Unmute Presents Community Replay for 27 FEB, 2024

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Hey all, Marty here. I wanted to invite you to our live call every Tuesday, 01:00 p.m. East 10:00 a.m. West in the ACB community.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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Today’s Unmute presents community call was hosted on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another unmute. As usual here at the top, we got some announcements. First thing is we want to make sure that everyone gets through the first questions first. So if everyone gets their question answered first time through, then we’ll take second questions. Also, make sure that you stay wow, brain fart. We want to make sure that everybody gets the same respect that you get. And so please give everyone that opportunity. And remember, there’s no dumb questions. The question of the day today is, do you use earbuds? And if you do, which ones do you prefer and do you like in ears over the ears, full size ones? So that’d be interesting to hear what all of you have to say about that. And with me today, as usual, I’ve got Michael Babcock. How you doing, Michael?

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I am doing well, Marty, and I appreciate that. I am fond of the shox headphones. I’m always wearing my open run pros because they’re so lightweight. They keep my ears open, and though they don’t have the best sound quality, they’re awesome to be able to let me navigate my environment without having to struggle to hear things. So yesterday we published on technically working an episode called navigating the Waves audio mastery and self care insights. Very interesting conversation with Damasi and myself about how he almost walked out on the Randolph shepherd training program in Alabama on Wednesday due to sensory overload. And I think he needs to hear that DKM ad if we’re talking about sensory overload. So definitely something to give a listen to. Really enjoyed that conversation. And we talked about some new voice recorders, Marty, myself, I think Zoom got a lot of money out of the group of colleagues. On Sunday. Unmute presents digital Bytes do restart earbuds was what I gave the title of that little clever play there, as you may know, on the digital bytes content, which comes out every Sunday. Now we have three segments. One is an app review, one is a mobile tip, and the third one is a review of some hardware. So Chris reviewed some earbuds that kind of stimulated the question for today. Marty showed you again from our 2022 podcast episode how to tell Siri to restart your phone. And then I shared with you an annoying reminder app. So if you have problems where it comes to remembering to do things. Yes, I’m looking at myself here. Then you may want do spelled D-U-E. It is an $8 application. On the shell phone show, we shared how to turn off the phone both using the menu and with your voice. So if you’re interested in that on the blind shell classic too, definitely give that a listen. And that is the content we’ve posted over the last week. Sheila, who do we got first?

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All right, Jane.

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Hey Jane. Hey Jane.

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Hello. And yes, I’ll be getting my zoom h one e today.

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It’s nice. I got mine yesterday waiting.

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You’re the second person who has told me today that there is coming today. And I thought mine was coming today, but it ended up coming yesterday.

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But I just have a tip for those of us who like to reset iPhones, which I had yesterday, not thinking that I forgot that I had my passcode enabled. When I reset my phone, all of my accessibility settings, including Siri, went away. I tried plugging into the Mac until it said passcode or I had to guess I had help to even enter my passcode. So do note that if you’re going.

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To reset your phone, that’s interesting. So was this before the actual reset process or was this after the phone reset and then it came back on?

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So I just did just a settings reset tire phone, which then left. All my accessibility options were like, there was no shortcut. Siri, I thought, oh, okay, fine, I will plug it into the Mac and look at the finder window. But no, because you have to trust.

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That Mac because you’ve reset all your settings, so you’re not able to see the iPhone in finder at that point.

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Yeah, and that was fun. I literally had to get sighted help. So if you’re ever stuck, just remember I don’t know how to turn on. Well, I shouldn’t have turned off my passcode in the first place, but you might need some sighted help to get.

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Beautiful, Jane, thanks for that reminder. So just to recap, if you go into settings, you go to general, you go on to reset, erase and reset, and then you choose reset all settings. That’s going to do just that. That’s going to reset all of your settings on your phone, including the triple click of the side button or home button, which is set up as a accessibility shortcut setting because you reset all the settings that disabled that. In addition, it will also disable Siri because, again, enabling Siri is a setting, so it’s doing literally what it tells you to do. That sounds like an oversight on Apple’s part, but definitely appreciate that feedback. Thanks, Jane. Who do we got next there? Sheila?

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Hey, Teresa. We don’t hear you.

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Teresa, you’re muted.

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All right, we’ll go to. Oh, there you are. My star six wouldn’t cooperate with me. Okay. I have, I guess you call them old school earbuds, the kind that, you know, not your phone with just one single piece. It’s two earbuds, two buds, one for each ear, and it’s a little plug that whatever I’m listening to, if it’s got a place for a three millimeter. What is that three millimeter, Jack?

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3.5 millimeter.

07:34.250 –> 08:26.990
3.5 millimeter. Okay. That’s what I use. I know that sounds old school. I prefer the kind that loop on your ear, but if I can’t get those, at least I like the gummy, the kind that are gummy. I do not like the plastic. It’s kind of plastic for the earbuds because those things used to irritate my ears very badly. So I prefer the gummies better, even though sometimes those come off. But I know as things get more technically advanced, there are ways to get the type of earbuds that you can pair with a device rather than having to plug it in. This way, you can walk around freely with the earbuds in it, but you don’t have to carry that particular device with you unless there’s a reason you need to.

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Yes. And I’ll tell you, Teresa, using the 3.5 millimeter headphone coming from an audio background is going to be the most accurate and give you the highest quality of audio. Even though Bluetooth is good, you’re still going to get some degradation and compression, because that’s the nature of Bluetooth. So don’t feel bad about still using those headphones because they sound good, and as long as they keep working, then you’re good to go.

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Right. And when I’m in bed at night, I prefer earbuds because headphones would be kind of cumbersome when you’re trying to lay your head on your pillow. So earbuds work better?

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Yes, ma’am. They do have sleep phones, which is a soft headband that goes around your head, and it’s got soft speakers that sit near your ears. And people do find those to be even more comfortable to wear than headphones or earbuds. Those are Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about twisting yourself up into cables and stuff. But that’s what some people use to sleep with as well.

