Unmute Presents Community Replay from 7 May

Join us in this episode of the ACB Community Call where we delve into a variety of topics and updates within the Unmute community. Marty Sobo, Michael Dois and Michael Babcock, share valuable insights on boosting microphone volume, exploring accessible apps, and navigating assistive technology tools like JAWS and Braille games. Community members actively participate, seeking advice on tech-related queries and troubleshooting strategies, showcasing a collaborative and supportive environment within the Unmute community. The conversation covers a range of topics from managing app notifications to typing preferences using JAWS, offering detailed instructions and troubleshooting steps. The episode wraps up with discussions on discovering new podcasts and fostering community engagement in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Tune in for a dynamic and informative podcast experience centered on technology, accessibility, and community interaction.

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Thanks in advance.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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Today’s unmute presents community call was hosted on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, and I learned a new keystroke.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another unmute. As always, couple announcements here at the top. First, I want to remind everyone we’re going to take all first questions first. And if we get through all of those, then we can take second questions if we have time. Also, please be respectful and give everyone the same opportunity. You would want to answer your question and their questions. And there’s no dumb questions. The question of the day today is, are you an iPad user? If so, what do you love about it? And if not, why not? And we have Michael DeWoice with us today. How you doing, Michael?

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Doing great, Marty.

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It’s great to be back. Thank you so much.

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Yep, yep. You got anything for announcements wise for icast or anything like that?

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So we are going to be recording an IAcast talking all about iPads this evening. So going to be very excited. Exciting to have that discussion. Going to try to have that out by tomorrow. And we’re starting to do some midweek news bites for IAcast when there’s technology news. So it seemed like people like those. So keep checking back for those.

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So thanks, Marty. Yep.

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Thanks, Michael. And we also have Michael Babcock with us. How’s it going, Michael?

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It’s going well, Marty. I am not an iPad user and I will tell anyone that because I get lost on the iPad and I am going go over some content that we have published over the week. Over the last week. Yesterday, club members got an audio that I recorded sharing how to increase the volume of your input on your computer for the microphone. Uh, thanks to a club member for asking that. And then publicly, we published digital bytes on Sunday. Oh, we also shared, technically working yesterday, digital bytes. On Sunday, though, we talked about an app called knit and Crochet. It’s an accessible app that allows, allows you to keep track of your rows and where you are when it comes to knitting or crochet projects. I showed you how to set voiceover to Siri voice three and Marty showed you about a Sandisk 1 small hard drive. So you want to give that episode of Digital Bytes a listen. And then we shared the Jaws tips. This week was the FS clipboard with Jaws. So a good way to manipulate what information is stored on your clipboard. And then if you want to get that access, you can check that out in the Unmute Presents podcast feed. Lastly, Chris shared her at your fingertips podcast on Thursday and it was all about braille games for children and adults. So if you’re interested in Braille games, then check that out. Thanks to Bell and Brad for hosting and streaming us. Greatly appreciate it. Bell, do we have any hands today?

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We do. Beth. Hey, Beth. Yeah, yeah, hi. Yeah, I was wondering, first of all, I don’t use an iPad. And yeah, I use my iPhone, which is fine. Yeah, I was wondering a news line, I think we went over this before, but I can’t find the. I don’t know what date we talked about, but how. I went to tv listings, but how do I get my local tv listings? Because I couldn’t find anywhere I could, you know, where it said, you know, how to get them or anything.

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Is this in the app or on the phone?

04:21.714 –> 04:24.410
I’m doing this on the app. Okay.

04:24.442 –> 04:47.816
So if you go to tv listings, I’m wondering if you have to first set up your tv listings over the phone first and then you can use them in the app. I’m not too sure, but I would try checking over the phone to make sure that you have your zip code in your tv service selected and then you should be able to see it in the app.

04:48.000 –> 04:54.560
So just call where I got the news line. Just call the phone. Same phone number?

04:54.752 –> 05:09.158
Well, there’s a. Yeah, they have local numbers for most of the US. And so if you call that local number, you put in your user id and your pin, then you can go to tv listings, it’ll ask you to set up your service. And once you do that, then.

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Then you should be able to see.

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It in the app as well.

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Okay. Okay. Thanks. Sounds good.

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Thanks, Pater. Got next, pal.

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Yeah. Hey, Pam. Hello.

05:24.714 –> 05:28.934
I assume you mean me because there is more than one Pam in the community.

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Menu. Pam. Coffee.

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So, I do not use an iPad. And the reason being is I have an iPhone, which I’m on right now. Never gets a break. My computer just happens to be a Mac. It’s a little laptop, little MacBook Air, and I feel like I just don’t need yet another device in between because if I can’t do it on my iPhone and, or my computer, it probably isn’t going to happen at all.

06:08.918 –> 06:09.514

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And my question is, I have two apps. They’re third party apps that, I love them, basically, but a certain feature about them just really utterly ticked me off. And that is when notifications pop up and during this call, for instance, I might get two or three notifications from each of those apps. They are basically news. They are from local tv channels. And so you get a lot of good local news on those things. But the problem is, when you bring up one notification from either of those two apps, all of the other notifications from those apps disappear. And you might have a bunch of them. You might have some from two or three days ago that are still, would still be there in your notification center. But when you click one notification from those apps, all of the others disappear. And a while ago, I had a whole slew of them disappear. And what I do is I, every few couple of days, I copy whatever notifications are there without opening them and paste them into a note. So I can then go to the app and search for them and read the articles and not have all of them disappear. Well, a while ago, I went to click on something else, had nothing to do with either of these apps. And just as I was clicking on something in Apple News, a notification from who knows where came in, it caused the cursor to move. And instead of clicking on the Apple news article, guess what? It went into one of those that deletes all the notifications. And I had days worth of notifications that I was about ready to go through and copy into a note. They are all gone. Do you have, and I have written to these developers. I’ve left customer reviews on App Store and I feel like I am still being ignored. It’s not just an accessibility, it’s not a voiceover issue. I’m sure anyone in those apps who either clicks on an article by mistake or whatever, they’re losing all their notifications. Is there any way, any key phrase, keyword, key, whatever, that I can let these developers know that not only have I had enough, but I am sure I’m not the only person that’s had enough.

