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# In this episode, we changed our plans for a live event and instead gathered contributions from the community. Gift suggestions include the Prolithin mini desktop vacuum, Zoom PodTrak P4, portable luggage scale, Table Coaster, and Lady A Echo Pop. We discussed AI software, gift cards, Sonos app, AirPods, and the JBL Clip 4. Community members recommended the Be My Eyes app, Anker MagSafe Cube, and Arcanite USB Fingerprint Scanner. We thanked the listeners and invited them to subscribe for exclusive content and updates.

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Okay, so Marty and I put together this cool thing where we were going to come together and do this live event with you and help you with learning about some cool Christmas gift ideas. But unfortunately, yesterday Marty started to not feel well and we decided to just put together a pre recorded piece of content that is I think going to be not as fun, but pretty fun for people who are interested in finding out more about Christmas gifts you can have. What we did is we came together and asked people of the community, and the first person we’ll hear from is someone who Marty is very excited to be aware of. And I appreciate knowing Allison. I don’t know her as well as I know other friends, but she’s always come together to help us with building the unmute presents community. And it was awesome for her to both provide us an audio file and a transcript to be able to make a good holiday gift. And that was, I think, one of Marty’s gifts that really made him smile when we’ve been putting this together. And I’m going to go ahead and play Allison from Podfeet podcast real quick and throughout this audio. Stay tuned if you’re interested in learning how I put this together. I’m telling the secrets, Stephen. I’m telling the secrets. Hi, everyone.

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Allison Sheridan of the Nociilicast podcast here. When Marty asked if I had an idea for a fun holiday gift for nerds, I knew exactly what to pick. It’s really more in the stocking stuffer category, so this will not break the bank. All good nerds spend way too much time at their desks, right? So we eat popcorn and chips while we’re playing on our computers, and many of us have cats who find our desks a great place to hang out with us. I was constantly blowing cat hair off my desk and wiping my hand over the little crumblies that inexplicably show up on my desk. Then I found the Prowlethan Mini desktop vacuum, which saved the day. This little vacuum is like a tall circular mouse that fits comfortably in your hand and you simply drag it around on your desk like a manually powered roomba. Underneath are little brushes to help disturb the particles on the desk to encourage them to go get sucked up into the chamber within. The Prowlison is battery powered via Micro USB, and I only find I have to charge it like every few months, even though I use it nearly daily. My OCD would kick in if I saw a single cat here on my desk before. But now I grab my mini vacuum, I slide it across my desk and I put it away and I get back to work. I’ve included a link to the prolifin minivacum on Amazon. It comes in three colors, which are inexplicably priced differently with teal at $13, white at $15, and pink at $16.

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Thank you, Alison. Really appreciate you sharing that with us. And as I said, it really made Marty’s day when I’m like, hey, here’s the audio I got. Really like that. So thanks a lot. And I probably need a vacuum of some sort on my desk to keep things a little clean because I am horrible about crumbs, although I do try not to eat at the desk that much. What about you? Are you someone who eats at your desk, or are you someone who says, no food around my electronics? We’re doing this kind of live to tape, and I’m using Clean Feed to put this together with two devices and the Farago application. So I’ll talk more about that in a moment. But first, here’s Juan or JC, who shared a tech recommendation that I think some of you will really enjoy.

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The gift that I would recommend for tech gadget lovers out there, especially when it comes to podcasting, is the Zoom Pod Track P Four. It’s a good podcasting solution, and it’s my go to gadget. It is three things in one. It is a mixer, audio interface and recorder. I recommend it because, yes, unfortunately the menus are inaccessible, but despite the inaccessibility with the menus, they do not speak. The rest of the button layout is very tactile. You can do easy things such as muting or unmuting, and on top of that, you can also bring in guests on a phone or through the computer. It’s over $200, and I recommend you order from Sweetwater because they’re based out of Indiana and their sales, as well as great customer service and tech support, are top notch. So that is my gadget recommendation for this year. Again. It’s the Zoom pod track p four. You can find out more by searching it on Google, or you can go to www.sweetwater.com and search for zoom. Z-O-O-M pod track. P-O-D-T-R-A-K-P as in papa. And the number four, that Pod Track.