09:28.760 –> 09:30.590
Where can those be obtained?

09:30.750 –> 09:35.362
At guys sells them. You can buy them on Amazon or sleepphones.com.

09:35.496 –> 09:39.138
Sleep sleephones.

09:39.224 –> 09:39.870
Yes, ma’am.

09:39.950 –> 09:40.580

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Or of course, give us a call to at guys and we can help you out.

09:44.332 –> 09:45.960
Okay, perfect.

09:46.490 –> 09:47.590
Thanks a lot.

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You’re welcome.

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Who do we got next?

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Beth. Hey, Beth.

09:52.598 –> 09:53.622
Beth, you’re muted.

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Okay, there you are.

09:55.488 –> 10:36.230
Can you hear me? Yes, ma’am, I can hear. I wanted to use my bluetooth, the headphones, the earbuds, and it said, kept saying power on and I’ve been charging it and it didn’t say connected. Now, I know it’s pretty windy here, so I don’t know if that has something to do with that, because if it needed to be charged, I wouldn’t hear the phone for a while until I wouldn’t hear anything through the head earbuds until it said connected.

10:37.370 –> 10:41.706
What kind of earbuds do you have, Beth? What kind of earbuds do you have?

10:41.808 –> 10:45.242
It’s a bluetooth. Bluetooth. Yeah.

10:45.296 –> 10:52.000
Okay. That doesn’t help. So what I would suggest is reaching out to the manufacturer, whoever you purchase them from.

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Okay. So you need to look up at how to put them into pairing mode because it sounds like they’re not pairing to your phone. If it says that they are powered on, then it sounds like they have battery power. But if they’re not paired with your phone, you’re not going to hear your phone at all.

11:11.256 –> 11:24.914
Oh, maybe they had. Yeah, because before I didn’t hear my phone, but I still heard my phone. Like today, I still heard the phone and I just didn’t hear it through the ears.

11:25.042 –> 12:27.642
Yeah. So when it says powered on, then that’s coming from the earbuds themselves. That’s not coming from your phone. So as I said, it sounds like if you don’t hear connected or something similar to that, and you don’t hear your voiceover through your earbuds, then they need to be put in pairing mode. Now, what could happen is if you go to your iPhone and then you go to settings and then you go to Bluetooth, you can be two sections. In the Bluetooth section, the top section is the paired devices section. That’s devices you’ve connected to your phone. You can go there, see if the earbuds show there, and then try to double tap on them and see if it doesn’t connect. If it doesn’t connect, then look in the bottom section, which is listing all of the items in your area that are currently in pairing mode, and then try to double tap on them in that bottom section, and that should get them connected for you.

12:27.696 –> 12:28.202

12:28.336 –> 12:30.860
And just make sure you don’t connect to your phone.

12:31.970 –> 12:41.294
When I got them, I paired them myself, so I’ll probably have to. Maybe something happened that they need to be paired again. Okay. Thank you.

12:41.412 –> 12:46.210
Yep, that is possible. And give that a try, Beth, and let us know if you have other questions. Okay.

12:46.360 –> 12:47.506
Okay, thanks.

12:47.688 –> 12:49.714
Of course, Sheila. Who do we got next?

12:49.832 –> 12:50.622

12:50.766 –> 12:52.478
Hey, Marie. Hey, Marie.

12:52.574 –> 12:53.006

12:53.038 –> 12:56.370
You’re still muted, dear. All right, we’ll come back to Marie.

12:56.450 –> 12:58.918
Pam. Hello. I’m sorry I came in.

12:59.004 –> 13:00.230
There you are, Marie.

13:00.810 –> 14:02.138
You’d think I’d know better. I like the Apple AirPods Pro, except for the short battery life is not wonderful. And so I actually like the Apple wired earbuds. They’re really great. Sound is great. I know you got a wire, and that’s kind of a problem. But my question is, I use the shocks open run, not the pros, just the open run. And I have them paired to a 13 pro, and they work absolutely wonderful. And I did the multipoint sharing and paired them with my 13 mini, which is my primary phone that I usually have with me when I go out somewhere and it connects, and it shows connected, but I get nothing through the headphones at all. Nothing. No sound. You have any ideas whatsoever other than having to just return them? I can’t figure out.

14:02.304 –> 14:38.878
One thing you could check is there’s actually, like, two volumes. The shocks have a volume setting, which you can pump the volume up on those, but there’s also a phone setting where you can pump the rocker volume button up. So if your shocks volume ended up somehow going all the way down to nothing, then you may not be hearing anything, or it might be very quiet and you’re not hearing it. So a lot of times what you have to do is figure out where the happy place is to set the volume on the shocks. And once you have that, you just leave it, and then you can go with the volume on the actual phone from there.

14:39.064 –> 14:42.070
We have tried both of those things, and I didn’t.

14:42.650 –> 15:08.634
So here’s what I would do. Of course, what I do is not necessarily always the right answer, but it’s what I would try. I would try to reset the shocks open runs to factory defaults and I can give you those directions if you need them. And then pair to the iPhone 13 mini first and see if you get audio and then use the iPhone 14 as your secondary pairing device.

15:08.762 –> 15:12.382
Okay, should I forget it on both devices first?

15:12.436 –> 16:28.982
That’s what I would do, yeah, go ahead and forget it. After you’ve reset the shocks open runs, go in and flick down on the shocks in both devices to delete and then you can delete those from. It’s either delete or more options and then go in and remove those from both of your phones and then set it up as a brand new pair. So if you turn the shocks on by pressing and holding that volume up key, continue pressing it for about three to 5 seconds and the shocks will prompt you and say pairing mode. Once it’s in pairing mode, hold the multifunction button so the button you use to play pause, audio the volume up and the volume down buttons for three to 5 seconds. And then turn your headphones off by pressing and holding that volume up button again. Okay, that’s what the directions say. I think it actually turns them off for you automatically after you reset them. But once you’ve done that, then turning them back on will automatically put them into pairing mode. And then, as I said, reconnect them to the 13 mini. See if you get audio feedback from that. And if you do, then put them into multi pairing mode and then you can pair the 14 with them as well.