09:23.170 –> 10:00.462
Well, one, you got any suggestion? One thing that it sounds like what’s happening to me, I mean, to you when you’re getting all these notifications, is each, I think there’s a feature you can turn on or off, actually. But let’s say that you get a whole bunch of notifications each application. So let’s say, for example, your podcast notifications are turned on for the notification center or the lock screen. But then you also have other notifications also, in order to be making room on the screen, they stack on top of each other. And it’s the oldest one.

10:00.518 –> 10:34.584
No, it’s not this at all. This is strictly, it never happens in any of my other apps. I don’t care what they are. It’s these two apps that are not related to each other. And even if I had nothing in my notification center, I mean, notification center empty, and I get three notifications for this particular app and I click one, the other two are going to disappear.

10:35.164 –> 10:37.812
In their different apps. Is that what you’re saying?

10:37.988 –> 10:39.132
Yes. I don’t know.

10:39.148 –> 10:39.572
That sounds.

10:39.628 –> 10:44.276
Different. Apps I haven’t seen. Well, yeah, well, they, they are.

10:44.340 –> 10:53.464
And I have let the developer. I, I have written them until I’m blue in the face. So parent and I feel like I’m being ignored.

10:53.844 –> 11:29.134
I, I think it could be an issue where they may not understand the problem specifically and that that can happen. And I can’t speak for why they haven’t replied to you or provided any additional information. What I would do in this instance, and I understand that these are specifically related to these two applications. I don’t know that this would make a difference. But have you went in to the notification settings and then found those applications? And then where’s that option that I just seen? So there is.

11:29.554 –> 11:31.674
I think I know what you’re getting at.

11:31.834 –> 11:32.130

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So there is some different settings you can change in each of the applications to see if those notifications stay persistent. And you can experiment with the stack and lists option, but I don’t think that’ll happen to you.

11:45.154 –> 11:47.658
They just still disappear.

11:47.786 –> 11:48.504

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So, no, if, if anyone else has any other suggestions or something that Pam can suggest to the app developer, feel free to jump in. Let us know in the meantime. Thank you a lot, Pam.

11:58.708 –> 11:59.692
Appreciate it.

11:59.828 –> 12:01.132
You’re welcome.

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Who do we got next?

12:02.164 –> 12:26.004
Belle? Stacey. Hey, Stacey. Hey, Stacey. How are you? I’m fine. I want to let you know I may have an issue with human wear with their radio thing on, on listen. The listen factor. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work.

12:26.544 –> 12:27.604

12:27.984 –> 12:48.954
On the stream. Three. Now they say they change their protocol from, from the two to the three. I think they ought to change it back because sometimes it’s working and sometimes it’s not working.

12:49.414 –> 12:56.606
Well, that’s valuable feedback that I imagine you have provided to humanware, and hopefully they’ll be able to look into getting that working.

12:56.750 –> 13:13.902
They’re not deciding to do that. So I’m bringing it up to ACB here and I’m bringing it up to unmute present and, and have you let the listen? I’ve had enough. Huh?

13:14.038 –> 13:17.554
Have you let the listen factor know where you’re having the issues as well?

13:18.734 –> 13:33.234
Well, I think it’s frankly human. Where’s problem? Because the listen factor, I mean, sometimes it goes in and out, but I think they ought to change it back. So it happens all the time.

13:33.694 –> 13:38.954
Gotcha. Well, appreciate that there, Stacey, and thanks for letting us know, pal. Who do we got next?

13:39.324 –> 13:40.244

13:40.404 –> 13:41.508
Hey, Abraham.

13:41.676 –> 14:10.300
Hello. So I have the iPhone 15 Pro, and so does my brother. I have an app that we both use that I use screen recognition on to help identify certain buttons and change the layout a bit. I can’t find screen recognition on his phone. It’s not in his menu for some. I had the reason and I can’t figure out why.

14:10.492 –> 14:21.624
So you can’t find screen recognition in his voiceover settings on his phone, going to the same exact spot that you go to when you look on your phone?

14:22.804 –> 14:26.144
His phone’s updated to the same as yours? Yes.

14:26.724 –> 14:29.940
Is image recognition enabled on his phone?

14:30.132 –> 14:31.624
I have no idea.

14:32.084 –> 14:47.964
Image recognition needs to be enabled in order for you to use screen recognition. So that’s where I would check first, is to see if that is enabled. And then if you enable it and then you can’t find it, let us know or call Apple accessibility. But that’s the first place I would book.

14:48.264 –> 14:49.720
Okay, thank you.

14:49.872 –> 14:50.764
No worries.

14:51.224 –> 14:55.644
All right, Laurie. Hey, Lori. Hi, guys.

14:56.184 –> 15:24.100
So, as far as the question of the day, I used to have a tablet, not an iPad, but a tablet that my state agency issued me before I got my iPhone. And then after I got my iPhone and I got training on the iPhone, one of my friends suggested, when I told her I have a tablet as well as an iPhone, she suggested, well, why don’t you just keep the iPhone and give up the tablet? I said, I really don’t want to do that.

15:24.252 –> 15:28.476
But after some consideration and listening to.

