> 56:25.060
Thanks, everyone, for being here. We always appreciate everyone coming, asking your questions and participating. And as always, Sheila and Jane, thanks so much for all your help every week. We appreciate you guys so much. If you want to get a hold of us, if you have any questions, comments, or anything like that, you can reach us at feedback at unmute show. And everyone have a great week. Have fun tonight if you’re going doing anything for Halloween, and we’ll see you guys next week. Thanks a lot. Close.