Unpacking January Tech News

In this segment of the conversation, I start by discussing recent tech announcements. I mention the Samsung event and the release of the S24 series, which includes the S24, S24 Plus, and the Ultra. I note that these phones resemble iPhones in terms of their design, with squared-off edges and matte colored sides. I also mention the addition of AI features and speculate about the practicality of these features.

Moving on, I talk about the possibility of Google partnering with Samsung for their phones, as discussed on another podcast. I highlight the continuous changes in the Android landscape and the stability of Samsung as an Android developer. I then return to discussing the S24 series, mentioning the different colors available and expressing my opinion on the current trend of muted colors in phones.

Next, I mention the S Pen and the new features and chip in the S24 series but question the constant need for upgrades. I also discuss Samsung’s other phone models, like the Fold and Flip phones, and the competition between Apple and Samsung.

Shifting gears, I share my excitement about the Vision Pro, a headset for the blind and low vision. I mention the drawbacks of current headsets and express hope that the Vision Pro will provide a better viewing experience. It is a pair of glasses that allows you to take good shots and capture moments, with apps and features that make it more versatile compared to other specialized headsets.

I then discuss the Rabbit R1, a device with GPT agents that can run actions in your apps. It has its own hardware and operating system, which makes it intriguing, but I question if it actually works as advertised. I believe it’s a step towards having more actionable results from AI, which I think is where the future is heading.

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I conclude by thanking the audience for listening to the latest episode and assure them that we will be back soon with our panel. I encourage feedback and comments via email or on Twitter. I also promote other podcasts on the IACast Network and thank the audience for their support.

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