15:28.500 –> 16:12.000
Her suggestion, I decided I don’t need two touchscreen devices. I would rather just work with one. And since my iPhone is just comfortable for my hand size, I have small hands, and the tablet was huge. I had to hold it in both hands. I had to hold it on my lap. The box that my former rehab teacher had used to take the tablet in and out of the box was falling apart. So I decided I’d give it back to the agency. And I said, you know, as much as I, you know, I appreciate you giving me the tablet, I’m giving it back to you for another user because I’d rather work with just one touchscreen device.

16:12.192 –> 16:12.744
There you go.

16:12.784 –> 16:15.616
And my present rehab teacher was okay with it.

16:15.760 –> 16:16.272
There you go.

16:16.328 –> 16:19.696
And your iPhone’s what you’re using. And that’s working out well right there.

16:19.880 –> 16:20.288

16:20.336 –> 16:30.628
And I’m. And I’m happy with my iPhone after four, going on four years of training, so. And, of course, I get training from you guys, so I really appreciate that, too.

16:30.796 –> 16:32.784
But my question is.

16:33.164 –> 16:48.244
Yeah, I do have a question. My question is, if I. If I want to empty my trash bin on my iPhone, I went to my inbox today, and I can’t find the trash bin to save my life. Any suggestions?

16:48.404 –> 16:49.260
You. You.

16:49.332 –> 16:53.424
Are you talking about just on the phone in general or in your email application?

16:53.914 –> 16:56.130
In my email application.

16:56.322 –> 17:37.184
So when you open up mail and then go all the way to the top left side, there’s a back arrow. You click that. If you’re using voiceover, then it’s a single finger double click. And then what that will do is open up a list of a whole bunch of different folders. You’ll see inbox, you’ll see drafts, junk, all that kind of stuff. And you’ll see there’s a trash one. You double click, do a single finger double click on the trash. And then once that opens up, then what you have to do is go to the top right corner. I believe it’s edit. Then you go to the left side and hit select all. And then you go all the way down to the bottom right and do empty trash.

17:37.804 –> 17:38.884
Oh, cool. Okay.

17:38.924 –> 17:40.460
When you want to get to your inbox.

17:40.492 –> 17:53.334
I was in the trash bin today, but I didn’t. I didn’t explore that, so. Yeah, but I’ll try that next time because I don’t know how full my trash bin is, but I don’t want to find out.

17:53.674 –> 18:07.654
Yeah, well, that’d be the easiest way to just empty the entire trash. And once you do that and you have nothing in the trash, then you go all the way back up to the top and do a single finger double click on inbox, and it’ll put you back in your main inbox again.

18:08.034 –> 18:10.114
Oh, cool. Thanks much.

18:10.234 –> 18:11.334
Yep. No problem.

18:11.694 –> 18:13.118
I appreciate that.

18:13.286 –> 18:16.110
Yeah, no problem. Belle, who do we got next?

18:16.262 –> 19:48.588
Diane. Hey, Diane. There we go. Hello, everybody. Well, let’s see. The. I think the iPod iPad was the second I device that I used. The first was an ipod nano, but, yeah. So I liked the iPad when it first came out because I liked the. It was easier, you know, to locate the keys to type on the keyboard, you know, because it. Because of it being bigger. But then once I got my iPhone and, you know, got used to the keyboard arrangement on that, I didn’t need to have so much space between keys anymore. So I basically quit using the iPad and I haven’t gone back to it. And don’t imagine I will. And the other thing I was going to say, I think I was, I think I was able to set my trash to empty automatically. I think it empties automatically after a certain length of time. Seven days or something, maybe. And so, you know, I don’t really need to worry about going in and emptying it because stuff will delete automatically. I guess that’s all I have. And of course, if I’m wrong about that, please let me know and we’ll turn it back to you guys. Thanks.

19:48.676 –> 20:01.136
I appreciate that. And now I’m checking my mail settings to see if I can set that up because I’ve seen that in places. By chance, if you’re still there, are you using outlook on your phone or using the Apple mail app?

20:01.300 –> 20:04.456
I’m using the Apple mail app. Okay, sweet.

20:04.520 –> 20:13.644
I will go check in the mail settings and see if I can figure out how to set that up. Although I’m a little nervous to delete my trash. I’m a digital hoarder. Belle, who do we got next?

20:16.184 –> 20:22.048
I figure I don’t put stuff in there by accident. I figure if I put it in there, it’s got to go. So. Yeah.

20:22.096 –> 20:24.684
Gotcha. Hi, Joanna Bell. How’s it going?

20:25.144 –> 20:28.262
Hello. Can you hear me?

20:28.358 –> 20:29.350
Yep, I can hear you.

20:29.422 –> 21:06.774
Okay. Well, I don’t usually answer the question of the day, but I will. I mean, it’s not intentional. I just don’t think about it. But today, as far as the iPad, I would love to have an iPad. I’ll tell you what, I would love to use one. And, and I’m thinking about it, really. And I had heard of somebody was selling one for $199 or something like that. Maybe it’s 200. But anyway, it was, I was kind of excited. I’ve forgotten the verge of the. Whether it was the latest one. But anyway, I didn’t buy it. I don’t, I don’t.

21:06.854 –> 21:08.446
He may have sold it.

21:08.470 –> 21:25.936
He didn’t say anything about it the other day. And I’m a gadgets person, so I like all kind of things. I think somebody said earlier that they prefer just their phone, their iPhone. And another thing before I get to.

21:25.960 –> 21:31.456
My question is, pam, you know, I.

21:31.480 –> 22:11.130
Would, if I were her, I would call them, I’d talk to them ear to ear. I mean, to tell you that it just sounds like a bad thing that, you know, that she’s going through there and that’s what I would do. But, of course, I’m not the experts either, but. And another. And then I want to ask something about be my eyes. I have noticed that when I call them, and I have to call them, I have a problem taking pictures. Sometimes it works out great, and others know, so I call them, and they don’t say anything. They don’t say, be my eyes, like.