16:29.116 –> 16:35.402
Okay, I probably won’t do multi. I’m not crazy about multi pairing. So if I can get them with the 13 mini, I’ll be happy with that.

16:35.456 –> 17:09.078
Thank you. I’m not crazy about multi. I mean, it’s cool that it’s a thing, but for me it’s very easy. And then if you forget those directions, of course there’s the podcast that you can go listen to, or the Google search that I typed in real quick was reset aftershocks open, run to factory settings and that’ll pop up a quick Google search under the heading that says I should stop talking and actually know what I’m talking about first it says featured snippet on the web and then that gives you the four step process there.

17:09.244 –> 17:10.514
Thank you, Michael.

17:10.642 –> 17:11.942
No worries. Thanks a lot.

17:11.996 –> 17:12.754
Bye bye.

17:12.882 –> 17:14.054
Who do we got next there?

17:14.092 –> 17:14.610

17:14.690 –> 17:15.794
Pam, coffee.

17:15.922 –> 17:17.206
Hey, Pam, how you doing?

17:17.308 –> 17:20.090
I’m doing okay as far as I know.

17:20.240 –> 17:22.362
Oh, good. Glad to hear that.

17:22.496 –> 20:35.382
Yes, I wanted to answer the question of the day. Yes, I am a very enthusiastic user of earbuds. Headphones. Depending on what I’m doing right now, I am on a headset Bluetooth that is an actual headphone. It goes over the. Not a. Not one of the real expensive ones, like, it’s not an Apple, whatever, but it works. It sounds quite music sounds really good on it. And I’m a music person. And even though technically it is not noise canceling, because it has very substantial padding around the headphones, it muffles a lot of the extraneous sounds, which is wonderful when there’s a racket going on outside. Yeah, I imagine when I am out and about, I don’t want everything to be muffled. So when I’m on the go, I use earbuds. Just inexpensive earbuds that don’t muffle the sound. And if need be, I will even take one out of one ear if I need to hear traffic noise or whatever better. And if all else fails, I’ll pull them both out until whatever the thing is I need to hear is passed. But because they’re earbuds and they’re teeny tiny, they don’t take up a lot of room when you’re on the go and you can put them in your pocket, or if it’s the kind that has the little collar thing around, loosely fits around your neck, and then the buds are actually connected to that collar by a short little wire. They’re easy to maneuver when you are out on the go. And I like the ones that have the longer battery life because it’s not good when you’re out somewhere and your headset suddenly or your earbuds or whatever, suddenly die. And I do still have a 3.5 millimeter. The little earbuds that are wired that I’ll use if necessary. But yes, I am a firm believer in headphones, headsets, earbuds. Again, depending on exactly where I am, what I’m doing determines which one I own at a particular time. And I have gone through many of them over the years. I’ve worn many a set of them out.

20:35.516 –> 20:45.818
But once you find that brand and that style that you like, you tend to go back to them, I imagine, because that’s definitely how I am. Once I find a pair that I like, I want to try to find those again.

20:45.984 –> 21:40.780
I do that to a point, but oftentimes, if I know one is probably nearing the end of its life, I’ll look for the specials. And it’s not always the same brand, but I’m looking to get something decent, but save a bit of money in the process. And I really don’t have a favorite brand because there are any number of them that I have liked. There are a few that I just haven’t cared for as much, and I don’t get those again. But I’m not as particular as some people are on their earbuds or their headphones. I do want it to sound decent. I want it to have good battery life, and most important, I want it to work. Hello.

21:41.710 –> 21:43.654
Exactly. Well, thanks a lot, Pam.

21:43.702 –> 21:44.506
Appreciate it.

21:44.608 –> 21:45.580
You’re welcome.

21:46.770 –> 21:57.310
Before we go to the next hand, I just want to encourage each and every one of you. I see we have four hands here, so don’t be shy. Feel free to raise your hand. Sheila, who do we got next? Len. Hey, Len.

21:58.070 –> 22:00.194
Hi. Hope you guys are doing well today.

22:00.312 –> 22:00.706
Thank you.

22:00.728 –> 22:01.460
Thank you.

22:01.830 –> 22:03.154
Hopefully you are as well.

22:03.272 –> 22:39.566
Yes, thank. I use, I have an iPhone, and so I use the Apple wired headset, plus I use the Powerbeats pros sometimes, and sometimes I use the Airpods, which are my favorite. And then I use the aftershocks for what we’re on now, webinars trying to think of the name. So the thing is, I wish that they would make it easier on the aftershocks to use the mic because you can’t do that very well when you’re dictating to the phone.

22:39.748 –> 22:46.610
So by easier on the mic, you hope that they’ll make it so the mic can hear you better or. What do you mean?

22:46.680 –> 22:54.100
Yeah, because on my phone, if I want to do a search in bard or whatever, I have to turn them off and I have to do it.

22:55.590 –> 22:59.910
Yeah. Are you on the shops right now? Because you’re sounding pretty good right now.

23:00.060 –> 23:18.940
Right. And I guess I do when I’m actually on the calls, but when I try to do anything on the dictation wise, I was trying to dictate a message today to somebody in the messages app and it just wouldn’t hear it.

23:19.630 –> 23:28.174
That’s frustrating. I can’t say that I’ve encountered that myself. It might be worth resetting your shocks and seeing if something got really.

23:28.212 –> 23:36.062
Because I thought that about them, though. I thought that was a big thing with them, that they didn’t hear the. That you couldn’t do that very well.