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P Four is a pretty nice piece of kit. I had one for a little bit, and then I sold it and am using the Vocaster currently brought to you from Focusrite. But that P four would allow you to do what I’m doing with Farago but have physical buttons. It’ll also give you those four pads so you can run your audio clips and transition into the different audios that you want. And you can also independently record, if you’re fond of the ACB Media karaoke that goes on on Saturday nights. I know a lot of people doing karaoke are involved in using that Pod Track P Four, especially because it will let you record separate tracks. Speaking of karaoke and other things, you can be listening to other shows on Unmute that are published. Come around every once in a while. And there’s one from Katie who talks travel and accessibility when it comes to travel. And if you don’t know who Katie is, tune in to Katie Talks Travel and give her a listen. The third Thursday of the month. But she came out and gave us a gift that we should consider if we are traveling this holiday season. So thanks to Katie and hopefully you’ll get value out of today’s gift from Katie.

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Hi there.

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This is Katie with Katie talks travel. My tech gift for this season would be a portable luggage scale. I know they seem a little silly, but they are really helpful for those travelers in your life. Whether they’re brand new and just caught that travel bug or whether they’ve been traveling for years, they will appreciate a portable luggage scale. It’s really important to know how much your bag weighs when you’re going to be flying so that you can avoid those excessive overweight baggage charges. And a portable luggage scale makes it so that they are lightweight and they can go along with you to your destination. So if you fill your bag with treats or souvenirs for those back home, the weight might be different and you’ll be able to weigh again before your flight home so you can properly distribute the weight of your luggage. It’s a great gift. It’s affordable, you can get it at a lot of different places. There are a ton of different options on Amazon, and they do come in a talking version. That’s my little tip of the season, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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Okay, so, full transparency. I only listen to some of these. Most of these are going live when I’m playing them for the first time. So Katie appreciate that and thanks for that idea and you must have experienced that. But here’s what I want, and I’m sure there is one out there. I want a scale that will connect to my iPhone and pop up a notification. And I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist, but I want a recommendation for one that people enjoy using. So that is what I’m looking for. Katie or any other listener feedback at Unmutent show. Now this next one is an interesting one. He was not the first one. I saved the first one for a little bit, but Stephen came to me and brought me an audio file. And at first he thanked me and Damasi for putting this together, and you guys will hear Damasi next. But I reached out to him, I’m like, hey, Steven, do you mind if you can rerecord the intro so it says hi to Marty on Unmute. And I know there’s a little bit of confusion there, but there’s a lot of voices here, but can you and he’s like, yeah, certainly, Michael. So he did, and he actually rerecorded the whole thing. But Steven also has a tech gift guide, Atair.com. So if you go over to Doubletaponair.com, I’m going to actually pull it up right now because I’m not sure what it’s at right now. But you can go to the holiday. It’s called Deck the Halls with Tech Holiday Gift Guide. And then if you use your heading navigation, you can get down to find a search entry or browse through the 57 different items, adding your own gift to the gift guide as well. So, I don’t know what Stephen’s going to do with this in the future, but this is pretty cool. Chris I believe there’s someone else, and I’m horrible about names, so someone tell me who it is on mastodon, but someone else is doing a gift guide as well. But see, here’s the difference in ours. Ours is all your audio submission. So. Thanks, Steven. And again, thanks to everyone for participating. We’ve got a few more. Appreciate it.

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Hey, Michael. Hey, Marty. Stephen here from Double Tap. Just wanted to drop in to give my suggestion for a cool tech gift for 2023. My suggestion is one which is on my desk every day. It’s part of my everyday life and it’s probably saved me more money than anything else. It is the table coaster. And that comes from Amazon. I got it for $18 on Amazon. And that’s what you search for, just table coaster. All one word. And what it does is it sticks to your desk with a kind of tacky adhesive. It will stick and it will stay, but you can pull it off the desk and then bump it back on somewhere else. Free sound effect. So check it out. Table Coaster. And it means that you can keep your drink safe on the table. It has raised edges and a little hole cut out for the handle of the mug you’re putting in there. It’s even got a little insert as well, if you want to put a glass in there so that it will not fall over if you happen to bump against it. Honestly, it has saved my life on a number of occasions and certainly my tech as well. So that’s what to do. Check it out. That is my tech gift suggestion for 2023, the Table Coaster. $18 on Amazon.