22:11.162 –> 22:17.990
They used to, and I have to say hello, you know, and sometimes I don’t hear anything.

22:18.022 –> 22:22.030
I have to say it again before I get anybody to answer.

22:22.222 –> 23:01.900
So I’m glad you brought this up, because that’s an interesting thing that I think I just don’t even think about. So be my eyes are all volunteers, so they’re not running off of a script. And I think a lot of times we might be a volunteer’s first experience with working with a blind individual. They might have downloaded the app and thought, hey, this would be cool. Let’s see how we can help someone. Well, now they got their first call, and they’re just, you know, nervous, not quite sure what should I say? And so I think that’s why they don’t answer, like, be my eyes for you. So what I recommend is when a volunteer answers, what I typically do is I’m like, hi, this is Michael. Can you hear me?

23:02.012 –> 23:04.236
Just to make sure that, I mean, I do that.

23:04.380 –> 23:13.224
Yeah, I have done that. But I just wondered, because I thought, I think I remember a while back, a few people answering be my eyes.

23:13.524 –> 24:21.244
And they might. Another thing is, if you want more of that uniform experience in the be my eyes application, if you locate these, I believe now it’s called the business directory. It might say specialized assistance. And then you go in there and you choose blindness organizations and go to the Massachusetts association of the Blind and visually impaired, and you call that department. What I have done is added that to my favorites. You’ll get a professional experience, and I believe they might answer the be my eyes call with be my eyes or mavvy. So that might be worth experimenting with. And if you drop me an email, you have my email, though. I can send you those directions. Tell me what device you’re using, and I think you’ll be impressed with the experience you receive versus the experience from just the general volunteer. And then lastly, related to the app issue, I bet Pam would love to call them, but unfortunately, in a lot of cases, app developers don’t put their phone numbers or make them public. So that may be where she’s running into an issue with reaching someone. So what about Apple?

24:22.824 –> 24:26.776
Like Apple, the one that’s set up for the blind.

24:26.880 –> 24:34.288
Yeah, the apple accessibility. I don’t know how much they could do, but she could reach out to them and see if they have any suggestions as well. So. Great idea. Appreciate it.

24:34.416 –> 24:35.392
Thank you.

24:35.568 –> 24:37.648
No worries, Belle. Who do we got next?

24:37.776 –> 24:39.364
Let’s check in with Brad.

24:39.824 –> 24:44.128
Hey, Brad. Hey, we got a couple over here in clubhouse.

24:44.176 –> 24:44.432

24:44.488 –> 24:46.164
Let’s start with Jane.

24:46.904 –> 24:48.536
Hey, Jane, how are you?

24:48.720 –> 25:28.462
Hello. How is everybody? So, yeah, I have a question. I’m trying to update my zoom h essential recorders. Yes, I’ve got two. No, I don’t need more audio interfaces. What I need is to. To update them. No, no, no. My house is full of audio interfaces and more to do with stuff, and I don’t. I don’t have enough microphones. Okay, so what. How do I update the. Something about a new firmware. Yep.

25:28.558 –> 26:27.810
So you can go in and update the firmware. Two things. Number one, you have my number or email. So if you want to send us message, we can send you the link. There was some really good in depth walkthrough videos that were recorded and published by Zoom that tell you exactly what to expect and what the process is. To get them updated, you download the bin file which is the update file, which is typically included in a zip file. That’s the word file a little too many times, but you put that on the root directory of your micro sd card. Make sure that’s inserted in the zoom h whatever you send. And then you can choose the menu option on the zoom menu, I believe it’s system. And then update. And then you press the up button once and you press. Okay, the system will restart. You turn it off and then turn it back on. Give it about two minutes and then you can turn it back on and it will be updated. But as I said, if you drop me an email, I’ll send you the video where they walk you through all those steps.

26:27.962 –> 26:36.476
And also just as a secondary resource on the current episode of Blind Bargains, JJ did a really good walkthrough on that as well.

26:36.660 –> 26:38.864
Someone is not caught up on his podcast.

26:41.444 –> 26:48.504
That’s great, but where do I get. Where are the. Like, where the. I have to download something, but where do I go to get.

26:48.804 –> 27:06.114
So you can find the links or we can get you a direct link. But if you search for Zoom, whichever essential model you have support, you’ll find the support and downloads page from Zoom Corp and then there will be a link to the latest firmware on that page that you can download.

27:06.494 –> 27:34.672
Oh. Oh, and Mavi. Oh, Mavi. The specialist help for Mavi. Oh, they. They’re fantastic. They’ll even scan your documents for you. The person who. Yeah, who runs it actually scanned my document and emailed it back to me, which I didn’t think they would do, but they’re fantastic. If you need some help and you.

27:34.688 –> 27:50.164
Can schedule times to work on specific tasks with them. So if you know that you need to work in an inaccessible application, you can let them know, hey, I need to do some work in this application. Can you help me with it? Or if you need to navigate a specific location, they can set that up with you, too.

27:50.644 –> 27:51.332
Appreciate it.

27:51.348 –> 27:53.420
Jane and Brad, you said you had a couple.

27:53.612 –> 27:53.940

27:53.972 –> 27:55.104
Now we have Doug.

27:55.844 –> 27:57.184
Hey, Doug. How you doing.

27:59.004 –> 27:59.824

28:00.284 –> 28:01.304
Hey, DJ.

28:01.964 –> 28:04.036
Hey, how you doing, Mike? How you doing, Marty?

28:04.140 –> 28:05.624
Good, good, thanks. How are you?

28:06.244 –> 28:46.382
Good. The Eminem guys playing hand peanut. Anyway, question. In my email, when I want to forwarded email to a person who is not on my suggestions list, but I did, and I did this just a moment ago because I needed a forwarded email to someone was not on there. So I added that person into my contacts before I did anything. I added them into my contact. Then I went in to forward the document that I wanted to forward to this said person, and at first it wouldn’t let me do it. I go to the suggestion, all of.