23:36.196 –> 23:42.766
It could be with older ones. I’m not sure which specific shocks you have. I can say I don’t have that issue with the open run pros.

23:42.878 –> 23:47.954
I don’t think I have those. I got, mine are about six months old.

23:48.072 –> 23:51.560
Okay. Do you have the open comms with the microphone on the left side?

23:51.930 –> 23:55.078
Yes. And I have to bring it down. I have to bring it down to.

23:55.164 –> 24:17.854
Yeah, yeah. That’s good to know. I will have Damasi do some testing because he has my test pair of open comms and see if there’s a setting that you can enable to make that work. But I can imagine the frustration with that for sure. And sometimes it is easier to just turn them off, do the dictation, and then go on with your day. So thanks for letting me know that you struggle with that because that’s good to know.

24:17.972 –> 25:01.146
Can I ask a quick question? I didn’t have one, and then you made me have one. Thank you. I use an app called revision fitness. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it. I have, but anyway, I use that app. I just started using it, but I have a roommate and she’s noisy, so it’s hard for me to have it out in the air when I’m doing that. There’s a classroom app or a classroom part of that that shows you the exercises. Can you recommend any kind of earbud or headset that would not be ruined by, like, if you have to lay on that one side or whatever? I don’t know there even is such a thing.

25:01.328 –> 25:10.942
So you mentioned AirPods. AirPods are, I believe, ip 67 rating, so they won’t get ruined if you have some sweat and stuff with them.

25:11.076 –> 25:20.740
So I have to be very careful with those. And I’m telling you because I have a very narrow ear canal and so they don’t stay in. Well, okay.

25:24.390 –> 25:27.266
The smaller tips, they usually come with different tips.

25:27.378 –> 25:47.626
Yeah. And I have to go to an ENT because I have problems with cleaning, and they said that I’m using the Airpods and they’re fine, but I have to be very careful which head positions. Like, I couldn’t lay down with them because they would never stay in. And he told me that Airpods will never be good for me.

25:47.648 –> 25:54.954
For that reason, though, one other suggestion for you could be to not overcomplicate it and just use your open combs.

25:55.082 –> 25:56.942
Really, they won’t. Okay.

25:57.076 –> 26:25.266
I was wondering what designed for runners, so they’re fine with getting sweaty. And that’s what aftershock’s business was started for, was for people who are athletic. So if you’re comfortable with wearing those, I would just wear those instead of overcomplicating it. Sleep phones would work, but the problem with those is you’re going to get sweaty, so you’ll have to pull out the ear pieces and then wash that band so it doesn’t become stinky.

26:25.378 –> 26:30.358
Yeah, that’s true. Okay. But the aftershocks would work then?

26:30.444 –> 26:37.498
Yeah, the shocks would work just fine because they were created for runners. So unless you’re sweating more than a runner sweats, then I think you should be good to go.

26:37.584 –> 26:40.682
And they don’t go in your ear, so you don’t have to worry about the canal part.

26:40.816 –> 26:42.058
Right. Exactly.

26:42.224 –> 26:45.310
The gotcha is they’re not going to block out that noisy roommate.

26:46.050 –> 26:49.710
Well, that’s okay, as long as she doesn’t have to hear my exercises.

26:50.050 –> 26:55.346
There you go. Well, thanks for calling in. Thank you so much, Sheila. Who do we got next?

26:55.448 –> 26:56.446

26:56.638 –> 26:58.494
Hey, Janet. Hey, Janet.

26:58.622 –> 27:15.910
Hello, everybody. Hi, there. I was going to say that they also make headband earphones. I’m not sure what they’re called, but my husband has a pair of headband. You put them on, like, a headband and they have your earphones inside of them, type thing.

27:16.060 –> 27:23.062
Okay. Yeah. That kind of sounds like possibly what the sleep phones are. They go around his head and they sit on his ears.

27:23.206 –> 27:23.900

27:24.750 –> 27:26.650
And it’s like a soft fabric.

27:26.990 –> 27:40.158
It’s got a button on the front that’s your pear and all that. I also like hello speakers for reading books and stuff.

27:40.324 –> 27:49.620
Yes. Someone introduced me to the Pello speakers a couple of years ago, and I had never heard of them. And those look pretty cool. So appreciate that.

27:50.470 –> 27:53.438
I actually have a pair hooked up to my Victor reader.

27:53.614 –> 27:54.594
There you go.

27:54.712 –> 27:56.854
There you go. So you all have a great day.

27:56.972 –> 27:57.462
You, too.

27:57.516 –> 27:58.326
Thank you.

27:58.508 –> 27:59.634
Mary Beth.

27:59.762 –> 28:01.026
Hey, Mary Beth.

28:01.138 –> 28:02.946
Hey, Michael. Hey, Marty.

28:03.058 –> 28:04.120
Hey, how are.

28:06.570 –> 28:30.590
I’m with Marie. I’m the wired headphone or earbud. And lots of times I’ll travel with my iPhone. So I have earbuds with a lightning cable on them, I guess. As you guys were talking, I was thinking, do you guys know of, like, a single ear, either headphone or earbud or something with a lightning cable?

28:31.490 –> 28:33.040
Not a single one.

28:33.670 –> 28:42.910
Yeah. I’m sure they exist, but I’m unaware of a single ear lightning earbud.

28:43.070 –> 29:50.940
Now, what you could do is you can get. And they have actually, this is interesting. They created the Apple wired ear pods, they’re called. And they have a lightning port on them. And they’re both connected to the cable. But you can drop one out of your ear and only use whichever side you want to use. You don’t need to have them both in. It would just hang down a little bit, I guess. But you could use. That’s just one that Apple sells. It’s a white cord with a lightning cable on the end. And you can use either ear, either both of them, or one at a time. And it’s got a microphone and, like, a volume rocker and a play pause button right in line on the cable. So you would just want to make sure that if you’re not using that side, that you know where the button is if you need to either turn the volume up or down or hit play or pause or whatever it is you’re doing. But they’ve also upgraded those now. And if anyone has an iPhone 15 with the USBC port on the bottom, they now also make those with a USBC port on the bottom. So that works out pretty good. You don’t have to buy another little dongle adapter thing for them.