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There we go. Steven and that was one of the first items or pretty close to being added to the gift guide that we were just talking about. About that gift guide. I meant to play this in. I’m going to play it in now. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, hopefully you get some enjoyment out of this. I used AI. We’ll talk more about the process of this and what this was like before the end of today’s show. But I used AI to create this song. And this is now the theme song for the Double Tap gift.

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Double tap on everything that catches my eye sipping on my life to feeling kind of nice but what I need right now is a little divine talking about the Double Tap gift guy gimme gadget give me Bling I want everything that’ll make my heart sing to the trending fashion it’s time to make my wish list happen.

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Okay, so that’s the gift guide song. What I don’t like about that AI, but I can’t complain too much is it just cuts it right off. But maybe they do that on purpose. We’ll talk more about that. But I got to get this recording in and this gift in because I told Damasi, hey, we’re not doing this live. By the way, can you actually get me a gift guide? Because you never turned one in. I think he was the last one. We’ll talk about the first one in a moment. But Damasi also was the longest one. I asked people for two minutes or less. He gave me over four minutes. So here’s some great ideas, especially if you’re just like, I don’t know what to give someone.

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Happy holidays, everyone. This is Damasi Thomas. And I thought I would just come in and give a couple of recommendations for gifts for the holiday season. So first off, let’s start with the super simple one gift cards. All right? Amazon gift card, walmart gift card, best Buy gift card, apple gift card. There’s gift cards galore. You can even just buy them a Visa gift card if you have that hard to shop for a person in your life. You don’t know what they have because they tend to be like me and just buy stuff when they want it and they can afford it, versus putting out fillers for people to let them know what they’re interested in buying, which is how I tend to operate. I usually just buy the things that I want so people don’t know what to buy me. Gift cards are always good, as I said, Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Walmart, Google Play, or if you’re not sure where they want to spend it or you’re not sure where their favorite shopping place is, just a general Visa gift card will also work. Another tip, though, is give know if you know somebody that has a lot of subscriptions going through Apple. An Apple gift card would be super helpful because it’s not getting them anything necessarily, but it is saving them some money because it knocks off some of those subscriptions as they’re renewing. So moving on to actual things that you may want to buy someone, there’s the Rtops dual magnetic charger on Amazon. I bought this product off of Amazon for myself initially. I have since bought a couple of other ones for gifts for other people. Fairly inexpensive, around 20 to 20. Normal price I think is around $30. I’ve been seeing them on sale for about $20 right about now. And all this is a wireless charger. It does have MagSafe for the iPhone people, as well as an Apple watch charger that pops up. So it’s two little circular devices, two little circular pads that are magnetically connected together. When you’re not using it. You open it up, put your phone on one, put your watch on the other. Or if you have AirPods or AirPod Pros, they’re wirelessly charged. You can put those on there as well on the watch part. This does also work with standard wireless charging devices. So I have put a Pixel Five on the side where you will put the iPhone and that charged up as well. Just doesn’t have the MagSafe in the pixel. So that is a great device, especially to go into a person’s bag for travel if they tend to do a lot of overnight type of trips. Another product that is a good one, battery pack. Again, we’re all about the power juicing up stuff because people will be getting devices over the holidays. So I can thoroughly recommend and it’s not because I work there, it’s because I actually use this device and have used it in very OD situations. But the ten K or 20K, that’s 10,000 milliamp or 20,000 milliamp battery packs from at guys. Now, yes, you can find other battery packs a little cheaper than these may cost, especially around the holiday season right now, but what I love about these is they’re solidly built and I like the ability to have some sort of indication of the battery level of the actual battery pack itself. I have been buying these things for years, buying battery packs for years, and the biggest problem is always knowing whether or not the thing is actually charged up before you get ready to go somewhere with it. I’ve overcharged some units that were not so good. I’ve shown up and been somewhere, needed to get some quick charge on my phone and only to find out the battery was dead. So these accessible power banks on At Guys are amazing. I actually used the 20,000 milliamp while I was at National Convention this past summer to keep my laptop going, a MacBook Air M Two to keep that going while I was working. So great devices. So those are my three tips gift cards, the Rtops wireless charger, and the accessible portable power banks from At Guys. Have a great holiday, everyone.