28:46.398 –> 28:48.326
The names that I have that I.

28:48.350 –> 29:43.698
Have on my suggestion list that I, you know, constantly email whatever they constantly email me. And then when I get to that, I don’t see the name pop up. And then when I tap on it again and it looks on the suggestion screen, it sends me over to Google and gives me all of this instructions about, you know, people that are not using this. So I tried to add the name of the person and their email info on to the Google list, and when I did that, thought I’d done that, and then I went back and sent it out. I’m having trouble sending this, forwarding this particular document to. This is not the first time this has happened. Like, it’s bugging me out. So I’m wondering, how do I get that information to that person saved to my document, to my email list and whatever?

29:43.786 –> 29:46.194
Or did you say DJ?

29:46.234 –> 29:48.334
This was on your phone or what?

29:48.674 –> 29:50.554
Yeah, it’s from my phone, yeah.

29:50.674 –> 29:52.466
And you have an iPhone, is that right?

29:52.650 –> 29:53.426

29:53.610 –> 29:54.914
Yeah, I have an iPhone 13.

29:54.994 –> 31:26.604
So one thing I will tell you is that you might want to go into your settings and make sure that you’re actually syncing with your gmail. Account, because if you put something into the context, like a new contact and this person who you’re trying to email, you wanted to put their information into your contacts. If you are making sure that you’re synced, you’re syncing, and you’re logging in with your Gmail account, you shouldn’t have to go to your Gmail account. It should automatically update the information in Gmail. When you put it into your contacts on your phone, you have syncing turned on and everything is syncing correctly. So you want to double check that. And this used to be a thing, and I’m not sure if it still is, but sometimes you have to send an email first. Like type it out in the to box before it will actually recognize it as an email that you’ve sent before. So, like, you’re going to send a Michael, say, like, you opened up the attachment and then you just put Michael’s email into there, but you had never sent him an email yet. You actually got to type it out and send it something to him the first time. And then after that, usually it shows up because you have actually sent something to that person. In the past. It used to be like that. Sometimes you might want to try that again. You could always copy and paste the email into the to box just to get that one first time out and then see if it then will show up later. Because you’ve sent a person that email before?

31:27.124 –> 31:48.940
Yeah, because the first time I sent it, it came back failed. And then I looked in the thing and I read it and it said, this email was blocked. So then I said, okay, let me make sure I got the address right. And I looked, make sure I got the address right, sent it again. But this time I didn’t get any, any response. So I’m thinking maybe the person got it.

31:48.972 –> 31:51.580
I don’t know. Yeah, that’s weird.

31:51.652 –> 31:53.568
I said I was gonna get. Yeah.

31:53.656 –> 31:53.968

31:54.016 –> 31:56.576
So I was just wondering what, you.

31:56.600 –> 31:58.568
Know, how I could actually, you know.

31:58.616 –> 32:20.792
Save that and what I said the next time I need to go to that particular because I have a whole lot of people in the way they have this set up now is quite different. You know, do a sign where you could just, you, you wanted to forward email, you just go down the forward, hit the forward button, you know who you’re going to send it to and whatnot, and, you know, boom, boom, it’s right in it.

32:20.888 –> 32:22.480
You know, it’s gone.

32:22.672 –> 32:29.664
But now go through all these things, especially if it’s the first time. So, you know, that’s what I was having trouble with, but.

32:29.784 –> 32:31.856
All right, well, thanks, but I’m gonna.

32:31.880 –> 32:38.680
Check my settings out and see what. So I go into my settings, and then I go into where I believe.

32:38.712 –> 33:09.860
The settings for syncing, they would be either in your icloud account or they’d be in your gmail account. You just have to go into both of those. You got to click on, you know, syncing for each account that you have. Let’s say you have icloud and Gmail, you have to make sure that the contacts is turned on for syncing. That way, every time you put a new contact on your phone, it’s going to sync to whatever cloud accounts that you have, as long as you’re signed incorrectly and all of that.

33:10.052 –> 33:10.732

33:10.828 –> 33:12.764
It’ll just automatically sync?

33:12.924 –> 33:13.316

33:13.380 –> 33:18.424
Once you have it set up the first time, unless you turn it off, it should automatically sync.

33:19.194 –> 33:19.810

33:19.882 –> 33:23.134
Well, thanks for the info, and thanks for.

33:23.514 –> 33:25.094
Yeah, no problem. Thank you.

33:25.474 –> 33:25.922

33:25.978 –> 33:28.414
Have a terrific Tuesday, Mike. I’ll get with you.

33:29.074 –> 33:29.610
Sounds good.

33:29.642 –> 34:52.554
We have Deborah. Hey, Debra. Hi. Finally. Well, I got two iPads. I started off with iPad Pro back in 2020 when done the shutdown. And then it was too heavy to go room to room if I want to give my phone a break, so it stays in the bedroom with me as my man. And then I went and got an iPad air. So that’s more, you know, transferable if I go out and about, you know, saving the juice on my phone. And so I like it, you know, where I have a choice, you know, when I go on my email to go through each one and watch my movies. My question is, I know on the computer, the pc, then under, you know, the five keypad that, you know, the sick pad. Right now I know you put a number five to change the job to, like. Like when I’m typing a word and then I hit face. Well, it usually tell me what the word is. I have to keep backspacing, you know, backspacing just to hear, did I spell it right? So what is that keypad with something else to get to, you know, say every word you typing.

34:53.014 –> 34:54.870
And are you using jaws?