29:51.550 –> 29:53.306
That was going to be my next question.

29:53.488 –> 30:14.318
There’s a company called Jlabs, and they make single ear in ear monitors that connect via lightning specifically for live events, which makes sense. I knew someone had to have made it looks like they’re $14, and you can get them off of Amazon. And the name of the company is J, like Julia Labs. Labs.

30:14.484 –> 30:17.282
Well, thanks very much, both of you. I appreciate your help.

30:17.416 –> 30:18.002
No worries.

30:18.056 –> 30:18.930
Good luck.

30:19.830 –> 30:24.690
All right, I’m not going to guess area code. Four one three ending in three two nine.

30:24.760 –> 30:26.114
Laurie, is that you?

30:26.232 –> 30:27.822
It’s Laurie. Hi, Sheila.

30:27.886 –> 30:28.974
Hey, Laurie.

30:29.022 –> 30:30.270
Hey, Laurie, how are you?

30:30.360 –> 31:22.038
Hey, Mike. Hey, Michael. Hey, Marty. Hey, everybody. Well, to answer the question of the day, I like over the ear wired headphones, which I use for a lot of my electronics, but they’re not made for cordless phones unless they have quarter inch plug on the cable, which they do. But they don’t fit my iPhone, which is unfortunate because they’re very comfortable. Unfortunately, I blew them out by having the volume on my library of Congress player up too high, and now they don’t a. I have to get a new pair, and I don’t know what it is about those headphones, but I’ve blown out I don’t know how many pairs of that which I used to wear. I have an SE 2020, so if.

31:22.044 –> 31:48.318
You get another set of those earphones, you can also get an adapter that goes over the 3.5 millimeter jack at the end of the headphones to either lightning, which is what your phone would be. So essentially, you’d put that little plug onto the end. You’d basically plug your headphones into that little dongle, and then you can take that little dongle and plug it into the lightning port on the bottom of your phone.

31:48.484 –> 32:24.810
Okay. Yeah, because my charger goes into that same port, and earbuds came with my iPhone, but I don’t like them. They keep popping out of my ears, and they’re too slippery for my ear canals, I guess. So they keep popping out. So I end up wearing them around my neck, and I can’t hear what is going on with my iPhone. So if I can get to the Apple Store and have them fit that kind of adapter after I buy a new pair, I can do that. One caller mentioned single earphones for cordless phones. I mean, for iPhones.

32:25.150 –> 32:28.826
They used to make for, I want.

32:28.848 –> 32:51.330
To say flip phones or non flip phones of yesteryear. They used to make, at least Verizon did, a one ear headband headset. And I’m not quite sure what the tech name is for that, but it had a microphone, and you could plug that into your cell phone and you could hear with one ear.

32:51.480 –> 33:11.926
Yeah. That’s kind of what this jlabs looks like. It is. It doesn’t actually have a band that goes over or behind your head. It just sits in your ear, but it does look like they do have some that would go over your head or behind your head. So appreciate you bringing that up, and hopefully they’ll be able to find something that helps them. So thanks a lot, Laurie.

33:12.038 –> 33:12.966
Oh, anytime.

33:13.078 –> 33:14.310
Thanks, Marty. Thanks, Mike.

33:14.390 –> 33:15.062
Thanks, Laurie.

33:15.126 –> 33:15.882
Have a good one.

33:15.936 –> 33:16.682
You, too.

33:16.816 –> 33:19.434
All right, Bill Mills, you’re up.

33:19.552 –> 33:20.362
Hey, Bill.

33:20.496 –> 33:22.654
Well, I hope I’m Juliana Bell on here.

33:22.692 –> 33:23.054
You are.

33:23.092 –> 33:23.966
You are.

33:24.148 –> 34:40.726
Okay. Just wanted to be sure. So there’s just so much here. But first of all, to the phone buds, whatever you call them, earbuds, I can’t use those. I can use the ones that either have the sponge on them, the little outer sponge. I don’t think they make those anymore. Each one for the wired ones, the earbuds, but I like the plastic ones, but they don’t stay in my ear very well. I cannot take the headset, the heavy headset. It closes my ears, so I’m just in a bad way there. And Bluetooth is okay. But my favorite getting back to the earbuds, or whatever you want to call them, is aftershocks. Oh, it’s just the most wonderful. And I found one that goes into the 3.5 millimeter jack, and it’s a light one, but I don’t know whether it’s open. I don’t think it’s open moves now. I bought open moves from at guys, but I need to buy the open.

34:40.908 –> 34:41.846
What is it?

34:41.948 –> 34:44.150
Opencom or open run.

34:44.220 –> 34:46.690
Opencoms are the ones with the microphones.

34:46.850 –> 34:48.818
Okay, what about the open run?

34:49.004 –> 35:00.278
So open run and open run pro are fairly similar. The biggest difference in them is the open run pro is a couple of grams lighter than the open runs.

35:00.374 –> 35:02.078
Okay, that’s what I would want then.

35:02.164 –> 35:06.606
Yeah. And the battery life is about nine and a half hours.

35:06.788 –> 35:10.110
Is it better quality as far as listening to music?

35:10.260 –> 35:24.482
Yes. Good. You’re not going to get a lot. I know, but I mean, you’re not going to get a lot of that low end because of the general technology and that’s just not possible. But it is going to sound better than the open moves for sure.