17:48.632 –> 20:07.834
Thanks Tomasi for stepping in and filling a little bit of content. Appreciate it. Those gift cards are always what I like. You can never go wrong with gift cards, especially the Apple or Amazon gift cards. At least with the Apple gift cards, I typically get those. Usually the Amazon Mallory is like, we need this for the house, or I need to get this or something. Like, you know, Visa gift cards can also help you pay your bills because as of right now, you can’t pay your bills with Amazon gift cards, but give it some time. Wouldn’t it be surprised? That charger sounds pretty cool as well. This next one that I’m going to play in, I personally want to thank Kelly for as I go and butcher his name because the dog’s distracting me and I’m going from a live environment. At least we’re pretending like it’s live because I’m not going to edit. But I want to thank Kelly personally for taking a chance with me and giving me an opportunity to do the Kelly and Romeo segments. I often feel like I could be doing more or there’s something else I could be doing, because, honestly, there is. But sometimes I’m like, well, what do I want? So your feedback both on Unmute Kelly and Romeo double Tap, any show that you listen to and you actually participate in your feedback is what shapes that show into being a better experience for all listeners. So if you have feedback, reach out to the feedback team and share that feedback. And one of the feedbacks that I had was, why don’t you guys Kelly on why don’t you guys on Kelly and Co? See, I almost just said Kelly and Romeo, and that’s new. We’ll talk about that in a moment. But why don’t you guys ever talk about android? And Kelly probably should jump on the show with me and remind me how he recalls it, because I recall him calling me at Fred Meyer while I was standing in the store, waiting for, I think, Mallory’s mom to get off work and saying, hey, you want to come and try out a regular segment on a live show? And I said, sure, why not? And, well, everything’s history from there, so that’s what I remember happening. But I’d love to hear Kelly’s thoughts on that. And, Kelly, I again appreciate you taking the time getting this to me, even though it was late. It just reminds me I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that sometimes puts things off to the last minute.

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Yeah, I heard.

20:08.308 –> 20:09.514
You, too. Steven and Sean.

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Don’t worry.

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Hi there, Kelly McDonald of Kelly and Rumia. You can find us available via podcast. In case you’re not sure what we are, and we are a daily talk show, but I’m here to talk about the gift of the year, and at first I thought I’ll talk about the Sonos app. I’ve had it for a couple of years, but think it’s amazing because I’m a Sonos fan. Really? Yeah. That’s got to be my honorable mention. But for me, it’s the AirPods, and I know many people are probably already talking about them, but what this gives you in comfort and switchability from the rubber, I guess, silicon, I should say, covers that go in your ear, and you may not be too fond of those. So, okay, move them out of there. Get something else. There’s plenty of things that you can replace them with, or even if it’s just the fact that you can make all the sound around you go away, or you can keep that ambient sound around you so you know what’s going on. For me, it’s returned laying on my back or my side, comfortable enough with the pillow pressed up against my ear, with the bud in my ear. That AirPod. I really enjoy that comfort, that return to listening to audio as I’ve done. So I encourage if you’re thinking of getting someone a gift, get them those AirPods. It’s really comfortable. It doesn’t have to be the third generation. If you just don’t want to go that route, go a little cheaper. But I’m telling you, you want to have that knowledge that somebody is utilizing the gift, you get them AirPods are it.

21:42.290 –> 23:11.002
Well, Kelly, AirPods are what you could give me. I had some AirPods. I was late to the game and got some AirPods because Mallory actually tried them out and now she’s moved on to the Beats, I think is the one she’s on. And so now I have some aftershocks and one AirPod in the case. I know where case is and the AirPod, I know where I lost the other AirPod. I just haven’t went to find it again yet. But that’s a great suggestion there, Kelly, because you don’t realize how good they sound until you actually have them in your life. So thanks, Kelly. Appreciate it. This next clip comes from Lucy. Lucy does a regular monthly show that’s published to unmute and she also runs a regular call in ACB community called Games to play with Lady A. Now, Lucy comes on and shares with you all about games and other things you can use your Alexa devices for. And she’s going to share a product that I bought a couple of weeks ago to get echoes back in my life. And this thing is amazing. I’ll let Lucy tell you more about it. And again, like I’ve told everyone else so far, thank you, Lucy, for participating and we appreciate you taking the time to record this for us.