34:55.062 –> 34:55.902

34:56.078 –> 36:16.124
So there’s probably a faster way to do it. But I’m going to tell you what I typically do when I realize I need to change the verbosity of the output when I’m typing. I go into the Jaws settings center with Jaws key and number row six. This takes you into the jaws settings. For that application, you can go to your default jaws settings by pressing control shift d, and then jaws will tell you jaws settings default all applications. If I type in the word echo and then I down arrow once I hear typing echo off because I have mine off. If I hit the spacebar, this will cycle me to characters, words, characters and words or off. And when I set the setting, you use the tab key to find apply. That’s the process I go through. I guarantee there’s probably a faster way to do it if you need to do it on the fly. Jaws key and the number three will let you cycle that. But if you want to save it, so it always is set to words. I will go into your jaw setting center and then search for the echo, and you’ll find me typing echo, but jaws keep three will temporarily do it.

36:16.424 –> 36:19.224
Okay, John, three. Okay.

36:19.344 –> 36:20.304
Yes, ma’am.

36:20.464 –> 36:21.804
All right, thank you.

36:22.214 –> 36:35.434
No worries. And I’m sorry, it’s jaws key two, not jaws key three. Jaws key three is the wrong keystroke. So jaws key two will cycle you to characters, words, characters, and words, and none.

36:35.854 –> 36:37.714
Ja key three.

36:38.134 –> 36:40.194
No, two. Jaws key two.

36:40.614 –> 36:45.782
Okay? Yes, ma’am. All right. Okay. So, okay, you talking about the insert key?

36:45.918 –> 37:02.834
Yes, the insert or caps lock. I say jaws key because I’m not sure how your keyboard is laid out, but your jaws modifier key and the number two on your number row, so that’s directly above the w key. So jaws key to until you hear the setting that you want it to be set to.

37:03.134 –> 37:09.354
Oh, okay, there, that makes sense. And then it’ll stay that way. Okay. Yep. So.

37:11.294 –> 37:12.754
Who do we got next, Bill?

37:13.294 –> 37:18.194
All right, someone with the area code 970 ending in 874.

37:18.614 –> 37:19.434

37:22.164 –> 37:35.304
Hi, Michael. My phone is working really well. Thank you. I have a question about the glidance group. Is there a podcast for them?

37:36.044 –> 37:40.944
They do not currently have a podcast, to the best of my knowledge.

37:41.444 –> 38:18.504
That was my understanding as I was searching through the website. But I did find some information on other podcasts, like double tap and some others. So that was good. Then my other question is kind of related to that. I like a whole bunch of different subjects for my podcast, and I know things change quite a bit. Is there a good way of searching besides Google, when you type in a subject, say knitting, for example, to find other podcasts in that subject area?

38:18.804 –> 38:22.704
What podcast application do you use to listen to your podcasts?

38:23.964 –> 39:12.854
Right now I’m using the Blind Shell podcast set up there, and I’m not really sure what they, what they provide. I usually do a search, or I just type it in when I’m looking for something specific. Some of the general podcasts are listed there if you put in United States, and then it will come up with popular ones. But I was doing specific ones, so I would just type in the name of the podcast until it came up or kept on doing that until I found the right one. But sometimes I would enter it. It was entered differently than what I was thinking.

39:13.014 –> 39:44.774
Usually I’m not sure about on the blind shell, but usually if you’re using a podcast application, there’s a search box that will allow you to type in a topic or a subject or any kind of a word. So in your case, say, knitting, for example. And then a lot of times it’ll show you a list of things that come up with the word knitting in it, you know, and you kind of would have to go through and see which one maybe you would like or which ones you would like. And you’re just searching for a new podcast to listen to.

39:45.194 –> 40:01.818
Right. And that’s what I was doing with the blind shell. And I don’t know what, what they use for searching for podcasts within the blind shell because it’s, it’s a designated app for the blind shell itself, and it comes with blind shell. So I’m not sure.

40:01.866 –> 40:11.134
Have you tried. So real quick, Catherine, have you tried to search for something like knitting in the podcast app? And the problem is you’re not finding anything, or have you not even tried searching that?

40:11.614 –> 40:20.334
I have, I have. I just thought that maybe there was a better way of doing it than the way you just explained because of how I’ve been doing it.

40:20.494 –> 41:05.206
Yeah. Another thing you can do is I just learned about a resource and I don’t have a lot of experience about it, but it’s called podcast Indexed and podcast Index I learned about from friend of the show Allison Sheridan on her podfeet. Podfeet podcast. And she was talking about how to follow podcasts in podcast index using Mac. So where you might try is check out to see if there’s a better search utility there if you’re having any issues. In the meantime, I think Google is going to be your best bet to search the keywords of the content you’re looking for with the word podcast appended to it. And then of course, drop us an email to feedback show if it’s a tech related content that you can’t find. And we’ll try to help you out there, too.

41:05.390 –> 41:20.654
Okay. So I can do go to the, the Internet on the phone and then just type podcast index. Do I have to say.com or something else or just podcast index?

41:21.074 –> 41:35.294
So I would just search for podcast index, and it’ll come right up, and then you’ll be able to check that website out to find out if you can find other podcasts in there. Or again, just use the word podcast with your keywords that you’re looking for on Google in the web browser.

41:35.594 –> 41:39.938
That’s what I’ve been doing. Well, thank you very much.

41:40.106 –> 41:40.570
No worries.

41:40.602 –> 41:45.386
Thanks. Okay. Have a great day. Bye, Joe.

41:45.570 –> 41:46.666
Hey, Joel.

41:46.850 –> 42:22.404
Hey, Joel. Hello. Sorry, had to get Jaws to stop talking, so I had one quick question and then a question of opinion. The first question is, when I’m downloading from the Internet, like, for example, the daisy files for Jaws training, but it does with the other stuff. It gives me a thing that says when I go down to the save button, I hit that or I put alt s. It tells me that this dialog is not in focus, and yet I’ve been going through it. Is there some way to correct that?