35:24.616 –> 36:03.890
Okay, another question. I’m using a microphone plugged into a 3.5 millimeter on this very old computer. My age, 70 years old. And of course I’m kidding, but anyway, it’s a very old computer. The microphone is just super. I just love it. But the thing about it, I tried to use my iPhone not long ago and I was not able to unmute and I was right at the unmute mute and unmute button, but it would not unmute what causes that.

36:04.040 –> 36:09.298
So it could be several things. Was it on Zoom or.

36:09.464 –> 36:10.654
It was on Zoom.

36:10.782 –> 36:45.966
Okay. So there for a very brief period of time, and I can’t tell you exactly what the dates were, but there for a very brief period of time, the zoom application on iPhone was having some issues with displaying the OK button to confirm that your call was being recorded. And if you don’t tap that ok button first, as I’m sure you know on Windows, you’re not going to be able to unmute yourself. And I think that’s what may have been going on is did you get the okay button before you tried to hit the unmute button?

36:46.148 –> 36:48.862
I think so. Is that the got it button?

36:48.996 –> 36:49.630

36:49.780 –> 36:50.286

36:50.388 –> 37:07.460
I always do that. Well, I mean, I have slipped up one or two times, but I mean, I really try to, I’m conscious of that, but that was not the case that day and I don’t know what in the world happened, but I wanted so badly to get on a blind shell. I’m very active with that.

37:08.550 –> 37:41.098
Yeah. Unfortunately there could be a lot of different things that was causing it. All I can recommend is try it again from your iPhone and hopefully it’ll work next time and make sure to get that okay or got it button in order to unmute yourself and try that out and see if that works. And if it continues to be an issue, you can always send an email to access at Zoom us and that’ll send you right to the accessibility team for Zoom and you can provide them feedback based on not being able to unmute on the iPhone using voiceover.

37:41.274 –> 37:42.994
Okay, thank you.

37:43.112 –> 37:47.620
No worries. Bell, thanks a lot for reaching out and you have a beautiful rest of your day.

37:48.230 –> 37:49.230

37:49.390 –> 37:50.530
Hey, Judy.

37:51.830 –> 38:49.394
Hey, guys. I am on my 3.5 millimeter skull candy earbuds and I will occasionally go onto calls with them. I’m told the microphone sound is great. They are comfortable. I typically will only use them when I’m traveling, paratransit or whatever, because I can keep my phone in my purse and just have the microphone in case I want to talk to somebody or use Siri. I’ve had to replace them once in maybe eight years, maybe longer. They’re just phenomenal. My cousin gave me his when I got my first iPhone 100 years ago and I have never used anything else. I mean, I see no reason to use anything else. These are phenomenal. Like I said, they’re really comfortable. The audio quality is great. No complaints at all. And the durability is incredible. There’s nothing wrong with them at all.

38:49.512 –> 38:49.998

38:50.104 –> 38:54.130
Thanks. That’s great. I like skull candy too. They’re awesome headphones.

38:54.290 –> 38:57.470
Yeah, they sure are. So that’s my two cent.

38:57.570 –> 38:59.514
All right, well, thanks. Have a great one.

38:59.632 –> 39:01.322
You too. Thanks. All right.

39:01.376 –> 39:02.326

39:02.518 –> 39:03.446
Hey, Randall.

39:03.558 –> 39:04.780
Yeah, good morning.

39:05.150 –> 39:06.074
How are you?

39:06.192 –> 40:28.360
Yeah, I’ve had wonderfully helpful check writing and envelope printing software in the past on Windows. Had it working for Windows seven, then Windows ten, although it was from a company called Starsoft, but it was only partially accessible. The setup had quite a bit of difficulty in getting them set up. Never could get the envelope printer to work on Windows ten. Then after a computer, the laptop died. I got windows eleven and I having great deal of trouble getting the check writer set up on their trial version. And I guess I’ll keep trying, but it seems like something blind community needs about as much as anything. That’s about the only software I could find, really. Well, just to explain, they got a lot of business software where they print out whole sheets of checks, but this just prints on individual normal. Your normal bank checks just fills in the amounts. Is anything else any other software that anyone knows of?

40:29.210 –> 41:03.890
There used to be a software and I’d love it if someone raised their hand and let us know if they’re using software to print checks because I don’t know of one on windows. I’m going to be fully transparent with you. I have my bank print the checks for me. So I don’t print checks directly. So that could be a solution for you, too, to use, like, bill pay. And then they would write the checks on your behalf. And you can send those to individuals. If someone has a suggestion for check printing software, please raise your hand, because I don’t have that answer.

41:04.040 –> 41:07.570
Yeah, just appreciate being able to ask.

41:07.720 –> 41:09.842
Yeah, thanks for having that.

41:09.896 –> 41:19.954
Starsoft works. Just getting it set up. Well, it’s helpful. You just get a contractor come in to do some work and be able to.

41:19.992 –> 41:25.462
That way you can just give them a check right there and not have to wait. Yeah, I get that, but thank you.

41:25.596 –> 41:26.422
Yeah, no problem.

41:26.476 –> 41:28.746
Good luck to you, and we’ll keep an eye out.

41:28.848 –> 41:29.686

41:29.798 –> 41:30.854
Hey, Monica.

41:30.982 –> 42:15.462
Hello. How are you? I’m good. I wanted to let you know that I love using my wired QC 35 Bose headphones for listening to almost everything. And I’ll also use the earbuds that came with the iPhone. I have a couple of questions, but they’re easy for you to answer. One is, can you talk about club on mute? And is there an annual plan? And two, you mentioned a podcast where someone talked about paprika. Three, and I don’t remember which one that was, but it was on last week’s episode. I think you mentioned it.

42:15.516 –> 42:37.422
Digital Bytes is the podcast it was on. It comes out every Sunday. So I think it was last Sunday’s episode. So you can go back in the unmute feed and find last week’s digital bytes. And I think that’s where Paprika was. It might have been the week before, but I want to say I think it was last week. It’s in the past couple of weeks.

