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I’m an avid knitter and I really wanted to find a solution to a common problem. What is that, you ask? It would be keeping track of the rows in your project. I’ve been used to using the abacus for a really long time. I’ve knitted for about 27 years and that Abacus is usually found in my knitting bag. But if I wanted a different option or a digital option, I thought I’ll just go exploring in the App Store and see if there is an accessible row counter. This would work for Crochet as well. And so I did go to the App Store about five years ago and I found a really great app. It would be the knit and crochet counter. And this is by JB Vaniselt and the person is a great developer. They’re very, very responsive to feedback and they welcome it, which is awesome. And so I immediately wrote them and told them how accessible this app is with voiceover so that you can hear about the app some more in the developer’s own words. And in fact, they mentioned voiceover right off the bat, so that’s always a winner for me. In fact, I think they changed what they put in the description in view of the feedback that they got that it was accessible. So here’s what they say.

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Crochet end knit counter helps you keep track the rows while you’re working on your project and is greatly accessible for users of voiceover. Simply tap almost anywhere on the screen and track your rows. Need to repeat the same count a number of times. This app lets you do exactly that, working on multiple projects simultaneously? No problem, just create multiple projects and give each of them their own name. Prefer to work in silence? Use the option to turn up the tap sound. Easy? Don’t like the color theme of the app? Change it. There are many different options to choose from and if you become a supporter of the app, the icon will also take on the color you select. Oh, and don’t worry about your screen turning off as it will stay on while you are using the app without draining your battery. Use the widget on the today view for maximum convenience. If you have suggestions or complaints, use the email button top right in the app to contact me directly.

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Okay, so that is a blurb about the app, which is awesome. So I decided to give this a spin and I found it just really amazingly available App Store eight updates available.

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News let’s counter find counter.

02:24.516 –> 03:25.282
Okay, so it appears on the screen as counter counter. Okay, so one of the cool features is that you can not only count rows, but you can also count repeats. So if you’re a crafter, knitter or crocheter, you know that sometimes you have to repeat a pattern across a row. And when you have, you know, a couple hundred stitches and twelve repeats, you, you know, the doorbell rings, you put your, your knitting or crocheting down and pick up that Amazon package or whatever you’re doing. And then you think, oh shoot, what, what repeat was I on on this thing? So what’s really great is you can keep track of the repeats and the rows. And so you can also name your projects. You can save each project as you’re working on it because if you like to work on more than one thing, then that’s a possibility with this app. And you can hide the list of projects or you can display the list of projects on the screen. So let’s kind of take a look at the screen here.

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Counter zero button.

03:26.986 –> 03:45.002
Okay, so that’s what I encounter when I touch the screen. Yes, I did mean that pun. And so I am at a blank kind of project. And so in general, when you double tap anywhere, when you hear that, you can hear a little noise and it.

03:45.018 –> 03:47.906
Will add one row, counter one.

03:48.050 –> 03:59.162
Okay, it might be pretty quiet on this, but when I just have the phone screen open, counter two makes a little click noise. Counter two. And then if I touch the bottom.

03:59.218 –> 04:06.298
Right corner, show or hide the list of projects. Hidden toolbar. Show or hide the list of projects. Click the repeat counter toolbar, minus one.

04:06.386 –> 04:16.306
There we go. Okay, it’s pretty close to the bottom corner of this screen. So there’s minus one. So if I have to take out a row or accidentally added a row.

04:16.330 –> 04:19.364
When I shouldn’t have, I can minus one.

04:19.524 –> 04:22.332
And there’s a little whoosh noise. And minus one.

04:22.388 –> 04:24.884
So now counter one button.

04:24.964 –> 04:41.708
Now I have it says counter one. That’s because there is only one row recorded. And if I double tap counter two, there’s two. Okay, so there is of course an edit icon at the top.

04:41.836 –> 04:43.940
Show or hide the list of projects. Hidden.

04:44.092 –> 04:46.100
So the list of projects is hidden.

04:46.172 –> 04:48.580
Repeats of 10 towards a full repeat button.

04:48.652 –> 04:53.148
There’s the repeat button. Just flicking to the left, upwards, up the screen here.

04:53.236 –> 04:56.700
Tap here to change the repeat counter to leave feedback button.

04:56.772 –> 04:59.012
There it is. There’s the leave feedback button.

04:59.188 –> 05:00.916
Support the app builder button.

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Okay, you can support, and if you do pay for the app, I can’t remember now if it was completely free, but if you do pay, you can customize the visual appearance dishcloth heading. And there is the name of the project. That I’m currently working on or have finished. And then I cleared all the repeats settings button. There’s the settings settings button and that’s it. Okay, so it’s a very simple layout. If you do hide the list of projects, your current project name and its current repeat count is listed on the screen. I won’t show you my list of projects because I’m embarrassed about one that hasn’t been finished in forever. So there’s a baby blanket that, you know, the kid will probably be in kindergarten before, before I get it to them or give it to another baby. So anyway, this is the crochet and knit counter by JB Vanisalt. It’s just a great, great app. And you know, it’s nice to have someone test the waters for you before you download an app or pay for an app just because, you know, you might want to save yourself the hassle of discovering it is not accessible. But this app is amazing and I really, really enjoy it. So if you’re a craft and you want to find a really cool app that will help you keep track of things, this might be the one for you. Love it. Thanks.