42:22.824 –> 42:25.284
Is this using Jaws in Firefox?

42:25.744 –> 42:33.132
I am using the brave browser, which I’m actually. The second question is about switching from there. Okay. Okay.

42:33.228 –> 42:42.796
I don’t know because I think some information is getting passed to your screen reader directly from brave. I haven’t counted this a time or two, but I don’t know how to fix it.

42:42.820 –> 42:44.304
So it’s browser specific?

42:44.644 –> 42:47.356
Yes, because I don’t experience that everywhere.

42:47.540 –> 42:57.704
Okay. So that goes on to my next question, because it’s related. Is there a browser that you really prefer for using with Jaws and why?

42:59.244 –> 43:08.304
So, Michael, D. Do you have an opinion on this? Because I want to give a full answer, and I’m searching for an answer real quick, but do you have an opinion on that?

43:09.204 –> 43:12.076
Can you do me a favor and please repeat the question there?

43:12.140 –> 43:19.344
Do you have a preference for a screen reader, for a web browser with use with Jaws? And why?

43:20.124 –> 43:40.118
I think my preference is as an accessibility tester, either edge or chrome, just because that’s kind of the standard, you know, thing that most people are using. That’s what I’m using on a day to day basis for. For my work. So that’s what I would typically go with. So I’m curious, Michael, what your thoughts are.

43:40.286 –> 43:56.434
So I am all in on the edge browser, and this is the one that comes with windows eleven. Now, I did get frustrated with edge because of all of the added features and headaches that come with it.

43:57.394 –> 44:00.362
It can be bloated a little bit with a lot of that stuff.

44:00.498 –> 44:31.366
There is a podcast out there, and Joel, if you drop me an email and remind me, I will send you a link because I can’t find it right now, where Jeff Bishop sits down with us and chats about the essential settings. He changes on a new installation in windows. And when I made a lot of those changes, especially related to edge, it drastically improved my experience. And I have Firefox, but I only use that for testing. And my primary browser is edge just because of how smooth it works.

44:31.390 –> 44:34.354
Now, is that a Jaws webinar?

44:34.814 –> 44:45.114
No, it is not a Jaws webinar. The one that I’m thinking of, it was an unmute podcast that we recorded. Either unmute or double tap. I kind of mix them together in my head.

44:45.894 –> 44:51.572
I don’t think it might have been a double tap because I think I remember that one. Yeah, I kind of skipped over it because I didn’t have a laptop time.

44:51.628 –> 44:56.324
Yeah. But if you drop me an email, I will. I can get you the link because I have it somewhere right here.

44:56.484 –> 44:58.100
Okay, awesome.

44:58.252 –> 44:58.564

44:58.604 –> 45:05.060
Thank you. Does is. Wow. I just drew a blank real quick.

45:05.092 –> 45:15.104
To remind anyone who’s listening in the last 14 minutes that we have. Do you use iPads? If so, why? If not, why not? Belle, do we have the next hand?

45:15.724 –> 45:17.520
Glenn? Hey, Lynn.

45:17.592 –> 45:18.484
Hey, Lynn.

45:19.024 –> 45:20.924
We do not hear you, Lynn.

45:21.384 –> 45:28.904
Still muted. Send you the prompt to unmute. Am I unmuted now?

45:28.984 –> 45:30.008
Yep, we can hear you now.

45:30.056 –> 46:14.070
I’m so sorry. All right, no problem. Sorry to waste time. Okay. I got sidetracked. I had started to talk and you couldn’t hear me. So I would love to have an iPad, but I can’t justify it. I have an iPhone and I can’t. I have a lot of devices, my computers and such, but I would love to have one. Okay. And the only question I had was, what is the correct way to. I have windows ten. What is the correct way to turn off my pc? Because it used to be that you could go. You would go through desktop and then alt f four. But I’m thinking that’s not the way now. I think it hasn’t been for a while.

46:14.242 –> 46:47.284
You actually can do that. That’ll pop up the standard dialog. That gives you the ability to put your computer to sleep, shut down, restart, or update and restart if necessary. Another way to get to that screen is Windows key and x, like x ray that pops up a context menu. And if you press up three times, you should hear shutdown or sign out sub menu. And then you can press your right arrow to access that menu. And then of course, you can go to the start menu tab to the option.

46:47.984 –> 46:48.384

46:48.424 –> 47:11.856
Can you tell I don’t. I don’t do it from the start menu that often. Keep tabbing. It looks like you have to tab like five times and then you get to user account from Michael Babcock. If I press the right arrow. Well, you, you shouldn’t get to user account for Michael Babcock. That’d be a little silly. But tap your right arrow key, you’ll get to shut down, hit the spacebar. That’ll pop up the context menu to ask you what way, what you want to do. So there you go.

47:11.920 –> 47:20.992
Okay. Okay. Thank you so much. That’s all I had. Thanks. Thanks, Lisa. Hey, Lisa. Hi.

47:21.128 –> 47:24.472
Thank you for the question. I prefer my phone.

47:24.568 –> 47:27.472
I have a 15 pro and I.

47:27.488 –> 48:20.760
Like the side a little bigger than the mini. I used to have the twelve mini and it’s lightweight. I can carry it around from my, I have some vision left in one eye and smaller is better for me. So the iPad, I have to track and find more. Also, I had an iPad many years ago and it was heavy because I had a big heavy case because I would drop it or knock it over all the time. So it was really heavy. I agree with that other gal and, you know, it was kind of heavy in the hands. So I find the phone is just so much easier. And I can, I have a strap that I have. So I hang my phone around me from like a crossbody kind of thing strap. And I can pick it up and hold it and I can listen and I can just listen to it. And it’s just very, very portable. I don’t have to worry about dropping it. I don’t have to worry. One is weird, as I put it. And I’m always talking to my phone, you know, like, increase volume because I might have it down. It’s like, okay, what’s the weather today? Talk to me.

