#iACast UnboxCast 24: Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

On this episode, Aleeha, Michael, Scott, and Chelsea unbox the third generation Echo dot which has some amazing new features and a few drawbacks. Features The third generation Echo Dot has amazing sound for a small device. It is bigger than the original dots, but it has a brighter light ring. The buttons are also move tactile than the previous models. Drawbacks There are only two drawbacks to this device. The third dot uses the second generation Echo power block, which does not have micro-USB support, and may make it difficult to use with certain power strips. The third gen Echo Dot also does not have great bass at higher volumes. The speaker is definitely great and loud, but you will get the best low end sound at lower volume levels. Conclusion While there are a few drawbacks, this device will be perfect for anything even without a set of speakers connected to it. It will even work well as a good travel device. Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

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