42:37.476 –> 42:38.446
No more than that.

42:38.548 –> 42:39.150

42:39.300 –> 43:56.102
And then club Unmute is a membership to unmute. And we have a couple of extra shows that we do behind the scenes. We have something similar to this one day a month, and then we also have classes that are being offered. So right now we’re working on Reaper and learning how to use Reaper for editing your podcast specifically. It’s like an introduction. So we’re starting at 101. So if you’re new to Reaper and you’re wanting to learn how to use Reaper and edit your podcast or stuff like that, that’s what we’re doing right now. We’ve had the first one last Wednesday. Number two is tomorrow. And then in the coming months, we’re going to be doing introduction to Braille. And after that we’re going to be doing introduction or. I’m sorry, I have that backwards. We’re going to be doing introduction to jaws, then we’re going to be doing introduction to Braille. So those are going to be coming in the next few months, and we’re going to be having some other things going on as well. But in terms of payment, it’s $3 a month and you get everything. Or if there’s just one particular class, for example, say you only want to take jaws and nothing else, then it would be a flat fee of $25 and that would be it. And you would just get access to only that one particular class, and that would be all.

43:56.156 –> 44:12.566
But if you go to unmute show, you can get information. We do not offer an annual plan at this time. And in the search field, if you type in food, which is my favorite word to type, it’ll pop right up for the paprika three that was published on February 18.

44:12.678 –> 44:13.386
Thank you.

44:13.488 –> 44:14.342
No worries.

44:14.486 –> 44:15.954
All right, Stacy.

44:16.102 –> 44:17.306
Hey, Stacey.

44:17.498 –> 45:44.380
One of my questions, and I know this is a daring question to find something like this, but I’m in the market for kind of a different kind of computer, but I’m taking a shot in the dark and wondering if there’s something out there like this. But I don’t like these newfangled computers where there’s so little space between the keys on these new fangle keyboards. But I want a laptop, and my hands are so darn dinky. But I’d like to see a cordy keyboard where there’s some space in between the letters. But I want something I can easily carry around, like a laptop. So I’m wondering if there’s a specialized computer with the proper, with a braille, Perkins braille keyboard on it, but it has the usual Windows software with a braille keyboard attached to it, with the windows keyboard software and the jaws or whatever for Windows eleven with the latest updates on it, but with a Perkins keyboard on it.

45:45.710 –> 46:16.222
So I would look up the l braille, I believe, that has a Perkins style keyboard and it’s running windows on it, and that’ll also give you braille output. Otherwise, the other option for you would be to go with a 16 inch laptop. Computers for the blind, I believe offer those as well. That’ll have a bigger QWERTY keyboard that will give you the flexibility of being able to type and feel all the keys. But if you specifically want a braille input, look up the L braille. And that’s two words.

46:16.296 –> 46:18.418
Okay. Bl braille.

46:18.514 –> 46:21.586
Yes. L like Lima braille. L braille.

46:21.698 –> 46:22.738
L braille.

46:22.834 –> 46:23.762
Yes, ma’am.

46:23.906 –> 46:25.542
Oh, and that would be, how much.

46:25.596 –> 46:35.098
Would it be for one I don’t have pricing. You’ll need to look that up because it does vary dependent on when you purchase El Braille. Yes, ma’am. Thanks.

46:35.264 –> 46:41.566
About that. And. Or a regular corded keyboard, look up.

46:41.588 –> 46:49.678
A 16 inch laptop, and that’ll give you more space on your keyboard. Yes, ma’am. All right. Thanks, Stacy. Thank you.

46:49.844 –> 46:50.654
Thank you.

46:50.772 –> 46:51.246

46:51.348 –> 46:53.438
Okay, guys, you got ten minutes.

46:53.604 –> 46:54.480
All right.

46:54.930 –> 46:55.882

46:56.026 –> 46:56.874
Hey, Susan.

46:56.922 –> 46:57.818
Hey, Susan, how are you?

46:57.844 –> 47:23.100
Hi, everybody. I’m having a puzzling situation that I hope you can help me with. I am a new iPhone user, and I’ve told Siri to call my home phone number. I dictate it number by number, and it doesn’t call my home number. Instead, it calls somebody across the country. I’m in Phoenix, and the person it’s calling is in.

47:24.830 –> 47:25.482

47:25.616 –> 47:50.354
So what you need to do when you want to have your phone call the name of something, like, for your home, for example, what you would want to. So. And this also will prevent errors. You want to go into the address book and label it home and then put the phone number in there and save that into your contacts. Then when you activate Siri and you say call home, it will just call your home.

47:50.472 –> 47:59.862
Okay. But what I was telling Siri was the actual numbers to dial, like 123-456-7890.

47:59.996 –> 48:37.266
You could try to continue to do that. It might not be perfect all the time. Siri sometimes could be intermittent or maybe do some weird stuff. But the way to make it so there’s not any issues is to create a new contact and just either put it only in the first name. You just put home in the first name spot right there, and then you just go down and put the phone number in, and you can even label it home or whatever you want to label the number, and then you save the contact. And in that contact, that’d be the only information that’s in there. But at least that’s in your phone now. And so when you say call home, it’ll know to call home.

48:37.368 –> 48:37.682

48:37.736 –> 48:40.942
Because it’s going to search your addresses before it goes out to the Internet.

48:41.086 –> 48:48.038
Let’s say I’m calling a number that’s not in my contacts, but it’s calling somebody else.

48:48.204 –> 49:00.634
So how are you telling it to call? Are you saying call 4567-8900 yes. And you’re saying it with that cadence. You’re not pausing in between numbers too much?

49:00.752 –> 49:07.098
Correct. And it’s calling somebody across the country consistently. It keeps calling her.