48:20.792 –> 48:21.604
Help me.

48:22.304 –> 48:33.288
So I said I saved myself a lot of problems. The iPad, they do have straps for the iPad. I understand that you could, but that be kind of heavy and kind of bulky.

48:33.416 –> 48:33.648

48:33.656 –> 48:39.924
I don’t know if you would want to do that with an iPad. Like you have your phone sling around your, you know, chest or whatever.

48:40.464 –> 49:16.738
Exactly. This one that I strap around on my phone, I put it through the loops on the case, on the opening on the case underneath and loop it around. And it’s an iPad strap. It’s a strap for iPad, but I use it for my phone and it’s not thin strap, so it’s very comfortable. There was something else I wanted to mention, and I can’t remember what it was. Now I get all nervous when I get called on. It’s like, thank you for the call. It was some little trick, and I can’t remember what it was. But when I remember, I’ll chime in again. Thank you so much for all your great information and all your insights.

49:16.826 –> 49:17.330
Well, thank you.

49:17.362 –> 49:42.412
We appreciate it. Judy. Hey, Judy. Hey there. Well, first, about the iPad, I kind of answered that before the call started. I love my iPad mini. Going to hang on to it until I can’t anymore. This is for Lynn. Had a shutdown. Very easy. Windows x, u, and u will shut down your computer right away without going through all those other steps.

49:42.588 –> 49:45.684
I like the you. Thank you very much, Judy.

49:45.764 –> 49:49.348
Doing that for forever. Yeah, it’s very quick, and boom, it’s done.

49:49.476 –> 49:54.196
Windows x, U and that’s it. Thanks a lot, Judy.

49:54.380 –> 50:00.678
We used to teach that in tech classes all the time. It’s the best, quickest way to do it everywhere.

50:00.836 –> 50:01.934
Yeah. All right.

50:03.114 –> 50:04.314
All right, Belle, who do we got?

50:04.354 –> 50:09.130
Nextoria. Hey, restoria. You.

50:09.162 –> 50:10.294
You, I like.

50:10.794 –> 50:51.986
No. Hello. I have an iPad. I don’t like it because most people, they teach you how to use the iPhone, but they don’t use how to use the iPad. It’s harder to put your towels in order and everything. And Siri and I don’t get along, so that makes it harder for me to speak, text and everything. The reason I keep it is because of my friends who have iPhones. It’s easier to communicate with them. That’s all. Well, perfect.

50:52.050 –> 50:59.536
Thanks for sharing that with us, and we appreciate it. We’ve got about five minutes left. Do we have any other hands there, belle?

50:59.680 –> 51:00.304
I would do.

51:00.344 –> 51:01.444
I’ll repeat.

51:01.744 –> 51:04.520
Okay. All right. So, Diane.

51:04.672 –> 51:05.764
Hey, Diane.

51:08.144 –> 52:14.228
Okay, can you hear me? I found, I found the information about, you know, deleting messages automatically, and it’s really buried. What you have to do is, of course, go into your mail settings, then go into, there’s a button, accounts, and it’ll tell you how many accounts you have on the phone. I have four. So go into the accounts, go into the particular account that you want to edit, go into account settings, go into advanced, and then there is a deleted messages heading. And next to that, there’s a button that says remove after, and it’ll tell you what you have selected. I have mine on seven days, but you can choose either never seven days, one day, or one month. Perfect.

52:14.356 –> 52:27.388
Well, thank you for finding that because I probably would have lost patience and not went that far down. So if you didn’t catch all that. Go listen to the podcast when it’s published here shortly. And Diane, I appreciate you coming back and letting us know that.

52:27.516 –> 52:28.012
Thanks, Diane.

52:28.028 –> 52:34.044
Yeah, thank you. You have another one that has not spoken. Doc.

52:34.204 –> 52:34.724
Hey, doc.

52:34.764 –> 52:35.620
Hey, doc.

52:35.812 –> 53:06.770
Oh, good morning. I was going to piggyback on Judy’s suggestion because I also used Windows x U to shut down. But if you just do one u, then you can do sign out, sleep, restart all those things. It just gives you a suggestion. So you can just arrow down and select the one you want. So if you want to restart, you just use one U. Yup.

53:06.922 –> 53:13.846
And that takes you to that shutdown or sign out menu. That, that is awesome because that’s going to save a lot of keys. Appreciate you guys sharing that.

53:13.870 –> 53:14.246

53:14.350 –> 53:17.194
You can do Windows x ur and that’ll.

53:18.134 –> 53:20.834
Yes, you can do it that way too.

53:21.654 –> 53:22.150

53:22.222 –> 53:23.434
Well, thank you, guys.

53:23.774 –> 53:24.594

53:25.934 –> 53:29.526
All right, we have about two minutes. Do we have another repeat?

53:29.710 –> 53:30.754
Yep. Bill.

53:31.534 –> 53:33.302
Hey, Juliana Bell.

53:33.478 –> 53:34.274

53:35.094 –> 53:49.824
Oh, thank you for the various ways to shut down the computer. Well, I’ve been using desktop and alt f four, but now I have different ways.

53:50.564 –> 53:51.704
Thank you.

53:52.204 –> 54:02.268
Thanks a lot. Appreciate that. We are at about time. I do believe there’s a call right after us. So Marty, do you want to go ahead and wrap it up?

54:02.436 –> 54:03.144

54:03.484 –> 54:27.324
So I want to thank Brad and Bell for helping us out. We appreciate it. You guys are always awesome. And if, if you guys have any questions, comments, anything like that, you can always email us at feedback unmute show. And you can also check out our website for anything going on there. And that is unmute show for the website. And everybody have a great week and we’ll see you next time.