Unmute Presents Digital Bytes – EP6 – gestures, music, and Hable

Explore customizing phone gestures for seamless navigation and accessibility, even without physical buttons. Learn to identify songs with Siri and discover the intuitive Hable One remote control. Master its gestures and Braille-like commands for efficient device interaction, enhancing accessibility and functionality.


00:07.530 –> 00:46.282
Here’s a tip for you. In case you’re having difficulty transitioning from a phone that has a home button to one that does not. I did not realize that you could customize gestures to simulate the home button or the app switcher. And so buried in the voice over options and settings is a really cool way to give your absent home button and function a gesture and to give your app switcher a gesture. So where I went was under the.

00:46.416 –> 00:51.082
Settings and then accessibility and then commands heading.

00:51.146 –> 01:03.806
I went to voiceover and then commands. So it’s kind of several layers in here. So first of all settings on the main screen and then accessibility.

01:03.998 –> 01:05.202
Voiceover back button.

01:05.256 –> 01:05.966

01:06.078 –> 01:08.542
Commands heading and then commands.

01:08.686 –> 01:09.826
All commands button.

01:09.928 –> 01:12.482
All commands. This is a button.

01:12.616 –> 01:16.470
So we’re going to go in here, interaction button.

01:16.620 –> 01:20.390
And you have different kinds of categories.

01:20.890 –> 01:26.854
For instance, there’s interaction, basic navigation button, text navigation button.

01:26.972 –> 01:37.210
Advanced navigation button, editing button. Rotor button, scrolling button, speech and audio button. Output button. Braille button. Voiceover button. System button.

01:37.360 –> 01:38.954
Okay, so we’re going to go here.

01:38.992 –> 01:43.360
To the system and double tap accessibility shortcut button.

01:43.730 –> 01:49.562
And now we’re going to go find either the home button or the app switcher.

01:49.706 –> 01:52.398
Activate speak screen button. App switcher button.

01:52.484 –> 02:09.330
Here’s the app switcher. So when I double tap, you’re going to find that I have assigned it adjuster because I got tired of dragging up from the bottom of the screen on my iPhone 15 Pro. So here I’m going to double tap on the app switcher.

02:09.490 –> 02:10.962
Touch gestures heading.

02:11.106 –> 02:11.462

02:11.516 –> 02:19.170
And here it says touch gestures. So when I swipe through here, I’m going to hear different possibilities of gestures.

02:19.250 –> 02:21.962
I could assign two finger swipes left.

02:22.096 –> 02:46.142
And that’s exactly what I decided that I wanted my gesture to be. It did have a previous assignment and I had to agree that I wanted to change it. It is something to do with navigating in the Safari web browser, drilling down into, I believe it’s like a submenu kind of a situation. So this is a two finger swipe left.

02:46.196 –> 02:48.130
So adjuster button.

02:48.280 –> 02:52.674
I could add another gesture, but I’m going to go back.

02:52.792 –> 02:55.890
Two finger swipe adjust touch gestures heading system.

02:55.960 –> 02:56.482
Back button.

02:56.536 –> 02:58.678
Back system app switcher button.

02:58.764 –> 03:00.406
So I’ll show you how this works.

03:00.508 –> 03:01.734
Control center button.

03:01.852 –> 03:17.674
Control center. So I know that with the control center I’m going to touch the status bar and I’m going to swipe up with three fingers. But if I want a different gesture for that, let’s see how I would do this. So I would double tap on this.

03:17.872 –> 03:29.214
Touch gestures heading and here are my options. Adjuster button to add a gesture keyboard shortcuts heading because I don’t have a gesture add gesture button cancel button so.

03:29.252 –> 03:34.690
Now I have double tapped on add gesture. My focus is on the cancel button.

03:34.840 –> 03:43.006
Touch gestures heading search search field dictate button tab one finger heading okay, so one finger single tap ding.

03:43.118 –> 03:56.742
Obviously I don’t want to change a lot of these because they are defaults. One finger single tap is going to tell me what my focused item is and such. So let me just kind of swipe through here and see what I can find.

03:56.876 –> 03:59.406
One finger double tap one finger triple tap.

03:59.538 –> 04:07.114
So maybe I want it to be the one finger triple tap if I double tap on that to see what it says.