23:11.136 –> 24:26.420
Hello, everyone. This is Lucy from the All Things Lady. A podcast? So tis the season to start shopping for those holiday gifts for you, maybe, and your loved ones. I always buy myself something, so that’s why I say that. So I want to tell you about the newest Lady A device, the Echo Pop, and it came out at the end of May and it has all of the features of the regular Lady A devices. It is semicircular in shape and it has three physical buttons, the up and down buttons and the mute button. It is lacking the action or reset button that is normally present on other Lady A devices, but it’s small and portable and it is normally 39 99. And at the time of this recording, it is on sale for 1799 and I am sure that they will be having many sales before Christmas. So be on the lookout for the new Echo Pop. Happy holidays, everyone.

24:26.950 –> 25:39.720
Okay, so I’m going to laugh about this. Oh, thank you. Thank you, Lucy. Appreciate it. And also, Lucy, stay tuned because you’ll understand why. I really appreciate you saying, happy Holidays, everyone. That was well appreciated. The next person is someone who I kind of know a little bit, but don’t know that well because it’s a little bit hard knowing someone that well while you’re, I don’t know, a country or so away. But throughout the entire journey with AMI and what I’ve been doing in podcasting and content production, she’s been there, prompting me to say, hey, Michael, I need this. Or, hey, Michael, can you get this done? And I say that in the nicest way possible. Romia, thank you for helping with making sure that I actually get done what I need to get done so the show can get going. And it’s well appreciated. We liked to hear the passion in your voice when you were talking about your gift today. And the reason I laughed is because as Lucy was wrapping up her segment, she was saying, have a happy holiday. I was taking a drink of water. Don’t know what I’m talking about. Go. Listen to Kelly and Ramia. You’ll understand.

25:40.170 –> 28:38.030
Hey, it’s Ramia from Kelly and Rumia. And I’m here with my tech recommendation for the holidays as a gift because this was gifted to me. It’s the JBL clip four. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s designed for on the go, it’s designed around water, and it’s designed to be taken everywhere with you. So the shape of this is kind of like a flattened egg or a standing oval. It fits in the palm of my hand and it’s a bit thicker than two slices of bread. There’s a lot of tactile to this speaker. Okay? There’s tactile on the front of it. The Rewind Pause Play buttons or the volume up, volume down, because now all of that is the same, are all tactile. Then there is the JBL logo in giant tactile rubber letters. You flip the speaker over and you got a lot of tactile lines. Just thin, rubber lines. Very, very thin, like spaghetti thin. And those are also there for tactile use, but also just rubber. Because if you lay this flat on the surface, then you’re good. There’s also buttons for Bluetooth connectivity and on and off. And that’s it. It’s super tactile. The cool part about the speaker is that you can hang it anywhere. So the Clip Four comes with kind of a carabiner metal hook at the top that you can use to hang off of any given scenario. I hang this off of my cupboard doors, off of doorknobs, off of anything I can find. And it’s pretty wide, so it’s got a lot of forgiveness. And Leeway audio quality is fantastic. It’s obviously a tiny little Bluetooth speaker, but it does really well for the job. And I actually appreciate the quality of the bass more than anything. And it connects wirelessly. It does not have a headphone jack, and it supports USBC charging, 10 hours of battery life, which I really, really love. I barely remember to charge this thing, and it does very well. Also, it’s according to them waterproof. I say water resistant. Also dust proof, dust resistant. But I have it pretty much around my shower. That’s my main use. It’s my shower speaker. I don’t have it in the shower with me, but use it to your discretion. Also, it comes in many, many colors, which is super fun. Black, blue, red, teal or aqua camo. Other shades of greens, gray, silver. Now I see it in like pink and orange and white and other kind of strange combinations of colors as well. And it’s going for $70 to $100, depending on if you find it on sale. So I recommend this 100%. Gift it to yourself or gift it to a friend. Like a friend gifted to me because I love it and it’s so fun because it’s tactile.

