Technically Working TW59: Tech Troubles and Triumphs: USB-C, QuickBooks, and macOS Updates

In this episode, hosts Michael Babcock and Damashe Thomas tackle a range of topics that highlight both the frustrations and the functionalities of current technology. They delve into the intricacies of USB-C cables, discuss the fluctuating accessibility of QuickBooks, and share their experiences with recent macOS updates.
Key Discussions:
USB-C Cable Insights: Understanding the importance of choosing the right USB-C cables for optimal device performance.
QuickBooks Accessibility: Damashe revisits his previous statements about QuickBooks, noting recent updates that have made the software less accessible than before.
macOS Updates: The hosts discuss their experiences with the latest macOS updates, highlighting some issues with accessibility features like VoiceOver.
Tech Setups and Troubleshooting: Michael and Damashe share their setups for podcasting and streaming, discussing the challenges they face with audio equipment and software interfaces.
Looking Ahead: The hosts speculate on potential updates in macOS 15, hoping for significant improvements in accessibility features.
Michael and Damashe navigate the complexities of modern technology, sharing their personal experiences and tips. This episode provides listeners with insights into the ongoing challenges and developments in the tech world, particularly for users who rely on accessibility features.

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