04:07.312 –> 04:09.130
One alert gesture in use.

04:09.280 –> 04:12.430
Okay, so it tells me the gesture is in use.

04:12.580 –> 04:14.026
The gesture is assigned to another command.

04:14.058 –> 04:20.750
Perform long press okay, so it’s designed to be used as like a long.

04:20.820 –> 04:24.130
Press cancel button and assign button.

04:24.200 –> 04:34.900
I could assign it though in fact to my control center. So I’m going to actually do that. So I’m going to assign it.

04:35.350 –> 04:41.494
System back button now control center edit button controls edit touch gestures heading it.

04:41.532 –> 04:53.686
Should happen that I am going to show you how this works. So I’m going to go back home with the gesture that I’ve assigned previously, and I’ve assigned the two finger swipe.

04:53.718 –> 04:56.186
Right to go home settings, three new.

04:56.208 –> 05:01.440
Items and now I’m back home if I do a two finger swipe left.

05:01.970 –> 05:05.354
App switcher settings active there is my app switcher.

05:05.482 –> 05:08.094
So now I can close settings, close.

05:08.132 –> 05:10.762
Settings, closing settings, transportation.

05:10.906 –> 05:15.938
And so now my settings are closed and now I’m going to do the.

05:16.024 –> 05:18.802
Triple tap with one finger control center.

05:18.856 –> 05:20.450
Airplane mode switch button off.

05:20.520 –> 06:09.890
And there’s my control center, which is really super easy. So like I say, it’s buried in there under settings, accessibility, voiceover commands, all commands. And then you have a very lengthy list of, well, you have some categories and then within those categories you have a list of things that you can change. And it’s a little bit of a convoluted process, but it is definitely well worth the effort to change a few gestures to make your life easier so that you can indeed activate your home button without a home button or activate the app switcher without a home button. Hope you found this tip helpful.

06:10.230 –> 06:52.000
You know that moment when you’re either in a store or possibly a car or maybe hanging out with friends and music’s playing, you hear this song and you go, oh, I know this song. Wait, who is this? Well, let me show you how you can find out. On an iPhone, what you would do is Invoke Siri say, what song is this? Point your phone in the direction of the music, give it a second or two, and see if it comes back with who the artist is and what the name of the song is.

06:52.610 –> 06:59.310
The Habel one is a remote control device you can use to control your iPhone or Android.

06:59.470 –> 07:04.338
What’s unique about the Habel One is it works similarly to the screen away.

07:04.424 –> 07:09.038
Braille mode, available on both platforms. So on your left hand you have.

07:09.064 –> 07:10.966
Dots one, two, three, and on your.

07:10.988 –> 07:15.510
Right hand you have dots four, five, six. There’s a spacebar both on the left.

07:15.580 –> 07:28.330
And the right side that you can use to navigate the phone. Instead of pairing the cable through the screen reader’s Braille section, you use the Bluetooth functionality of your phone to connect.

07:28.400 –> 07:30.140
The device to your phone.

07:30.530 –> 07:39.770
Habel has some great documentation available that you can use to check out how best to navigate your device using your hable.

07:39.930 –> 07:42.366
But once you get familiar with the.

07:42.388 –> 07:44.766
Gestures that you use and the commands.

07:44.798 –> 07:46.946
That you use, also available in the.

07:46.968 –> 08:02.850
User guide, you’ll be able to navigate your phone efficiently. Oh, did I mention that if you’re comfortable with braille, it’s a great way for you to enter text quickly without having to fiddle around with a touchscreen. But if you’re not comfortable with braille.

08:02.930 –> 08:09.450
Maybe this is the thing that’ll help teach you how to use braille on your devices.

08:09.870 –> 08:57.894
The Habel does ship with a lanyard that you can hang around your wrist to easily hold it. You hold the hable in, I guess what would be called landscape mode, with the switch across the top, and then your keys are facing away from you. If you want to go home, press and hold dots one, two, five until you feel a brief vibration. H if you’d like to get your notifications, press and hold dots 1345 until you feel a brief vibration. N as you can tell, using the Habel can be efficient and does make logical sense if you have some familiarity with braille. But if you don’t, well, learn those gestures and the knowledge of braille might.

08:57.932 –> 08:59.800
Happen to come along with it.