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Recently I was speaking with a customer who told me that the only reason she didn’t want to get to know voiceover is because she didn’t like the voices that voiceover came with and she liked Siri’s voice. I told her that she could use Siri’s voice with voiceover and her mind was blown. So I want to teach you how to use Siri’s voice with your voiceover. We’ll start by going home.

06:58.984 –> 07:10.080
I’ll tap on settings settings, double tap to settings search field and then we’ll locate accessibility accessibility button.

07:10.192 –> 07:18.336
If you double tap on accessibility vision heading, you’re taken typically to the vision heading. Flick to the right once to locate.

07:18.480 –> 07:22.048
Voiceover on and double tap on voiceover on.

07:22.136 –> 07:26.444
This will not turn voiceover off. This takes you into the voiceover settings.

07:26.744 –> 07:29.336
Voiceover switch button on.

07:29.400 –> 07:31.832
Now when you’re in voiceover settings, you.

07:31.848 –> 07:39.968
Can flick through and locate speech button. Double tap on speech voice read button.

07:40.096 –> 07:44.684
And then double tap on voice. Mine says read. Yours might say something different.

07:45.004 –> 07:47.572
Select English us heading.

07:47.668 –> 07:54.468
When you’re in the voice screen, you can then find the heading for the language that you need and flick to the right.

07:54.596 –> 07:58.836
Agnes Alex Alison Ava as you can.

07:58.860 –> 08:00.652
See, there are several voices here, so.

08:00.668 –> 08:03.620
I’m going to use three fingers and scroll my screen up.

08:03.772 –> 08:06.004
Rows 15 to 33 of 59.

08:06.084 –> 08:07.516
That’s a lot of voices.

08:07.660 –> 08:10.208
Rows 31 to 46 of 59.

08:10.356 –> 08:14.240
Now, because Siri starts with s, we’ll go closer to the bottom of the screen.

08:14.352 –> 08:17.016
Jamie Siri button.

08:17.120 –> 08:20.440
And when you find Siri, double tap English.

08:20.512 –> 08:21.496
Ugh. Heading.

08:21.560 –> 08:24.216
There are several Siri voices here.

08:24.360 –> 08:26.080
Mine shows English UK.

08:26.192 –> 08:28.088
And if you flick through, download voice.

08:28.136 –> 08:31.616
One, download voice two. Download voice three four.

08:31.760 –> 08:38.084
You can see that it wants you to download the voices. So I’m gonna actually switch my rotor to heading actions.

08:38.124 –> 08:41.796
Edit headings contain headings, and I’ll flick down.

08:41.940 –> 09:08.864
So while I was setting up this demo, I quickly realized that actually Siri can, for some reason, appear twice in your voice settings if you scroll your screen to the bottom and you locate Siri. I found uk voices, probably because I was using them in the past. But if you go to the top of your screen and for me, item 17, you’ll locate Siri. You can double tap on this option.

09:09.204 –> 09:12.564
English US heading English US gives you.

09:12.604 –> 09:18.388
Five different Siri voices. And for this demonstration, I’m gonna choose voice number three.

09:18.516 –> 09:22.524
Download download download Voice 362 four mb.

09:22.644 –> 09:32.144
And as you see, it says download voice three, which means that this voice isn’t currently available on my device. Double tap on download voice three.

09:32.904 –> 09:35.576
Started downloading voice three, and voiceover will.

09:35.600 –> 09:40.272
Tell you that the voice is downloading while providing you periodic download updates.

09:40.448 –> 09:45.280
98% downloaded voice three using 62.4 mb.

09:45.432 –> 09:53.096
Now that you know how much storage the voice is taking, you can double tap on the voice to activate it. So when I double tap on voice.

09:53.160 –> 09:57.360
Three, select it voice three using 62 four mb.

09:57.472 –> 10:01.244
My phone is now using voice three. So if I flick to the left.

10:01.344 –> 10:06.940
Download voice two, download voice one. English US edit button Siri heading and.

10:06.972 –> 10:15.636
That’S how you change your voiceover voice to be Siri and where you would go to explore what other voices are available on your iPhone.

10:15.820 –> 12:03.114
I picked up this portable Sandisk 1 tb external hard drive. This drive is super small and lightweight. They do this by using the type of hard drive technology that looks like a stick of ram. Actually, it’s not a regular SATA drive. In a external case, you connect it via USB C, so this makes it super fast. It does come with a USB C cable, and the USB C port itself is right on the top of the drive. Easy to access. No big deal. This drive comes in two choices, 1 tb or two terabyte. Because it is so small you can put it anywhere. You can put it in your pocket even. But definitely you can go in any go bag or any travel situation that you might need. It takes up hardly any space. It’s super lightweight, super fast. I would say something to be cognizant of is once you get it and you open it up, you want to format it for whichever platform you’re going to use it on, whether that’s windows or Mac, you’ll have to format it for the operating system that you want to use this drive with. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to back up your data, and definitely backing up your data in more than one place is a good thing. So physical on an external hard drive, as well as doing cloud backups or any other redundant kind of backup. But just make sure that you’re always backing your stuff up so that you don’t lose it. If you’re looking for an external portable hard drive, this would be a great option.