Thoughts on Vision Pro

Mike discusses his experience with the Vision Pro headset in this episode of the IACast. He shares his excitement about the headset’s capabilities and its impact on his interactions with others. Mike details his observations about the headset’s features, such as voice memos, FaceTime, Messages, and more. He praises the headset’s ability to enhance his visual experience, especially during FaceTime calls, where he can discern facial expressions better. Mike acknowledges the criticisms surrounding the Vision Pro’s price compared to other headsets but emphasizes its value for individuals with low vision like himself.

Furthermore, Mike speculates about the future of the Vision Pro, anticipating advancements in spatial computing and accessibility. He reflects on the potential for the Vision Pro to inspire other companies to enhance their products’ accessibility. Mike concludes by announcing the launch of a new podcast, Spatial Insights, focusing on spatial computing and Vision Pro content, which will complement the IACast feed. He encourages listeners to engage with him on various platforms and provides contact information for feedback. Mike expresses gratitude for the opportunities and advancements brought by the Vision Pro, highlighting the importance of uplifting and supporting tech companies. Finally, he wraps up the episode, thanking listeners and ending on a positive note.