Unmute Presents Jaws Tips 6 – Finding Text On The Web

In this episode, We demonstrate how to effectively use the JAWS find command to search for specific words on a webpage. By pressing Control + F, we access the JAWS find dialogue box to input the desired word, such as “application,” and navigate through its appearances using arrow keys.

Upon searching, we locate instances of the word “application,” including options to request an application form from specific sources. Utilizing the repeat find feature by pressing F3 enables us to cycle through subsequent mentions until finding the targeted information, like the online application link sought.

By employing Shift + F3 to backtrack and F3 to iterate through all occurrences, the JAWS find command facilitates efficient exploration of webpage content. This methodical process, in combination with Control + F and F3 for repetitive searches, enhances user navigation and information retrieval on web pages.

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00:02.640 –> 00:06.874
Here’s Marcy with today’s jaw step unmute, be heard.

00:09.814 –> 00:20.714
Hello, my name is Marcy and the jaws tip that I want to share with you today is the jaws find command on an Internet webpage.

00:21.134 –> 00:24.190
I want to complete an application and.

00:24.222 –> 00:26.270
Want to know how many times the.

00:26.302 –> 00:30.154
Word application appears on a web page.

00:30.494 –> 00:36.830
I want to find the online application so that I can complete this application online.

00:37.022 –> 00:42.594
So here’s my website. The jaws find command is control f.

00:43.054 –> 00:47.038
Jaws find dialog find what colon at a combo application to set the value.

00:47.086 –> 00:48.182
Use the arrow keys or type the.

00:48.198 –> 00:54.932
Value alt w touch the word application and I’m going to press enter or.

00:54.948 –> 00:59.940
The National Federation of the blinded 866 504 7300 to request an application.

01:00.012 –> 01:02.164
You may also so there is the.

01:02.204 –> 01:07.148
First place that I find the word application and this is where I can request an application.

01:07.316 –> 01:13.060
But I’d like to find the online application. To do a repeat find of the.

01:13.092 –> 01:15.172
String that I have typed I press.

01:15.268 –> 01:18.584
F three link download and mail in application.

01:18.924 –> 01:20.332
So there is a link where I.

01:20.348 –> 01:23.024
Can download and mail in an application.

01:23.434 –> 01:25.106
Not the link that I want.

01:25.250 –> 01:27.774
I want to complete the application online.

01:28.274 –> 01:33.290
Again, I’ll press f three link online application and there you go.

01:33.402 –> 01:36.934
There’s a link to the online application that I want.

01:37.474 –> 01:46.346
If I’ve passed the link that I want to find and I want to go back to the previous occurrence of this text string, I can press shift.

01:46.410 –> 01:48.386
F three link download and mail an.

01:48.410 –> 01:50.644
Application, I can press shift f three.

01:50.684 –> 01:52.988
Again to find the previous search or.

01:52.996 –> 01:58.304
The National Federation of the blind at 866 504 7300 to request an application.

01:58.764 –> 02:07.660
If I continually press f three it will find all the character strings application and wrap me to the top link.

02:07.692 –> 02:09.588
Download and mail an application link online.

02:09.636 –> 02:15.140
Application wrapping to top or the National Federation of the blind 866 504 7300.

02:15.252 –> 02:18.096
To request an application that is my.

02:18.120 –> 02:22.416
Jaws tip for the day. So control f type the string that.

02:22.440 –> 02:36.480
You’Re looking for, press enter. Pressing f three repeats a find for that string. Pressing f three repeats another find for that string continuously throughout the page, wrapping.

02:36.512 –> 02:43.604
To the top to find the string for the first time. Enjoy your jaws tips.

02:45.424 –> 02:58.304
Thanks for listening to jaws tips with Marcy. The music used in this production was brought to you by Andre Louie and his shorts collection. Unmute be heard.