28:38.370 –> 29:40.680
And if you gift it to a friend, they’ll remember where they got it from and maybe they’ll gift you something cool too. That really sounds cool. And Romeo, I would actually possibly say maybe feel free to get it wet. We have bluetooth speakers. Actually, all three of the Bluetooth speakers at at guys are completely waterproof. And I know that because they have gone swimming with the boys. So get the audio person in your life a good Bluetooth speaker. Thank you, Romy. I really appreciate that. And I had not checked out that speaker yet. This next person is Tim Cummings. And Tim was the very first person to respond to this project. Now, I think I kind of briefly talked about it, but I’m not 100% sure in the beginning, and this was supposed to have been a live call that Marty and I did, and Marty got sick, sadly. Hopefully he will be feeling better. But I still wanted something to come out today. See, this project came together because.

29:42.410 –> 29:42.726

29:42.748 –> 31:36.118
Months with five Thursdays have become the bane of Marty’s and my existence with Unmute because we’re trying to have a piece of content out every Thursday. And when we talked about this a couple of months ago, we said, hey, what are we going to do the next time there’s five Thursdays? And of course, neither of us looked at the calendar, so neither of us realized that, oh, there’s one coming up. And when Marty found out, he’s like, what should we do? So we put together this holiday gift guide and Tim was the first community member that we sent out an email to to respond. And I appreciate that, Tim, and his suggestion, I think, is a really interesting thing to think about in the grand scheme of what’s going on in the world nowadays. I’m recording this on the 30th as a live to tape audio and OpenAI’s chat. GPT has only been out for a year. This tool that Tim has shared with us hasn’t been out that long either. And I’m hearing people right now every day being mind blown about the fact that OpenAI can do this or be my AIS. Can do that, which is pretty cool. But you know that song that we played earlier with the Double Tap Gift Guide, Doubletaponair.com, that was created by a prompt that I said, hey, write a young female pop song about the Double Tap Gift Guide. I hit enter. It provided the music, it also provided the vocals, the lyrics, and mixed it in about two minutes or so. So, Tim, thank you very much for your gift and I gave it away. I apologize, but I got excited. Here’s Tim, who submitted his gift guide for the unmute. Gift guide?

31:36.214 –> 31:36.682
Hi there.

31:36.736 –> 32:04.606
This is Tim Cummings, and my tech gift recommendation for this year would be the Be My Eyes app. This app with the new AI feature is fabulous. I use this for reading mail. I use this for finding cooking instructions on items or identifying items in my freezer. It’s just fabulous. It’s a game changer for blind people, and I think it would be a great tech gift.

32:04.798 –> 32:42.670
I think he also might have been the shortest one, too. That’s one thing I wish Ferrago had is a button. And if it does, someone please send an email feedback at unmute show. Let me know if there’s a way to know how many more seconds are left in the timer or in the currently playing cart. It would also be helpful if I could hit a button to know what cart or what tile is. What they call it, is being played as well. Now, Angie came when Marty asked, hey, Angie, can you put together a quick audio guide? And she shared a MagSafe cube. Why do I keep giving away the gifts.

32:44.790 –> 32:45.154

32:45.192 –> 32:46.580
My buttons aren’t working.

32:47.270 –> 34:02.060
Okay, so the anchor MagSafe cube is a one device unit to charge your iPhone, your AirPods and your Apple Watch all in one go. It folds into a cube shape, obviously, and the MagSafe portion is adjustable. So it can either lay flat on top of the unit or it can flip up and display your phone at angle so that you can have your phone in your phone in landscape or portrait mode and take advantage of standby. And then underneath that top portion, where the MagSafe magnets live is where you place your Air pods. And there’s a separate little watch puck that pops out of the side. It’s the spring loaded thing. So you press it once to get it to display itself, like it pops out of the side, then you can pull it out the rest of the way and put your watch on it. When you’re finished, you push it back in and press lock it back into place. With that spring loaded mechanism. That’s the only weak spot on the whole unit. I worry a little bit about the longevity of that, but yeah, it’s good stuff. Get it for a gift, get it for yourself.