49:07.264 –> 49:29.220
Then I don’t have an answer for you because I think something is mixed up there. In this instance, I would reach out to Apple accessibility and say, hey, I’m a voiceover user. Here’s the phone number that I’m trying to call. Unfortunately, Siri is not calling it. One last question. When you tell it to call, are you saying the area code in the phone number or are you saying one?

49:30.470 –> 49:44.710
I’m saying the area code. My area code is four 80. The area code it’s calling is eight one three. And I’m not using voiceover, I’m just using the phone as is. Without voiceover.

49:46.490 –> 50:25.410
Something you might want to check. This could happen, I guess, but it wouldn’t necessarily be out of the question. But what you could do is you can search your contacts and see if the number that it’s calling all the time somehow got saved in your contacts. And if it did, you can delete that contact and then create a contact with just home labeled for your home and your phone number. Because I wonder if somehow there’s a contact in your phone that sort of either saved that number or somehow got in there. And now when you say calling home, it thinks that that phone number is attached to it and it’s continuously calling that number.

50:25.560 –> 50:25.874

50:25.912 –> 50:30.550
So that would be another thing to look at is to check your contacts and make sure it didn’t get saved in the.

50:30.700 –> 50:54.782
I think I might have myself as home, but I haven’t been saying call home. I’ve been saying call the number. And the eight one three number that it is calling is a friend of mine who I’ve woken up in the middle of the night when I’ve lost my phone and I’m trying to find it with the other phone. So I guess I should check her name and see if somehow I got my number attached to it.

50:54.916 –> 50:57.354
Well, here’s another really quick to solve.

50:57.402 –> 51:01.726
Somehow, how does her number get attached? I don’t know who’s attached to what.

51:01.908 –> 51:28.818
Well, here’s another quick tip for you to solve the problem of having to wake people up in the middle of the night. If you turn on, on your phone. Hey, s lady. I’m not going to say it out loud because it’ll activate everyone’s stuff. If you ever lose your phone and you can’t remember in your house where you put it down, all you have to do is yell out, hey, s lady. And then she’ll make a noise. Ask what the weather is or ask what time or anything you want just to get it to make a noise.

51:28.994 –> 51:34.220
Except that it wasn’t s lady that I lost it was my home phone.

51:35.470 –> 51:36.682
I don’t know how you would do that.

51:36.736 –> 51:38.090
Where did I leave it?

51:38.240 –> 51:41.866
On your base station. You might have a thing that’ll make it beep, and then you can go.

51:41.888 –> 51:42.874
Find it that way.

51:42.992 –> 51:43.754

51:43.952 –> 51:44.714
All right.

51:44.832 –> 51:45.538
Good luck.

51:45.654 –> 51:49.258
I don’t know why it’s doing this, but I’ll check my listings.

51:49.354 –> 51:50.334
Thank you. Okay.

51:50.452 –> 51:51.066

51:51.178 –> 51:51.614
All right.

51:51.652 –> 51:54.818
We are not going to get to all these hands because you got five minutes.

51:54.984 –> 51:55.650

51:55.800 –> 51:57.166
Diane Scousey.

51:57.278 –> 51:58.942
Hey, Diane. Hey, Diane.

51:59.086 –> 53:24.478
Yeah. Someone was asking about a program that will print checks. For many years, my husband has used, I think it’s called. You know, he used to print checks with that all the time. Now, I don’t know how accessible it is with a screen reader, for example. I’ve never tried it. I’ve never had experience. So my husband still has some site and so he can print checks without having to use voice over. But I will say that we have been trying our darndest to avoid having to print checks. We have gone quite electronic as far as paying our bills and having them taken out of our bank account using PayPal, using what’s that other. We just. We both just find that to be so much easier. But when Joe has to print a check, he still rolls out that I think it’s quicken program and prints his checks that way. So it might be worth checking out and seeing if you can find out how accessible it is and whether it’s even still available. I don’t know, but that’s what we use when we have to use something.

53:24.644 –> 53:32.046
Perfect, Diane. Appreciate that. So, yeah, check out quicken, and that might help with being able to print checks. So thanks a lot for that.

53:32.148 –> 53:34.338
All right, you’ve got one more new hand.

53:34.504 –> 53:36.306
All right, let’s take that last new hand.

53:36.408 –> 53:37.214

53:37.342 –> 53:38.414
Hey, Nora.

53:38.542 –> 53:39.650
Nora, you’re.

53:42.630 –> 54:02.558
Hi. I have a question with my smartphone that I have the Android smartphone, I’m wondering if I want to write to someone, like text somebody. I’m wondering how I can enlarge my keyboard, the built in keyboard on my smartphone.

54:02.754 –> 54:33.858
So due to the limited time, I’ll give you a brief overview of something to look at, and that might help you. If it doesn’t, feel free to come back next week and we can help you further. Where I would go is if you go to the gboard settings. And if you don’t have gboard, then go to the play store and install gboard. But you can go in and make the keyboard bigger in the gboard settings. So you want to locate gboard go into settings and then you should be able to make that bigger and take up more of the screen for you.

54:33.944 –> 54:35.794
Okay, great. Thank you very much.

54:35.912 –> 54:40.310
No worries. Nora, thanks a lot for your question. And Marty, you want to wrap it up?

54:40.380 –> 54:41.240
Thank you.

54:42.170 –> 55:20.894
Okay, maybe we lost Marty. So thanks everyone for tuning in. We appreciate Belle and Sheila for your help today. Don’t forget to check out unmute show for more information and to get a replay of today’s content and additional content available. There’s also the link to club unmute. There will not be back next Tuesday, however, will be the following Tuesday. So just realize there’s not an error in your schedule. If you don’t see unmute on the fifth. We are not here that day. Thanks a lot, Sheila and Belle, and each and every one of you for joining us today and have a beautiful rest of your day.

55:21.012 –> 55:26.040
Okay, everybody have a great afternoon. I’m going to end it for all.