34:03.870 –> 34:04.330

34:04.400 –> 34:17.246
Enjoy it’ll. Be a good Christmas gift. It’s been around for a while. It’s not really a new it’s been about out for about a year, but for the longest time it wasn’t in stock anywhere. So it’s available now, it seems to be.

34:17.268 –> 34:18.222
So, yeah.

34:18.276 –> 34:20.874
Enjoy and happy holidays.

34:21.002 –> 35:31.574
All right, so thank you all for coming together. We have one more from a special person that I’m going to give him a hard time about his voice, too. He knows who he is because, well, you guys probably do, too, if you really listen. Or did he check his email? But before we get into that, I want to number one, thank Marty for coming up with saying, hey, let’s do something special for the holiday and helping put this together and get some emails out. I want to thank the community for coming together to be creative and sharing their thoughts. And if you have a Double Tap wait, no, this isn’t sponsored by Double Tap. Why do I keep shouting them out? But if you have a gift guide or a gift item you’d like to add to the Double Tap Gift Guide, head on over to doubletaponair.com Marty. Hopefully you’re listening to this because this has turned out a lot longer than I thought. Now, here’s what I wanted to do, but I never did because well, honestly, I didn’t because I was being lazy. I wanted to put some jingle bells behind this. So when this guy came in, you’d hear Santa Claus coming in, ho ho.

35:31.772 –> 37:13.266
Has he been? If he hasn’t, let me give you an idea to add to your list. What I’m recommending for the perfect gift is the Archie Knight USB Fingerprint Scanner. Yes, it is a techie gift, but wow, I’m loving it. So basically all this is is a tiny teeny USB dongly thing that you can just add to any USBA port on your laptop or computer, and it will give you fingerprint scanning capability, which means no longer do you have to type in that tedious Pin code to log into Windows. You can simply press your finger against this USB dongle and within a millisecond, you are logged in. It’s really cool. It’s like touch ID for your desktop computer. And when you do plug it in, it’s completely plug and play. When you plug it in, Windows will detect it. You can simply open the Start menu, type in fingerprint to add your fingerprint. The entire process of scanning in your own fingerprint is totally accessible, at least in Windows Eleven, which is where I tried it. So there you go. If your laptop or computer doesn’t have its own built in fingerprint scanner, you can add one. And better than that, it’s inexpensive, too, costing me only 24 of the King’s English pounds. I don’t know what that is in dollars, but probably not too much. Probably that’s the archonite. A-R-C-A-N-I-T-E. USB fingerprint scanner. It’s a beauty. Happy holidays.

37:13.378 –> 39:53.700
See, this is why I need that countdown timer I want to interrupt Sean while he is talking. I need to not be talking and let him finish what he has to say. Thanks, Sean. That’s really awesome. And if and when I switch back over to a Windows computer as a semi primary versus the parallel setup I have, I will check that out because I think that would be kind of cool. Marty thought we weren’t going to have enough time with the clips that we had when it was just the two of us. Just for one of me recording this, I think this has turned out to be a pretty in depth and diverse show. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it. And if you want to publish this show, wherever you publish your content, feel free to do so. All we ask is that people subscribe to Unmute Presents. We have a Pay What You want membership that’s launching right now if you head on over to Unmute Show. Plus you can actually get information about getting signed up. We’ll be doing an exclusive Q A call. Like our Tuesday calls are once a month. We’re also going to be teaching other things, kind of like how we set up these live environments and everything else on the opposite Monday that we’ll be working with. And you’ll get recordings of that. But I’m working on something that I really recommend you keep on checking out Unmute Show. I want to see if we can get it put together. And it might be Marty’s Christmas present from me if we can get that working. But it might be something fun that we’ll try out through December, maybe January, and then it might roll back over to a membership only access. So check out Unmute show. Get on the mailing list. We have an exciting giveaway that we will be talking about on Tuesday to help build the mailing list because we want more people to be aware of the fact that we are here providing technology instruction for you so you can be less scared of your technology and able to be successful with the tools you have in your toolbox. So thanks for tuning in. Be back on Tuesday. Appreciate everyone’s feedback for this. And I don’t know what I’m teaching on Sunday. I should probably shout out Andre because I always forget to and it’s not that I don’t care, but Andre, thank you for giving these music clips out to the community for people to use. It’s appreciated to make things sound a little better.